Thursday, March 31, 2022

World Backup Day


Every March 31st is World Backup Day which began in 2011. World Backup Day brings awareness to save all your computer files, photos, videos, and anything that is in digital format. In the past, blank CDs were used when computers had a cd player and a burner. However, the most secure form of saving digital hard copy files were jump drives or USB flash drives. Then approximately in 2007 the cloud storage came out so everyone could save their digital files online.

Although, the cloud storage is safe to use, I would not recommend saving sensitive information. To use the cloud storage is like the USB Flash Drives because you can create folders and label the digital folders. Then, you put the corresponding digital files inside the digital folders. Also, you can purchase an external drive to store bigger digital files. On this day you can also make a pledge to back up your files at World Backup Day website.

If you are working from home or in an office where anyone has access to a computer, make sure you keep your USB Flash Drives stored in a safe place. USB Flash Drives can be labeled as well without labeling them from the outside of the drive. Each flash drive comes with a letter which is displayed once the flash drive is inside the computer. The letter of the drive can be changed to a different name. Below are links to more resources for storing and backing up your files. 

World Backup Day-March 31st:

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5 Backup Tips to Retain Critical Data Following a Ransomware Attack:

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6 Data Backup Tips-World Backup Day-Connect Wise:

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5 Cloud Storage Safety and Security Tips-PMCA Online:

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World Backup Day Pledge-March 31:

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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

5 Self-care Tips for Bloggers

Writing in a blog might not seem like a lot of work. As a reader who likes to read blogs, you might get a sense of what your favorite blogger's personality is like in person. Also, you might be wondering how a blogger finds time to write with their busy family and work life. Every blogger has different self-care techniques that help him or her to avoid writer's block. Some bloggers might use an essential oil diffuser or a candle to help them calm down. 

Yet, it might not be enough to relax and feel creative. Every so often a blogger might need to do more things to feel serene before updating their blog. Since every blogger has different writing topics, a blogger might get writer's block once a month. Depending on how much stress a writer has, he or she might need to take a few days off before writing on their blog. Therefore, here is a shortlist that a blogger might do before he or she writes in their blog. 

  1. Take a warm bath in the morning or the evening with your favorite body wash. 
  2. Wear comfortable clothes and do yoga, walk, or do another exercise in silence. 
  3. Wear an aromatherapy bracelet or necklace before writing your ideas.
  4. Listen to music while working on a word search or puzzles. 
  5. Massage your hands with lotion or oil and wear gloves for fifteen minutes. 

You might want to add less screen time to help you relax and calm your thoughts. If you get ideas for writing in your blog during your self-care, write the idea on sticky notes. Practice self-care once a week if possible. It will help you avoid writer's block. Below are links for self-care for writers. 

Building Self-care Habits:

Self-care for Writers:

Self-care for Writers:

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Easter Egg Basket Coloring Pages

It is now spring season and a time to paint Easter eggs. Eggs are symbols of fertility. Today, I have created three coloring pages of Easter egg baskets. These coloring pages are free and for your personal use. Enjoy! 

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Monday, March 28, 2022

National Cleaning Week

It is National Cleaning Week! Cleaning week begins on the fourth Sunday in March. Focus on the areas that collect more dust such as curtains, window blinds, windows, tables, bookshelves, and jewelry boxes. Check every corner of the room that needs to be organized and dusted. Additionally, clean your garden and the area where you keep your potted plants. 

Make a list of the rooms that need to be organized, dusted, and cleaned. Be careful when using certain cleaners especially if it makes your floors too slippery. Use cleaners that are specifically for the type of materials the floors are made of. Do an inventory check of cleaners you already own.  Keep your windows open, and have a well-ventilated room while you are cleaning them.

Clean under your bed for a good night's rest. Change batteries, light bulbs, and night lights that no longer work. Carefully clean your chandelier. Do not forget to clean your dishwasher, microwaves, and other kitchen items. Below are links for more tips for National Spring Cleaning Week. 

