Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Three Tips for Traveling with Diabetes

Traveling with diabetes can be fun, exhausting, and incredible. No matter how you travel, it is recommended that you carry your diabetes supplies with you. Carry your insulin in a cooler and away from the sunlight. Use a carry-on bag with you to carry your test strips, lancets, monitor, syringes, and other items. Ask your doctor for more insulin and medication before your trip.

Also, before your trip, get comfortable shoes that protect your entire feet. Avoid wearing shoes with openings on the sides and openings on the front. Make sure the shoes fit well without pinching your foot muscles and toes. If possible, get orthopedic shoes that will give you full support when walking, running, or hiking. Inspect your feet before putting on your shoes and have at least two pairs of shoes to rotate them.

Once at your travel destination, take one or two days to rest in the hotel before doing your sightseeing. Follow the instructions of your medications. Use a medication tracking app to remind you of when to take your medications. Continue eating healthy meals during your trip. Ask the waiter for healthier choices when having your meals.

Drink enough water throughout the day. Take breaks throughout the day to avoid fatigue. Travel in a group when you are sightseeing.  Make certain you are safe when hiking and have the necessary items when traveling.  Here are more resources with more tips for traveling with diabetes. 


21 Tips for Traveling with Diabetes:

21 Tips for Traveling With Diabetes (

Diabetes Travel Supplies, Medication Tips, Shots, and More:

Diabetes Travel Supplies, Medication Tips, Shots, and More (

Traveling with Diabetes, Everything You Need to Know-Diabetes Strong:

Traveling with Diabetes: Everything You Need to Know - Diabetes Strong

Air Travel and Diabetes-ADA:

Air Travel and Diabetes | ADA

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Sunday, June 26, 2022

How to Avoid Travel Scams?

During the summer season, there are lots of travel scams through text messages, e-mails, and telephone calls. Some scams promise a free cruise line or a free flight to any destination. Yet, all of these scams are fake when they ask for your personal information in advance. There will be misspelled words and phrases that the company might use. Therefore, read and examine the content of the e-mail and text messages.

Do not pick up the telephone if you do not recognize the telephone number. Let the caller go to voicemail. Listen carefully to the voicemail from the caller. If they ask you for a credit card number, bank account, or to send cash to an unknown address; Report the cell phone number to the Federal Trade Commission. Register your cell phone number on the Do Not Call website. 

Travel scams can be avoided by checking the company's official website. Usually, the website the scammer provides can contain viruses, a hacking tool, and a look-alike website making it seem official. Do not copy and paste any links from the scammer.  Make sure you type the correct URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or the address of the internet website. Also, book your travel dates, hotels, food, and travel expenses on the telephone. 

Verify you have the correct website and telephone number before booking your travel destination. Read the fine print with a magnifying glass. If you are not sure if it is a legit travel website, use a good traveling agency. Ask your travel agent about discounts, travel packages, and other expenses directly. A travel agency will never ask you to wire money or pay with a gift card. 

Also, a free trip that asks for paying for food and other expenses is most likely a scam. Before you book your next trip, research your travel resort and expenses. Download your cell phone provider's app that detects scam calls. Do not give out personal information and keep a copy of all your travel invoices.  Here are more links about travel scams. 

Avoid Scams When You Travel-Consumer Advice:

Avoid Scams When You Travel | Consumer Advice (

10 Common Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them: 

10 Common Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them (

10 of the Most Common Travel Scams & How to Avoid Them:

10 Of The Most Common Travel Scams & How To Avoid Them (

Online Scams:

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Friday, June 24, 2022

What is Aquatic Yoga?

Courtesy Image from Pexels-Photo by Nastya Korenkova

Aquatic Yoga combines yoga and water which is used for stress relief, better sleep, and to provide relief from pain. This form of yoga helps you to have more balance and strength. It helps you heal your body emotionally and physically. Doing yoga outside near water or inside a pool also helps with anxieties and other health issues. Before doing Aquatic Yoga make sure you have safety items near or in the pool such as a lifeguard ring and a swim line safety hook.

Doing Aquatic Yoga stretches and relaxes the muscles before swimming in the pool. You can do Aquatic Yoga for fifteen minutes before swimming. Begin by going to the shallow area of the pool. Use the swimming pool handrail to help you with your balance. Get comfortable being in the swimming pool. 

