Sunday, June 19, 2022

Trim Neat Feet 2-1 Buffer & Sole Refiner Foot File Review

The Trim Neat Feet two and one buffer and sole refiner foot file leave your feet feeling smooth in a few minutes.  This foot file removes dry flakey skin in the shower or while sitting with a bucket of water with Epsom salts. The foot file exfoliates your skin without irritating it. It is a quick way to remove dry flakey skin in a few minutes, especially on the hindfoot. Also, it removes dry skin on the mid-foot.

There is no battery required. You manually file each foot. Make sure your feet are wet enough to file the dry flakey skin. It is recommended to file off dry skin once or twice a week. This foot file can be purchased online or in a Target store. 

What I liked about this foot file is that it does a great job of removing dry skin. It does not take too long to have your feet ready for sandal season. Additionally, this file can be hung on your shower wall. It is lightweight and makes it easy to carry throughout your travels.  Here is the link to purchase this foot file online. 

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