Friday, June 10, 2022

5 Etiquette Tips for Using Chat as a Blogger

Chatting online as a blogger can be a wonderful experience especially if you want to aspire to be a writer, influencer, or just to share your thoughts. No matter what time of day it is, you will get messages from around the world. Some messages might be in different languages which need to be translated. Yet, often you will see messages that do not make sense. Mostly because of misspelled words or grammar issues. 

However, there will be times when a blogger receives wedding proposals, sugar daddy/mama requests, love messages,  and other unwanted messages online. Even if you are not a blogger, you might see spam mail, marketing mail, and robot mail. It is time-consuming for a blogger to screen each message online. Therefore, have a schedule for viewing your online messages. Select one message at a time and eliminate the ones you suspect are robot messages, spam, and marketing. 

Next, do not click on links in messenger. Also, if you receive unwanted pictures on messenger, delete the entire message. For example, on Facebook messenger, you might receive missed calls, pictures, and love messages all at once from the same person. In these cases, delete the entire message. If the same person sends you a repetitive message, report it and block it. 

It is important to have a schedule to check your messages online. This will save you time and be able to use social media wisely. Also, keep in mind these five etiquette tips for chatting online safely as a blogger. You might need to use this as a reference when you are checking your messages online. Below is a list of tips for you to keep in mind. 

1. No matter what platform you use in social media, be courteous, polite, and use your manners. 

2. Chat with your followers when you have more time especially if they have suggestions for your blog or guest posts. 

3. Always thank them for writing to you online. 

4. Be aware of misspelled words, grammar issues, improper use of emojis, and messages with just pictures; This is a sign to delete and block on messenger. 

5. If you get too many messages from the same person or similar messages on messenger; Report it, delete it, and block it. Take a screenshot of the messages for reporting it and for your evidence. 

Additionally, do not waste your time with online trolls, obsessed love strangers, and anonymous users on social media. Be careful with who you chat with online. If you do not want to chat with them, politely tell them you do not have time to chat. If they insist, simply block them. Here are more resources about chatting online as a blogger, as a business, and dealing with unwanted chats. 

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