A noodle plank pool float is useful for some yoga poses such as a Boat pose, Upward-Facing Dog, and floating in the pool. Additionally, having a pool lounger that floats well can be used for meditating and for breathing exercises. It is useful for relaxing in the pool. If you try to do Aquatic Yoga, make sure you are in the pool in a group and not alone. Here are more resources about Aquatic Yoga and more poses. 

Try Water Yoga Trend-A 6 Pose Aqua Yoga Sequence-Yoga Journal:

Try Water Yoga Trend: A 6-Pose Aqua Yoga Sequence (

Aqua Yoga-Aqua 4 Balance:


Beginners Guide to Aquatic Yoga with 7 Easy Water Yoga Asanas-Travel & Lifestyle:

Beginners Guide to Aquatic Yoga with 7 Easy Water Yoga Asanas | Travel & Lifestyle (


* Photo by Nastya Korenkova

Monday, June 20, 2022

Why is Negging Considered Emotional Abuse?

Every so often, negging usually occurs when you meet someone in person, on a first date, or in text messages. Negging is the beginning of an unhealthy relationship. This term, negging means negative comments or feedback. It is done to make someone feel defenseless, less than, and have low self-esteem. Yet, this form of emotional abuse is one way a person influences the other person.

Negging can be done to women and men. However, negging is frequently done to women more than men. Women get insulted by their body image, what they wear, how they walk, and other features the man might use against them. These insults can be stopped to prevent further damage to the relationship. Here are ways to stop negging. 

1. Ignore them when they insult you.

2. Say something funny after the insult. 

3. Tell them how you feel about the negative comments. 

4. Do not throw an insult at them. 

5. Change the subject in the discussion after you hear an insult. 

6. Stay quiet and walk away from them.

7. Do not argue with them.

8. Be confident with yourself and defend yourself. 

9. Do not make comparisons with them about each other's looks, body image, or other features.

10. End the relationship if they will not stop insulting you. 

Negging is a problematic issue in unhealthy relationships. A person might also do insults to feel good about themselves. He might have doubts about the relationship. Nonetheless, he might want to need to control you emotionally. Additionally, the person who insults the woman might have had past relationships with insults.

No matter what the case is, negging should not be in a healthy relationship. It is different than nagging. Although nagging and negging have negative effects, they can be stopped to make a healthy relationship. A healthy relationship should have positive feedback and not a negative one. Here are links for more resources about negging. 



What is Negging-10 Signs that Your Partner is Negging You-Marriage:

What Is Negging? 10 Signs That Your Partner Is Negging You (

Negging-35 Examples, Patterns to Watch for, and What to Do-Healthline:

Negging: 35 Examples, Patterns to Watch For, and What to Do (

Negging Meaning-Signs, How to Recognize It, And How to Stop It: 

Negging Meaning — Signs, How To Recognize It, And How To Stop It (

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Sunday, June 19, 2022

Trim Neat Feet 2-1 Buffer & Sole Refiner Foot File Review

The Trim Neat Feet two and one buffer and sole refiner foot file leave your feet feeling smooth in a few minutes.  This foot file removes dry flakey skin in the shower or while sitting with a bucket of water with Epsom salts. The foot file exfoliates your skin without irritating it. It is a quick way to remove dry flakey skin in a few minutes, especially on the hindfoot. Also, it removes dry skin on the mid-foot.

There is no battery required. You manually file each foot. Make sure your feet are wet enough to file the dry flakey skin. It is recommended to file off dry skin once or twice a week. This foot file can be purchased online or in a Target store. 

What I liked about this foot file is that it does a great job of removing dry skin. It does not take too long to have your feet ready for sandal season. Additionally, this file can be hung on your shower wall. It is lightweight and makes it easy to carry throughout your travels.  Here is the link to purchase this foot file online. 

