Monday, October 16, 2017

Mindfulness to Reduce Anxiety

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The practice of mindfulness can reduce anxiety. There are a few mediation techniques that will help you sleep better and worry less. First, do breathing exercises. Second, you can find guided meditation videos on YouTube, which will help you relax and clear your mind. Third, you can write all your thoughts in a journal or you can get coloring pages for adults. Coloring will help you forget about your problems and any frustrations that you may have. 

Another technique is to listen to soft music such as classical music, instrumental, or jazz music. Last, you can try aromatherapy. Lavender, Sandalwood, and Vanilla scents which help calm the brain and will help you relax.  
It is not easy dealing with anxiety. Sometimes, taking medications may help for awhile. Therefore, you can practice mindfulness and take one day at a time. Anxiety can happen at any time of the day. Sometimes, we don't know what causes our anxiety. Here are a few links for Mindfulness Meditation techniques. 


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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Creating a Meditation Room

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In order to create a meditation room, you will need a few items such as cushions, yoga mats, and other items that you like. By personalizing your meditation room, you will feel more comfortable to meditate. You can use diffusers instead of candles. Also, you can decorate your room with family or pet pictures or anything that you like. Make sure your room is not cluttered. 
Keep it simple. The space can be big or small. Also, you can add items that remind you of nature.  

In addition, you can add music to your meditation room. It is recommended to use instrumental music or music without lyrics to help you relax. Another important aspect is to choose the color of the walls. You can use soft bright colors to paint the walls or any other soothing paint color for your meditation room. Last, make sure you have good lighting in your room. 

Here is a checklist from which I found online. In addition, you will find more information about meditation and other free items too. 
Have fun decorating and creating your own meditation room. Make sure you are comfortable in the space or room that you choose.  

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