National Spring Cleaning Week 2012-10 Tips for a Clean and Organized Bathroom-HuffPost:

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39 Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Make Your Home Shine: 

39 Cleaning Tips & Tricks to Make Your Home Shine | Family Handyman

50 Cleaning Tips and Tricks-Easy Home Cleaning Tips-Good House Keeping:

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Sunday, March 27, 2022

The Effects of Social Media and Body Image (Eating Disorders)

Social media has a positive and a negative influence on one’s self-esteem and body image. As the young mind and self-esteem develop, their body image tends to get distorted with pictures of celebrities, top models, and fashionistas. Yet, most pictures online are filtered, enhanced, and play with the light and shadows. Also, eating disorders frequently occur by comparing themselves to online pictures. Sometimes, a teenager might want to change their nose, facial features, or other body parts to look more like their favorite celebrity.

Therefore, keep an eye on your teenager’s eating and exercise habits. Eating disorders occur at an early age. Often a teenager’s body image is distorted by seeing themselves in the mirror for hours and doing too many selfies. Additionally, most teenagers take selfies to seek approval on how they look before they go out with their friends or acquaintances.

Here is a list of things to keep in mind if you suspect your teenager has an eating disorder:

  1. Skipping breakfast before going to school.
  2. Not eating their breakfast and lunch.
  3. Having a big meal during dinner and no snacks in between.
  4. Eating too much and then vomiting it.
  5. Drinking more water and eating less.
  6. Feeling weak, tired, and not having enough energy during the day.
  7. Sleeping too much and only eating in lesser amounts.
  8. Seeking approval from their friends and are pressured to show their naked bodies.
  9. Exercising too much for long hours and not drinking enough fluids.
  10. Saving money to change their appearance and taking prescriptions that their parents are not aware of. 

Let your teenager know that changing their appearance will not make them feel happy. Also, let them know that their body is still developing into their adult body. Furthermore, they are beautiful just the way they are. However, social media can be positive for a teenager by focusing on eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep, and learning about self-care. Here are more resources about body image and social media. 

The Impact of Social Media on Body Image, Eating, and Health-Psychology Today

The Impact of Social Media on Body Image, Eating, and Health | Psychology Today

Social Media and its Effect on Eating Disorders-HuffPost:

Social Media and its Effect on Eating Disorders | HuffPost null

The Impact of Social Media on Eating Disorders-The Recovery Village:

The Impact of Social Media on Eating Disorders | The Recovery Village

The Complicated Truth About Social Media and Body Image-BBC Future:

The complicated truth about social media and body image - BBC Future

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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen

Once again, it is springtime cleaning. Usually, when you think of spring cleaning, you might want to dust, vacuum, mop, and sweep all areas in your home. However, you can also plan to organize your kitchen. Clean pots and pans with natural ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar, lemon, and water. Instead of using harsh chemicals to deep clean your pots and pans; you would be amazed how clean your cookware will be by using baking soda, vinegar, lemon, and water.

Depending on what type of material your pots and pans are made of you can gently clean your stainless-steel cookware with natural ingredients and a toothbrush. Make sure your pots and pans are cool before washing them by hand. Get rid of pots and pans that have been scratched, broken, and have some peeling. Store your pots and pans on an island. If you do not have an island, you can hang your pots and pans.

Another way is by having your pots and pans neatly stacked in your cabinet. You can use one drawer to store the lids of the pots and pans. Replace your pots and pans every five years or until you see scratches, peeling, or broken items. Make sure the pot lid knob cap handle is securely tight. Get rid of lids that have detached pot lid knob caps.

Use baking soda, lemon, vinegar, and water to clean the lids with a microfiber dishcloth. Instead of cleaning with a sponge, you can use a microfiber kitchen dishcloth which will keep your lids looking new. Rinse your pots well before using them for your meals. Washing your pots and pans by hand will make them last longer. Here are more resources for taking care of your pots and pans. 

How to Clean Pots and Pans:

How to Organize a Kitchen:

Spring Cleaning Kitchen Tips and Ideas:

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Monday, March 21, 2022

Drug Prevention for Teens

The Benadryl challenge on Tik Tok and other drug challenges are dangerous for teenagers. These challenges should not be promoted on social media. Instead, teenagers should be informed of how harmful it is to do drugs and the effects of a drug overdose. Playing these games is no laughing matter and should be taken seriously. Therefore, as parents, a good conversation about not doing these challenges, drugs, and other topics is important to do daily.

Doing drugs at an early age causes a teenager to become involved in more sexual activity and have a lack of motivation to finish high school. A teenager will have more anxiety, depression, and addictions to alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes. There will be more mood swings and changes in behavior that might not be detected by a parent. Have an open discussion with your teenager. Also, know the people your teenager socializes with in-person and online.  