TRIM America's Favorite Beauty Tools Since 1947:

TRIM® | America's favorite beauty tools since 1947

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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Father's Day Dinner Ideas 2022

Incorporating vegetables into your husband's, dad's, or son's meals will provide the necessary nutrients for muscles, blood pressure, and heart health. For example, adding beets to a salad can help control blood pressure and help with anemia. Beets may help reduce anxiety because of the nitrates. Also, adding fiber foods from lentils and leafy green vegetables is good for the digestive system. It also gives the body vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

Therefore, you will enjoy preparing this meal for your family. This recipe is easy to make for a Father's Day dinner. You can make chicken with vegetables or chicken with lentils and a salad. This meal has lots of flavor because of the spices in the chicken. Here is the recipe. 



Lemon and Pepper


Tomato and  Cilantro Goya Spice Powder 



One package of chicken breasts

Frozen vegetables 

Sweet Ginger Teriyaki sauce (optional)

Lemon juice




Grape tomatoes

Baby kale

One can of lentils or a bag of lentils



Bell peppers

Chicken Bouillon

Olive oil (optional)

Salt (optional)

Cooking Time for Lentils: 

Slice celery and onions to add to one pot. Use one can of lentils or a bag of lentils and add chicken bouillon with water in a pot. Cook everything until the celery is soft. If you are using a can of lentils, cook the celery and onions in chicken bouillon with water first. Then, rinse the lentils from the can and stir the lentils with celery, onions, and chicken bouillon.

Cooking time for the chicken:

Remove the chicken from the package. Wash the chicken. Then remove the chicken fat with a knife. After that add curry, turmeric, ginger, lemon, and pepper. In one skillet or pot add sliced bell peppers with onions. 

Add water to the pot or skillet with the bell peppers and onions. Then open one or two envelopes of tomato and cilantro powder. Place the chicken inside the pot with bell peppers and onions. Pour the tomato and cilantro powder with the chicken, onions, and bell peppers. Cook until everything is soft and tender. 

Add lemon juice to the chicken, bell peppers, and onions. Then, you can grill the chicken with a little bit of olive oil and basil. Microwave the frozen vegetables. Next, place the vegetables, chicken, and teriyaki sauce on a plate. If you want to add more fiber, add lentils and salad with the chicken. 

Salad Preparation: 

You will need baby kale leaves, beets, corn, tomatoes, and cucumbers to make this salad. Begin by slicing cucumbers and removing the corn from the cob. Open one can of beets and slice the beets. Then wash and rinse grape tomatoes. Mix all the ingredients with your salad dressing to make this salad.

Making healthy meals at home will make you feel good, strong, and energetic. By adding a variety of vegetables and legumes you will have a healthy digestive system. Overall, you will protect the brain by eating lentils and leafy green vegetables. Here are links to the health benefits of vegetables for men. Happy Father's Day!

Health Benefits of Vegetable Salads for Men-Macl Edge:

Health benefits of vegetable salads for men - Macl Edge

Beets Men's Health Benefits and Nutritional Facts-Menlify: 

Beets Men’s Health Benefits and Nutritional Facts | Menlify

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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Nature Photography Day

What is Nature Photography Day? Why is it important to dedicate one day of the year to take pictures of nature? Nature Photography Day is on June 15th. The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) dedicated this day to bringing awareness to the enchanted beauty of nature. Every year there is a photography contest where amateur photographers can submit their pictures. 

This day makes you be connected to nature and see the changes in nature. You can take a walk and completely focus your photography on everything you see. Take far away and close-up pictures with your camera. You do not need expensive equipment to take pictures of nature. However, you do need to stand, kneel, or sit in a safe area while you take your pictures. 

Watch your surroundings while you take several pictures in nature. If you live in the city, you can still take nature pictures such as the flowers blooming in your yard, at work, or anywhere you see flowers. Additionally, you can take pictures of the sky, mountains, and animals. Nonetheless, you can view nature pictures in a book or a picture gallery online. Practice your photography skills during your lunch break. 

Taking pictures with shadows, natural lighting, and at night will bring out the majestic beauty of nature. Nature photography has become more important these days due to the rapid changes in the environment. These pictures help for further research for the study of the environment. Below are links about taking better pictures and Nature Photography Day. Happy Nature Photography Day! 

