Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Three Tips for Traveling with Diabetes

Traveling with diabetes can be fun, exhausting, and incredible. No matter how you travel, it is recommended that you carry your diabetes supplies with you. Carry your insulin in a cooler and away from the sunlight. Use a carry-on bag with you to carry your test strips, lancets, monitor, syringes, and other items. Ask your doctor for more insulin and medication before your trip.

Also, before your trip, get comfortable shoes that protect your entire feet. Avoid wearing shoes with openings on the sides and openings on the front. Make sure the shoes fit well without pinching your foot muscles and toes. If possible, get orthopedic shoes that will give you full support when walking, running, or hiking. Inspect your feet before putting on your shoes and have at least two pairs of shoes to rotate them.

Once at your travel destination, take one or two days to rest in the hotel before doing your sightseeing. Follow the instructions of your medications. Use a medication tracking app to remind you of when to take your medications. Continue eating healthy meals during your trip. Ask the waiter for healthier choices when having your meals.

Drink enough water throughout the day. Take breaks throughout the day to avoid fatigue. Travel in a group when you are sightseeing.  Make certain you are safe when hiking and have the necessary items when traveling.  Here are more resources with more tips for traveling with diabetes. 


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