As a parent be informed and alert of new Tik Tok challenges that are hazardous for a teenager to participate in. Educate yourself about the negative effects drugs and alcohol have on the teenage brain and body. Learn your teenagers slang words. Stay away from watching movies, television shows, and games that encourage teenagers to harm themselves by using drugs and alcohol. Below are links for more resources about drug prevention for teens.

Talking to Your Teen About Drugs-A Parent's Resource:

Talking To Your Teen About Drugs: A Parent's Resource (

Teen Drug Abuse-Help Your Teen Avoid Drugs-Mayo Clinic:

Teen drug abuse: Help your teen avoid drugs - Mayo Clinic

Drug Prevention Tips-Teen Help-Teen Challenge USA:

Drug Prevention Tips - Teen Help | Teen Challenge USA

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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Free Four-Leaf Clover Coloring Pages


Four-leaf clovers are so rare to see. This type of leaf symbolizes love, hope, and luck. It also symbolizes faith. Today, I have created three coloring pages of four-leaf clovers. These coloring pages are free and for your personal use. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! 

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Sunday, March 13, 2022

World Sleep Day


World Sleep Day was created to understand the importance of sleep for a healthy mind and a healthy body. It educates everyone about sleep issues, medications, naps, and everything that has to do with sleep. Some people sleep better by taking naps. However, too many naps can mess up your sleep routine at night. Therefore, knowing what works for you to get a good rest is the best remedy.

As well as not over abusing sleep medications, natural herbs, and allergy medications. Certain allergy medications taken at night can disrupt your sleep. As well as not getting the right amount of sleep, you might feel drowsy the entire day until the allergy medication wears out of your system. Speak to your doctor or an allergy specialist about other alternatives for your allergies that keep you awake at night. Take a warm bath or shower before going to sleep.

Use a different shampoo at night for washing your hair. Additionally, you can sleep with a satin sleep cap to help you sleep at night especially if you suffer from allergies. If you have long hair, put your hair in braids and then the sleep cap before going to sleep. Use a mattress protector and a hypoallergenic pillow protector to avoid sneezing at night. Every two to three weeks, wash and dry your blankets, pillowcases, and sheets.

On March 18, you can bring awareness of World Sleep Day by donating to Sleep in Heavenly Peace where they give a bed to kids. Also, you can donate your old mattress before getting a new mattress. Furthermore, you can use the #WorldSleepDay on social media to bring awareness about the importance of sleep. If you use a sleep app, you can share your favorite sleep app on social media. Below are links for World Sleep Day and tips for better sleep. 

National Sleep Foundation:

National Sleep Foundation (

Sleep Foundation:

Sleep Foundation | Trusted Sleep Health Information and Product Reviews

Sleep in Heavenly Peace:

Sleep in Heavenly Peace | Helping Children in Need (

Allergies and Sleep Disturbances and Coping Strategies-Sleep Foundation:

Allergies and Sleep: Disturbances and Coping Strategies | Sleep Foundation

Trouble Sleeping? Experts say Skip Antihistamines:

Trouble sleeping? Experts say skip antihistamines (

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Friday, March 11, 2022

Weekly Meal Planner (National Nutrition Month)

It is National Nutrition Month! If you have a tough time planning your meals, then you will like these weekly meal planners. Each meal planner has the day of the week and a basic doodle design such as flowers or hearts. The doodle design can be colored or left the way it is. On the right side of the meal planner, you can add the items that you need to buy at the market.

These weekly meal planners are free and for your personal use. You can color these or print them out on color paper to put them on your refrigerator. Once you finish using a food item, you can add it to your weekly meal planner list. Also, you can use it as a reminder to eat your leftover meals. Have an enjoyable time planning your meals.


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Thursday, March 10, 2022

Choosing Clothes and Your Self-esteem

Wearing certain colors may improve your mood. However, not all colors in your clothing are uplifting for your mood. Some colors make you feel too exhausted. Other colors make you slow down. Yet, colors affect your self-esteem. 

If you shop in a bad mood, you might choose colors you would not wear daily.  Also, if you shop for clothes with low self-esteem, you might choose colors that do not bring attention to you. To boost your self-esteem, you can add more colors such as yellow, green, blue, orange, red, and neon colors to your wardrobe. Wearing bright colors is stimulating and brings positive emotions. Be careful in wearing too many neon colors because it is overstimulating for the brain. 

Although neon colors are energizing, you will be more awake to do your chores. To promote sleep, choose calming colors such as blue, peach, pink, white, and pastel colors. When selecting colors for your clothing, keep in mind how it makes you feel in your emotional state. Let your unconscious guide you to the colors that inspire you.  Below are links to more information about color affecting your mood and self-esteem.

Fashion Psychology-What Clothes Say About You-Psychologist World:

Fashion Psychology: What clothes say about you - Psychologist World

How Does the Color of Your Clothing Affect Your Mood? -The Good Trade:

How Does The Color Of Your Clothing Affect Your Mood? — The Good Trade

How Your Self-Esteem Influences What You Buy-Psychology Today:

How Your Self-Esteem Influences What You Buy | Psychology Today

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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Making a Bracelet into a Necklace (National Crafting Month)

In March, you can work on your favorite crafts and learn new crafts. The entire month of March is devoted to making crafts for decorating your home, your clothes, and wall décor. There are five distinct types of crafts such as textile crafts, paper crafts, decorative crafts, fashion crafts, and functional crafts. What makes crafts so fascinating are the techniques and the types of materials that are used to create artwork, fashion apparel, and items for decorative purposes. Today's tutorial is about making a bracelet into a necklace. 


One bangle bracelet with charms

One long gold chain 

Jewelry pliers

Jewelry/ wire cutters

Jump rings

Lobster clasp

Begin by measuring how long you want the chain necklace to be. Use a jewelry cutter to cut the length of the chain. Next, remove a charm from your bangle bracelet with jewelry pliers. Insert a jump ring to both ends of the chain and insert the charm into the chain with jewelry pliers. Repeat the same step by adding another jump ring to the other side of the chain to connect the letter charm to the chain.

Close the jump rings with jewelry pliers. Using the leftover chain from the necklace, you can create a simple chain bracelet to go with the necklace. Use one lobster clasp and two jump rings to create your chain bracelet. Below are links about more ideas for National Crafting Month. Happy National Crafting Month! 

10 Crafts to Try This Year-The Spruce Crafts:

10 Crafts to Try This Year (

10 Popular Types of Crafts to Get You Inspired:

10 Popular Types of Crafts to Get You Inspired | Crafts Glossary

The Main Different Types of Crafting:

The Main Different Types of Crafting (

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Friday, March 4, 2022

Hepatica Nobilis Wildflower Coloring Pages

The Hepatica Nobilis flower is a wildflower that appears in the spring season. Another name for this flower is Liverleaf. These flowers bloom in blue, purple, white, pink, and lavender. Today, I have created three coloring pages inspired by the Liverleaf flower. Have fun coloring these flowers. Below is a link about the Hepatica Nobilis flower. These coloring pages are free and for your personal use. Enjoy!


Liverleaf-Hepatica Nobilis-Care and Growing Guide (The Spruce):

Liverleaf (Hepatica nobilis): Care and Growing Guide (

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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

National Color Therapy Month

Every year in March, you can be motivated more by being aware of the colors that lift your mood. Certain colors calm you, energize you, and make you feel good about yourself. This month is dedicated to National Color Therapy. In ancient times, color stones were used for healing which this practice is still done today by wearing assorted color stone jewelry. However, color therapy is also used in the form of interior design, clothing apparel, and light.

Color therapy is incorporated into psychology because colors affect mood, experiences, and the physical health of an individual. Using assorted color folders, labels, and assigning colors to different school topics will help you or your child memorize the information. As well as using it as part of organizing for work or at home which will help you find the necessary information. Another way is by using one specific color for your plates, food containers, and recycled water bottles. It will be easier to distinguish your items at work. 

Assigning certain colors to your rooms creates a comforting environment for you and your family. Incorporate warm and cool colors in your interior design. Additionally, using pastel colors in your sleepwear help you sleep better. Learn how to use the color wheel as a family. Play a game by guessing the colors that were used in famous artworks. 

Describe your favorite color and let your family guess the color. Write in different color pens to recall and memorize information. Add a variety of colorful vegetables for your health. Create and have fun painting during National Color Therapy Month. Here are links on how to observe National Color Therapy Month. 

Sensational Color:

Touching Hearts:

Coloring Art:

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