Nature Photography Day:

5 Tips for Taking Beautiful Photos of Nature: 

10 Useful Nature Photography Tips for Beginners that You Must Know:

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Monday, June 13, 2022

Meditation for Deep Sorrow

Meditation can help anyone who is grieving. Although there are five stages of grief, a person can benefit from meditation especially when they are in the anger stage of grieving. The first stage of grief is denial and not believing that someone had passed away. While the second stage of grief is anger with themselves or with the person that passed away. Therefore, meditation can help control the emotion of anger.

There are meditation techniques that will make you aware of your senses, and your thoughts, and question yourself regarding the feeling of anger. Practicing meditation will slowly release your anger and be able to manage it. Although each stage is difficult when it comes to grieving, meditation can help you release your frustrations, nervousness, anxiety, and other issues that cause the anger from grieving. You will be able to observe your body posture and face gestures when it changes from anger to neutral. When the anger stage has ended, you will feel a detachment or depression which is the third stage of grieving.

Meditation can also help with depression especially if it includes physical activity such as walking meditation, yoga, or any other movement exercise. Additionally, you can practice mindfulness which will facilitate you to pay attention more to the present moment. When you go through the grieving process, it is recommended to do your normal group activities. It is okay if you want to be alone but not for longer times throughout the month. The fourth stage of grieving is dialogue.

By the time you get to the fourth stage of grieving, it gets less overwhelming. You will be able to talk to someone about losing a loved one in normal conversations with anyone willing to listen to you. The fifth stage of grieving is acceptance. However, you do not have to stop meditating after you feel better from the grieving process. Meditation gives you an understanding of life’s cycle and to better cope with the acknowledgment of death.

You can practice meditation to accept that death is part of life. It does not change your good memories of your loved ones, but it allows you to remember them without feeling resentment that they are not here physically in the present moment. Practicing loving-kindness, gratitude, or any other type of meditation that helps you accept the changes that life brings, will help you feel better from the grieving process. If you cannot stop feeling depressed or have negative thoughts, consult with your therapist, or contact the suicide hotline. Here are resources about meditation for the grieving process. 

Lifeline-Suicide Prevention Lifeline Organization:

Lifeline (

The Five Stages of Grief-Very Well Mind:

The Five Stages of Grief (

Healing After a Loss with Grief Meditations: 

Healing After a Loss with Grief Meditations | Chopra

Guided Meditation for Grief-Declutter The Mind:

Guided Meditation for Grief - Declutter The Mind

A 12-Minute Meditation for Grief and Loss-Mindful

A 12-Minute Meditation for Grief and Loss - Mindful

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Sunday, June 12, 2022

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month

Fresh fruits and vegetables are necessary to get the necessary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It also provides antioxidants. It reduces inflammation, lowers blood pressure, and lowers blood sugar levels. It is recommended to add a small portion of vegetables and fruits to your meals to prevent constipation. Additionally, it may prevent certain diseases. 

Vegetables and fruits can be slowly incorporated into your breakfast. An easy way to add vegetables and fruits is in a salad. Eating fruits and vegetables may help you feel energetic. It helps you control or lose weight depending on how you eat it. Here is the recipe for this salad. 


One or two apples

Two or three radishes

Baby spinach 

One or two cucumbers

Grape tomatoes

Salad dressing

Wash and dry your spinach leaves. Peel and slice cucumbers. Wash the grape tomatoes. Last wash and slice the radishes. In one bowl, mix the spinach leaves, tomatoes, radishes, and cucumbers. 

Next, wash and slice apples to add to your salad. You can use your favorite salad dressing. I like to use Balsamic vinegar or Italian salad dressing to taste the apples mixed in the salad. This side salad serves one or two people. Here are more resources for adding vegetables and fruits to your meals. 

Celebrate Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month-American Heart Association: 

Celebrate Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month | American Heart Association

What is the Most Helpful Vegetables-Medical News

10 Health Benefits of Eating Vegetables According to a Dietitian:

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Friday, June 10, 2022

5 Etiquette Tips for Using Chat as a Blogger

Chatting online as a blogger can be a wonderful experience especially if you want to aspire to be a writer, influencer, or just to share your thoughts. No matter what time of day it is, you will get messages from around the world. Some messages might be in different languages which need to be translated. Yet, often you will see messages that do not make sense. Mostly because of misspelled words or grammar issues. 

However, there will be times when a blogger receives wedding proposals, sugar daddy/mama requests, love messages,  and other unwanted messages online. Even if you are not a blogger, you might see spam mail, marketing mail, and robot mail. It is time-consuming for a blogger to screen each message online. Therefore, have a schedule for viewing your online messages. Select one message at a time and eliminate the ones you suspect are robot messages, spam, and marketing. 

Next, do not click on links in messenger. Also, if you receive unwanted pictures on messenger, delete the entire message. For example, on Facebook messenger, you might receive missed calls, pictures, and love messages all at once from the same person. In these cases, delete the entire message. If the same person sends you a repetitive message, report it and block it. 

It is important to have a schedule to check your messages online. This will save you time and be able to use social media wisely. Also, keep in mind these five etiquette tips for chatting online safely as a blogger. You might need to use this as a reference when you are checking your messages online. Below is a list of tips for you to keep in mind. 

1. No matter what platform you use in social media, be courteous, polite, and use your manners. 

2. Chat with your followers when you have more time especially if they have suggestions for your blog or guest posts. 

3. Always thank them for writing to you online. 

4. Be aware of misspelled words, grammar issues, improper use of emojis, and messages with just pictures; This is a sign to delete and block on messenger. 

5. If you get too many messages from the same person or similar messages on messenger; Report it, delete it, and block it. Take a screenshot of the messages for reporting it and for your evidence. 

Additionally, do not waste your time with online trolls, obsessed love strangers, and anonymous users on social media. Be careful with who you chat with online. If you do not want to chat with them, politely tell them you do not have time to chat. If they insist, simply block them. Here are more resources about chatting online as a blogger, as a business, and dealing with unwanted chats. 

16 Chat Etiquette Tips for Private, Business, and Support Use Cases-User Like:

16 Chat Etiquette Tips for Private, Business and Support Use Cases (

How to Deal with Unwanted Chats-Success by LiveChat:

How to Deal With Unwanted Chats | Success by LiveChat

How to Deal with Trolls-The Atlantic: 

How to Deal With Trolls - The Atlantic

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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Reusable Lotus Produce Bags Review

Are you tired of using too many plastic bags for your snacks, vegetables, and other items? Then, you will like these bags that have an easy drawstring closure. Additionally, these bags are machine washable and BPA free. These bags are eco-friendly and made from mesh. Lotus produce bags are reusable bags for your fruits and vegetables.

Lotus bags keep your fruits and vegetables clean. However, you can use these drawstring bags for your travel items, cosmetics, toys, and for your delicate clothing. Also, you can use these bags for your snacks and carry your hobby items. These bags come in three varied sizes which can fit in your refrigerator drawers, tote bags, or purse. Each bag has an assorted color on top of the bag.

Wash the bags in the machine and let the bags air dry. These bags will last a long time and you will be able to use less plastic in your home. You can purchase these bags in your grocery store or online. On the website, you can purchase cotton and mesh bags in varied sizes. Here is the link to purchase your reusable bags and to learn more about Eco-friendly products. 

The #1 Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags Solution-Lotus Sustainable:

The #1 Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags Solution (

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Monday, June 6, 2022

What is Horticultural Therapy?


Horticultural therapy is beneficial for mental and physical health. Planting vegetables, fruits, and flowers keep your mind busy. It also gives a mental boost of self-confidence.  At the same time,  natural scents from flowers make you feel calmer and have a good mood. You can make your mini garden at home no matter how much space you have.  

However, if your home does have a spacious garden, you can consult with a professional horticulturist. You can have a scented garden if you love aromatic flowers and herbs. But, if you have no space at all for a garden, you can still do indoor gardening.  Gardening indoors may help people with dementia. It also helps rehabilitation from emotional and physical trauma.  

Taking care of plants brings a sense of accomplishment and a conscious state of yourself. You can plant herbs for cooking and keep your fresh herbs on your kitchen counter. Horticultural therapy allows you to improve your social skills. Additionally, having an indoor garden will help you practice mindfulness and meditation. Having one or three plants at home improves your mood, improves your concentration, and improves your meditation techniques. 

Practice using your senses and practice gratitude with your plants. If you have a mint garden at home, you can practice your sense of smell, taste, and touch. Notice the size of the leaves, texture, and color. Wash the mint leaf and eat it slowly. In this way, mindfulness will be second nature to you. 

Horticulture therapy can be done individually or in groups. This type of therapy is divided into three sections which are social, therapeutic, and vocational. Vocational horticulture therapy teaches you job skills and to sell plants. Whereas therapeutic horticulture therapy may improve your memory, alertness, and emotions. Here are more resources about horticultural therapy. 

Create Your own Horticultural Therapy Containers at Home:

Therapeutic Garden Tips for Home Gardens:

About Horticultural Therapy:

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Saturday, June 4, 2022

Calla Lily (Free Coloring Pages)

Calla lilies have different meanings depending on their color. Calla lilies can be used to show gratitude, admiration, and appreciation. It also means innocence especially if the calla lily is white. Also, it is a nice gesture to congratulate someone and to give them a calla lily with wishes of good luck. Calla lilies come in pink, yellow, white, purple, and black.

Calla lilies need to have good lighting, and good soil, and need to be spaced out when you plant them in the garden. Therefore, I was inspired to draw calla lilies for this month’s free coloring pages. These coloring pages are free and for your personal use. Each coloring page has lilies in a vase or its natural surroundings. Below are links about Calla Lilies. 

Learn How to Grow and Care for Calla Lily Flowers-Gardening

Know How:

Learn How To Grow And Care For Calla Lily Flowers (

How to Care for Calla Lilies-Detailed Gardener's Guide:

How to Care for Calla Lilies: Detailed Gardener’s Guide (

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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Tips for Keeping Your Brain Clear (Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness)


It is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness month. It is an exciting time to practice playing games while you are on vacation or on a road trip. Watching game shows is a good exercise for your brain. By participating in answering the questions while watching the game show will give your brain a workout. Exercise while watching television commercials to get some physical exercise.

Playing cards games to evaluate your memory is an excellent choice to play at home by yourself or with the family. Memory card games can be found digitally online, or it can be purchased online with paper memory cards. Number card games and doing mental math also assesses your brain. Write down words on paper and scramble the words to spell innovative words. In this way, your brain will think alphabetically as well as numerically.

Learn a new game to help you with your concentration and with your memory. In addition to playing games, you can gradually add food items that are beneficial for your brain. The MIND diet is a mixture of the DASH diet and the Mediterranean diet. In this diet you can eat fish, chicken, nuts, wine, and leafy green vegetables. Eating healthy and avoiding fast food is beneficial for your brain and your entire body.

Eat certain foods with self-control and drink in moderation. Last, controlling your blood pressure may prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s. Consult with your doctor in how to manage your stress and your blood pressure. Keep a blood pressure journal and show it to your primary doctor for stress management. Below are links about more tips for keeping your brain clear. 

The Mind Diet-A Detailed Guide for Beginners-Healthline:

The MIND Diet: A Detailed Guide for Beginners (

10 Ways to Improve Your Brain Health-Psychology Today:

10 Ways to Improve Your Brain Health | Psychology Today

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Brain Fitness-Very Well Mind:

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Brain Fitness (

8 Memory Boosting Brain Exercises to do at Home-Calmer:

8 memory-boosting brain exercises to do at home | Calmer (

Monitoring Your Blood Pressure at Home-American Heart Association:

Monitoring Your Blood Pressure at Home | American Heart Association

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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

National Dairy Month 2022

Since 1937 National Dairy Month has brought awareness to drink more milk and eat more dairy food items. June 1 is the first day of National Dairy Month and also it is dedicated to World Milk Day. Milk has calcium, vitamin D, and potassium. Also, it has vitamin B12, magnesium, and phosphorus. Drinking milk is beneficial for your skeletal system and cardiovascular system. 

Milk has protein which is beneficial for your muscles. After exercising, you can drink milk to restore your muscles. Additionally, consuming a warm cup of milk at night may help you sleep. It also helps you to recover and may prevent osteoporosis.  Here are resources regarding the health benefits of milk. 

Milk-Health Benefits, Nutrition Facts, and More-Web MD:

10 Incredible Benefits of Milk: 

Explained: What is World Milk Day? Benefits of Milk and Interesting Facts-One India News:

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* Cute cow clip art: