Saturday, December 31, 2022

Relaxing in the New Year

The first day of the New Year can be spent making new habits. Changing your perception about how you perceive life. The difficult challenges in life are having acceptance of who you are because of what society demands and their convictions. Due to stereotypes and misunderstandings, one must accept themselves and follow one’s instincts. The New Year is always a wonderful time to be open to possibilities without having any doubts about what is going to occur next in your life. 

Moreover, the new year is a time to establish new ways of thinking and find more meaning in life. Relaxing in the new year makes one more resilient and more capable of becoming a better person. One must eliminate stereotypes that society has implemented. Every new day brings new encounters where one must surpass the labels that people put on our minds. As a result of these labels, there is so much hatred, bitterness, and unwelcome feelings toward others. 

Therefore, one must put into practice more self-love as someone once told me. Training yourself to love yourself and to love others. Even if you fully accept yourself, it is best to practice self-love, and self-care, and to have good thoughts toward everyone. Not to fake your feelings and thoughts but to genuinely feel present with the knowledge of what you are doing. Stop seeing and doing things as a chore. 

To be pessimistic all the time is so dangerous to your mind and body. Although it is inevitable to avoid pessimistic people in your life, one must not allow it to cloud your mind and heart. Living with pessimistic people makes you feel destructive about yourself. Even if you are not a spiritual or religious person, you must live life with respect, and satisfaction. One must live with composure, patience, and with responsibility for our actions. 

According to Norman Vincent Peale, " Learn to relax. Your body is precious, as it houses your mind and spirit. Inner peace begins with a relaxed body." Once you are relaxed, your body and mind come together with greater strength to think more clearly when making important decisions. In addition to practicing self-love and self-care, one must practice self-gratitude. Also, practice gratitude with others with compassion and with nonjudgmental thoughts. Here is a brief list of how to relax throughout the new year.

  1. Write down your anger and other negative thoughts in your journal instead of yelling at others.
  2. Do self-care whenever it is possible to feel refreshed and to feel calmer.
  3. Donate your time, your used clothes, and other materials to charitable foundations.
  4. Declutter your home, your office, and feel serene.
  5. Forgive yourself for all your unruly behavior, errors, and bad comments.
  6. Forgive others, especially the ones that you consider your friends.
  7. Allow yourself to feel at peace with yourself.
  8. Remind yourself that no one can fix your problems but yourself.
  9. Practice using positive affirmations, positive quotes, and do hobbies with positivity.
  10. Always remember to say thank you, please, and you’re welcome throughout the year.

Relaxing is more than self-care, self-love, and self-gratitude; it is a necessary aspect for any lifestyle. It has to be done every day in order to feel accomplished, make better decisions, and to enjoy life. Keep on learning how to relax to feel good about yourself. Here are more resources about relaxing throughout the new year. Happy New Year 2023! 

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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Three Toxic Dating Trends

There are dating trends that can be detrimental to your mental health. Toxic dating trends such as orbiting, haunting, and submarining can leave an impactful turmoil in your life. These dating trends should be avoided for your peace of mind. If you have not dated that much or are starting to date again, you will come across many types of people who end up hurting you more after the relationship has ended. It is helpful to be aware of the dating trends that keep arising throughout the year.

As more dating trends continue to increase, it gets frustrating to keep and continue a relationship with someone. For example, orbiting in a relationship makes someone doubt what is wrong with you. It makes you have doubts about yourself as well as so much confusion about why this is happening to you. Orbiting is like ghosting except you can see his or her activity on social media while following each other online. He or she will like and comment on your posts without communicating with you.

Therefore it is recommended to unfollow and block someone that you once dated if he or she is following you on social media. It is the only way to move from this relationship that has ended. Another dating trend that is like orbiting is haunting. Haunting in a relationship leaves you feeling so strange. He or she can watch, follow, and see what you do on social media. Haunting is different than Zombieing.

While in Zombieing, a person disappears for several months and returns with a message to make you believe he or she wants to be in a relationship with you. Whereas Haunting is done when a person ghosts you but still follows you on social media. It leaves you feeling so confused after being ghosted by someone and it leaves you with so many questions about why he or she ghosted you. No matter what the reasons are, it leaves you feeling weird about the entire situation. Often it is hard to handle these situations when it happens at the end of a relationship. 

Another dating trend that makes you want to shout is called Submarining. He or she disappears and reappears in your life without any explanation about why they left. There is no apology, there is no reason, and there is no hint about why they are returning to you. He or she acts as if nothing happened in the relationship.  Submarining is worse than Haunting. 

Sometimes when this occurs you will have a hard time finding out the truth in regard to being submarined. Submarining is also called paperclipping because they put a paper clip on your relationship and set it aside to return at a later time. Moreover, no one should go through these hurtful dating trends. There is no guarantee of knowing the reasons for doing Orbiting, Haunting, and Submarining after a relationship has ended. If you do find out the reasons often it is because he or she was being a coward. 

Also, he or she was insecure with themselves or stubborn about the entire relationship.  He or she finds themselves doubtful about themselves. They find it easier to do Haunting, Orbiting, or any other form of ghosting. Having fears makes them want to have curiosity about what they lost from you after the relationship ended. However, there may be other deeper and hidden issues for them to act in this manner. 

Every toxic dating trend gets complicated, confusing, and frustrating.  Although these are dating trends, they can also occur during a long friendship with someone that you care for. These dating trends will not end as society keeps changing and the influences of social media. If you have experienced these dating trends, your mind is left distraught, depressed, and devastated.  No matter how old you are when you are dating someone, you must always have respect for yourself. 

It may seem inconsiderate, but one must take care of the mind and emotions healthy. There are a lot of people online who want to do more harm to others without having a conscious. Yet not everyone who is dating has dangerous motives but be cautious all the time. In every dating situation, one must have some knowledge about dating trends. Here are websites about Orbiting, Haunting, and Submarining.  


Orbiting is the Dating Trend that is Even More Frustrating than Ghosting-Huff Post Life

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What is Haunting-The Dating Trend that Happens all the Time-My Imperfect Life:

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What is Submarining-What to Know about the Dating Term-Men's Health: 

What Is 'Submarining'? What to Know About the Dating Term (

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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

DIY Love T-shirt Embroidery

Embroidering t-shirts takes a lot of time and patience to do. But you will be amazed each time you hand embroider something onto a t-shirt. Therefore, you might like embroidering this love t-shirt for Valentine's Day or any other occasion. Embroidering letters onto a basic t-shirt turns it into a cute t-shirt to wear. Here are the instructions for embroidering text onto a t-shirt. 


Embroidery floss/thread 

Embroidery needle 



Ballpoint pen

Love stencil (Sun Catcher Studio) 


Wash and dry one t-shirt. Type a word and print it out. You can use Sun Catcher Studio's stencils or type the word on a typing program on the computer. Cut the printed-out letters and trace them onto the shirt with a ballpoint pen. Insert one embroidery thread onto an embroidery needle to begin embroidering each letter. 

In this example, black embroidery thread was used to outline the letters. You might need two or three embroidery threads of the same color for the letters. Follow the lines of the ballpoint pen to embroider each letter. Continue embroidering each letter until you no longer see the lines of the ballpoint pen. Then, trim the leftover thread. 

After that embroider the letters using another color of thread. In this example, white thread was used to embroider the letters. This project requires at least two or three days to complete. However, you will like wearing your hand-embroidered T-shirt. Have fun embroidering your t-shirts. 

Love Stencil from Sun Catcher Studio:

Cool Lettering (Fancy Text, Cool Fonts, Stencils) – DIY Projects, Patterns, Monograms, Designs, Templates (

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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Mindfulness for Peace

Peace brings positive emotions and a nice feeling during rough times. This feeling can be perceived while being with someone or when you are by yourself. It is a constant struggle when you or someone argues with you. During hectic and uncertain times you can practice mindfulness for peace. Find a comfortable area to practice slow breathing techniques and reduce your anxiety. 

Follow your heart rate and listen to your heart. Ask yourself what would make you feel at peace. Be empathetic with yourself. Look at family pictures, work on your hobbies, read, or do anything that makes you feel peaceful. Listen to running water, the rain, or water sounds to help you calm down. 

Detach yourself from social media for a few hours or a day. Spend time doing self-care and physical activities for your mood. Observe how each activity makes you feel. For example, drink a glass of water slowly and take your time to monitor how you feel. Take satisfaction in drinking your glass of water without looking at your watch. 

Mindfulness enables you to develop a habit to help your mind and body to relieve tension. Whether you are outside observing nature or walking indoors, you find inner peace in yourself. There are no expectations while you live in the present moment. Practicing mindfulness allows you to find happiness, peace, and kindness without material items. A peaceful state of mind cannot be found in having money, clothes, intimacy, or other things. 

Although you can feel peace while being with someone, it might not be enough for your state of mind. To be at peace with yourself, one must forgive. One must avoid complaints and stop complaining about yourself. Therefore, practicing mindfulness helps calm the mind from being too critical of oneself. Negativity must be reduced to feel better mentally and physically. 

The more you separate your negative thoughts, it will be easier to practice mindfulness. Stretch your entire body and use your senses. Ignore any negativity while you are doing your activities. Mindfulness can be practiced for a few minutes or an hour of peace. Here are links about mindfulness for peace. 

5 Winter Mindfulness Rituals for Peace and Presence:

What are Meditations for Inner Peace:

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Sunday, December 25, 2022

Tips for Avoiding Holiday Cooking Stress

Cooking dinner for the holidays is so stressful for the hostess during a family gathering, friend's party, or a family party. Even if you plan your meals and prepare the meals in advance, it is still stressful cooking them. However, it is helpful to have a schedule for your dinner so you can have plenty of time to cook your meal. Make sure you have your pots, pans, kitchen towels, and cooking utensils washed and dried. Also, make sure your pots, pans, and skillets are in good condition and have sturdy handles.

If your family has potlucks, make sure you use your leftovers and be creative in using them to make a different meal. Have a family member bring apple cider, juice, or other nonalcoholic drinks to go with your dinner. If for some reason, your family members want to have an alcoholic drink, keep it away from your teens and younger kids. Also, have another family member bring appetizers which will make it easier for you to focus on cooking your dinner meal. Similarly, another family member can bring a dessert to go with your dinner.

The more your family members help you in preparing your meals the less stressful it will be for you. Use your time wisely. Take advantage of pre-packaged salads, canned foods, and pre-packaged boxes to do cooking shortcuts. Limit the side dishes, especially if you have lots of appetizers. Use a timer to spend two or three hours cooking in your kitchen.

Put your sauces and condiments in a tray to have them ready before your family has their dinner. In this way, your family can select mustard, barbeque, soy sauce, teriyaki, or chili sauce. Use small containers for dividing each side dish between the plates. Make sure you have enough plates, silverware, cups, Mason jars, and straws. Use one centerpiece to decorate your dining table so it is easier to remove it before your meal. 

Some side dishes can be prepared one day ahead which will help you to enjoy your family gathering. Make sure you have enough containers to store the leftover food and for people to take the leftover food to their homes. Once the meal is cooked, you can take some time for yourself before the festivity. One or two family members can set the dining table. While another family member can direct the music, card games, or game boards.

Cooking dinner should be a relaxing time for the hostess to have a good time with the family. The less family stress, tension, and nervousness the better it will be for the entire family. The holidays are a joyful time with the family and a good time to get to know your family members. Here are websites about avoiding holiday cooking stress. Merry Christmas and happy holidays. 

How to Avoid Holiday Cooking Stress, According to Katie Lee Biegel-Exclusive-Mashed: 

How To Avoid Holiday Cooking Stress, According To Katie Lee Biegel - Exclusive (

12 Tips for Cooking Christmas Dinner so it's Stress-Free-Taste of Home:

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Friday, December 23, 2022

Letting go of Perfectionism

Perfectionism is what everyone strives to have in their everyday lives. It is a struggle to be perfect and to be likeable. Also, it is harmful due to anxiety, panic attacks, and the fear of having everything in perfection. Perfectionism should not be a motivation to fulfill accomplishments. The strong desire for perfectionism changes a person’s attitude, personality, and their actions.

Therefore, it is an obsession that one must let go to live with less anxiety. Perfectionism causes more anxiety and may lead to a panic disorder. Paying attention to every detail and making everything look right puts too much pressure on yourself. Focusing, planning, and correcting every mistake is exhausting and it makes you feel unfulfilled. In the end, everything will feel meaningless, unpleasant, and repulsive.

There are many things that a person desires to have in a perfect stage such as a job, relationships, marriage, parties, and a perfect family. However, there are other things that make you long for perfection until you feel miserable when it is not right. Letting go of perfectionism makes you enjoy life to the fullest and not expect everything to be correct. To let go of perfectionism one must be able to use their abilities without getting the approval of others and learn from your mistakes. Do not feel like a failure all the time.

Additionally, do not feel like you are letting others down for your imperfections and failings. Life and everything else are not perfect. Instead, appreciate, accept, and change your habits. Celebrate your achievements no matter what and how they happen. Forgive yourself, be truthful, and improve your self-confidence.

Enjoy life events without trying to make everything to have perfection. Do not have expectations for everything to be right. Seek professional counseling, therapy, and behavioral services to decrease perfectionism. If you have an obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder, or obsession for trying to be a perfectionist; Speak to your medical professional for advice on how to manage it. Here are websites about perfectionism. 

8 Ways to Let Go of Perfectionism-Minimalism Made Simple:

8 Ways to Let Go of Perfectionism - Minimalism Made Simple


Perfectionism (

The Dangers of Perfectionism-Psychology Today:

The Dangers of Perfectionism | Psychology Today

Is Perfectionism-Good or Bad-Rewire the Mind-Online Therapy Courses, Coaching, and Hypnosis:

Is Perfectionism - Good or Bad? - Rewire The Mind - Online Therapy Courses, Coaching & Hypnosis

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Thursday, December 22, 2022

Egg Salad Stuffed Bell Peppers


Egg salads make a quick meal, especially during the holidays. If you love bell peppers, you will like this egg salad. In this example, the egg salad is stuffed inside a bell pepper. You can also use leftover egg salad to stuff bell peppers. This basic egg salad uses five ingredients to make. Here is the recipe.



Hard-boiled eggs

Bell peppers

One can of corn

One tomato


Cooking time and Preparation:

Boil eggs for ten to fifteen minutes in a pot with water. Wash and slice the bell peppers by removing the top part of the bell peppers. Save the top part of the bell peppers and remove the seeds of the other half of the bell peppers. In another pot boil bell peppers for ten to fifteen minutes with the tops of the bell peppers. Then, when the bell peppers are soft and tender, turn off the stove.

Strain the water off and let the bell peppers cool. After that use paper towels to air dry the bell peppers and the tops of the bell peppers. Once the eggs are boiled, strain the water off. Then, wait for the hard-boiled eggs to cool. After that slice the hard-boiled eggs, raw bell peppers, and tomatoes.

Mix the tomatoes, bell peppers, and sliced eggs with mayonnaise. Next, open one can of corn and strain the water off. Add the corn to the mix. After that stuff, the bell peppers with the hard-boiled eggs, bell peppers, corn, and tomatoes. Later add the olives on top of the egg salad.

You can add a little bit of lemon juice or vinegar to preserve the egg salad in the refrigerator. Egg salads make a good appetizer or a side dish. You can use low-sodium mayonnaise for this egg salad recipe. However, any type of mayonnaise can be used to make a delicious egg salad. Add more ingredients if you are serving this to many people. 

This recipe serves two to three people. Refrigerate the egg salad. Egg salads last for approximately three days in the refrigerator. Have fun serving these stuffed egg salad bell peppers. Happy Holidays! 

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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Sextortion Awareness for Everyone

Sextortion can occur to anyone and it has long-lasting emotional effects. Whether you are in a relationship or not, restoring your online reputation is challenging. It is difficult to avoid a sextortion situation these days but it is possible to stop it. First, begin by not sending sexual images to strangers. Be careful in sending nude pictures or videos to your boyfriend or husband. 

Sometimes when a relationship is shaky or ends badly, exes tend to get revenge by asking for money and showing nude pictures to anyone. Therefore, it is tough to know if your ex would do revenge porn because of hate, bitterness, and resentment. Not all exes would do this but it is best to be cautious. Other times sexual images are sent to friends or their ex's friends which is another problem in getting rid of those snapshots. Even if the images or videos get deleted, they might end up on the dark web. 

Be alert to how your ex reacts and with their actions. Usually, exes give warning signals before a breakup. Also, a person who does revenge porn does not necessarily want money but wants to harm someone emotionally. Sextortion has become problematic as more nude pictures and videos end up on social media and the dark web. After a person has been in this stressful situation it is tricky to be their ordinary self. 

Second, do not chat with strangers on social media, applications, games, or other areas of communication online. Strangers do sextortion for money, to do malice, and to get personal information about someone. Third, block messages from strangers who send sexual images. Always report it whether it is a stranger, a friend, or an ex who wants to do sextortion. Print and do a screenshot of the sextortion messages. 

Fourth keep messages that show you are being extorted. Get a lawyer and report them to the police about the sextortion. Last, get help for your mental and emotional health. If you or someone you know is in this situation, be aware of behavior changes. Seek advice from a counselor, psychologist, or therapist to help you control your emotions. 

Keep an eye on your teenagers who love taking pictures of themselves.  Also be alert to their behavior changes, appetite,  and changes in appearance. Know who your teenagers chat with or speak with on the telephone.  Be aware of how your teenagers spend their money. More teenage boys are being blackmailed into sending explicit sexual images.  

Yet teenage girls are also being blackmailed for sexual pictures or sex videos. Furthermore, sextortion is harmful to any teenager's mental health. However, take the opportunity to educate yourself and your teenager about preventing sextortion. Some schools offer a sextortion prevention class or Stop Sextortion Campaign from the FBI. It is important to end suicides or attempts of suicide from teenagers and adults who do this due to sextortion. 

Sextortion can also happen in text messages with sexual content. Be cautious in doing these activities online or on your messenger device. Additionally, do not be forced or feel pressured in sending nude pictures or videos. No one should be blackmailed, especially after a relationship has ended. Here are websites about sextortion. 


Sextortion-What it is, How to Avoid It, and What to do-Scamfish-Social Catfish:

Sextortion: What it is, How to Avoid it, and What to do - Scamfish - A Consumer Protection Publication -

How to Deal with Sextortion-Webcam Blackmail-Minc Law:

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What Does Sextortion Mean-How to Prevent Blackmail-Digital Investigation:

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Stop Sextortion-FBI

Stop Sextortion — FBI 

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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

How to End Impulsive Shopping?

Impulsive shopping can be troublesome when you are sticking to a holiday spending budget. As well as the frustration of finding a place to store extra items that were purchased out of haste. Purchasing items without thinking about how you will use them creates more anxiety. Throughout the holidays you are tempted to buy unnecessary items because of the reduced prices. But you can stop yourself from buying items on a whim. 

The demand to buy items that you do not need can be caused by loneliness, emptiness, sadness, and too much stress. It can also be caused by wanting to have items that your friend has due to competition. Additionally, it makes you feel that if you do not have the item now, you will not be able to afford it later. Buying on impulse makes you want to believe that having those items will make you feel better, accepted, and more attractive. On the contrary, impulsive buying makes you feel guilty, mortification, and feel worse about yourself. 

To end impulsive buying, you must realize why you are spending your money on extra items you may not need. Analyze why you want the items. If it is to impress your friends, for looks, or for other reasons, you must stop yourself from buying it. Use cash when you are buying your items and not a credit card. Before making the purchase, take a big breath and think about how you will use the item. 

For example, buying another bag of candy with the rest of your items will make you financially scarce of money. Saving one or five dollars per week can help you purchase items that you need. Furthermore, you can make a list of items and only buy those items. Avoid being tempted to buy items from the checkout cashier counter. Shop with a friend who also uses a shopping list. 

Browse items at a slow pace and buy the necessary items. If you are shopping online, avoid buying the suggested items list from the website. Make a list of the items you want to buy online. Impulsive shopping can become an addiction to shopping. However, carefully selecting the items before you make a purchase will help you save money. 

Wait several days to buy something, especially if you shop in a bad mood. Often impulse shopping is caused by anger, varied emotions, and out of rejection. Although retail therapy is seen as beneficial for your mood; impulse shopping makes you feel uneasy. It is vital to shop in a calming manner and not to rush to buy trendy items out of impulse. Here are websites about impulse shopping. 



Impulse Buying-What it is and How to Keep it in Check-Nerd Wallet:

Impulse Buying: What It Is and How to Keep It in Check - NerdWallet

Psychology of Impulse Shopping-Health Guidance: 

Psychology of Impulse Shopping |

How to Stop Impulse Buying-50 Tips to Take Control-Finance over Fifty:

How To Stop Impulse Buying: 50 Tips To Take Control - Finance Over Fifty

How to Stop Impulse Buying-9 Tips to Curb Your Spending-Develop Good Habits:

How to Stop Impulse Buying: 9 Tips to Curb Your Spending (

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Monday, December 19, 2022

National Write a Friend Month 2022


Every December is National Write a Friend Month. This month is designated for writing letters, cards, and notes to your friends. The art of writing and folding paper messages to friends can be a great way to strengthen your friendships. It may also help to repair and forgive old friendships. Even if you do not recover your old friendships, you can find closure by writing a letter without mailing it. 

Writing has therapeutic effects to find the emotional healing you need. It can be discouraging and lonesome to lose a long-lasting friendship. However, keeping and maintaining friendships is an everyday struggle. Therefore, stay in contact with all of your friends by text messaging, telephone calls, and handwritten messages. Write to a friend throughout December and the rest of the months. 

If for some reason, your friend does not want your friendship, try to move on to find the friendship you need. Sometimes, a person does not want a friendship out of fear, stubbornness, insecurities, or other reasons. Often those reasons are out of your control and it hurts to lose a long friendship. Yet, it is nice to meet and find new friendships for your emotional support. Show your appreciation by sending a grateful letter, card, or note to your friend during the holidays. 

The holidays are lonely, busy, and overwhelming. But a personal message to a friend can make them feel accepted, respected, and cherished. Take your time to write a meaningful and grateful letter. You do not need to be an expert in folding handwritten letters. Do not worry about your penmanship. 

Your friend will like the gesture of a handwritten message any time of the year. A true friend will never leave your side. He or she will always make you feel comfortable and support you in every aspect of your life. A friend must not make you feel less than, needless, and so confused. Here are websites about write a friend month. 

Write to a Friend Month-Weekend Notes:

December is Write a Friend a Letter Month:

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Saturday, December 17, 2022

Positive Affirmations for the New Year 2023

Every year is a new opportunity to start to grow and improve yourself in a different aspect of your life. No matter how many times you feel you have failed yourself or others, you can begin to change your mindset. By changing your perspective on how you see things in life and learning to understand others without judgment. Get into the habit of writing, reading, and saying positive affirmations whenever you have disappointments. Here is a brief list of positive affirmations for the new year.

  1. I am brave, confident, and open my mind without judging others.
  2. I set my mind to be open to new possibilities without having any fears.
  3. I am ready for the new changes that this new year may bring to me.
  4. I am charming, sweet, and kind to everyone that offends me.
  5. I let any faults fade away as I continue to learn.
  6. I can love someone as much as I love myself.
  7. I open my mind to learning, understanding, and having compassion for others.
  8. I continue to discover new qualities about myself without criticizing.
  9. I wash away all of the criticism, hate, and other hurts.
  10. I forgive the past friendships that have ended.
  11. I am more accessible to people who need my help without asking me.
  12. I am full of love, hope, and desire for my partner.

These positive affirmations will help you get started in writing, reading, and saying them to yourself every morning. Positive affirmations can also be read in the afternoon or at night when you need to focus. You can also use positive affirmations to inspire, motivate, and help you with setbacks. Here are websites with more positive affirmations. Happy New Year 2023! 

35 New Year Affirmations for Hope & Possibilities:

35 New Year Affirmations For Hope & Possibilities (

Positive Affirmations for the New Year-Sweety High:

Positive Affirmations for the New Year (

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Monday, December 12, 2022

DIY Underwear Embroidery

Embroidering underwear takes patience and three hours to complete. Sometimes embroidering will take longer depending on how much time you have throughout the day. However, embroidering makes something look more personalized. In today's embroidering tutorial, you can embroider words and shapes onto plain underwear. Here are the instructions for embroidering words onto your underwear. 


Embroidery  floss/thread

Letter stencil (optional)

Embroidery needle



Fabric marker or pen 

Wash and dry the underwear. Use a letter stencil from Sun Catcher Studio or write by hand the words for your underwear. In the example, the word love was written in English and Spanish. Insert thread into an embroidery needle. After that insert the needle with the thread onto the lines. 

The word love was written on the front side of the underwear. However, you can embroider words on the back of the underwear. You can select any word to embroider. In this example, a four-letter word was used to embroider onto the undergarment. The same color thread was used to embroider the word and hearts. 

Stitch each letter. After that draw hearts or use a stencil to draw the hearts. Insert the needle with the thread onto the heart. Stitch each side of the heart. Continue embroidering the second heart. 

The embroidering of the hearts is optional. But it does make it look cute if you embroider the hearts. After you are done embroidering, you can wear your undergarments. When washing embroidered items, always wash them inside and out. Feel free to be creative in doing your embroidery. 

This hand embroidery project will take two or three days to do. It makes a good rainy-day embroidery project. Wash your underwear inside and out to protect the embroidery. Below is a link for making and printing out the word stencils. Have fun embroidering. 

Cool Lettering-Fancy Text, Cool Fonts, Stencils-DIY Projects, Patterns, Monograms, Designs, Templates-Sun Catcher Studio:

Cool Lettering (Fancy Text, Cool Fonts, Stencils) – DIY Projects, Patterns, Monograms, Designs, Templates (

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Sunday, December 11, 2022

Three Types of Unfaithfulness to be Aware in Your Relationship

Infidelity can go beyond physical and emotional connections. A person can also be unfaithful through an obsession which is called object infidelity. Yet, a person can also give money to their other partners which cause financial tension. Financial infidelity is often hidden from their spouse. Another way a person can be unfaithful is by chatting with someone online. 

Cyber infidelity has become so common and addictive in some cases. Sometimes a person can do cyber and financial infidelity all at once. There can be many motives for cyber infidelity. A person might feel bored in their relationship. Yet another reason can be a lack of excitement during intimacy. 

Also, a person might be too afraid to discuss their intimacy issues with their partner. Sometimes an unfaithful person will resort to pornography, sexting, nude videos, or any other form of euphoria. Therefore, a person who does infidelity online may find it easier to hide it from their spouse. Cyber infidelity can lead to sextortion and manipulation by a second partner other than their spouse. It is a worrisome trend that has increased, making anyone more cautious with their relationships. 

Financial infidelity is a secretive and harsh thing to do to your spouse. Often the money goes toward another partner, another ex, or simply as hush money to keep the relationship secret. He or she creates a second unknown bank account, an unknown joint bank account, or an unknown savings account to maintain the second relationship. The reasons are overwhelming as he or she maintains both relationships. It is difficult to detect financial infidelity until the truth is revealed to the spouse. 

Obsessions are extremely poisonous in a committed relationship. Object infidelity focuses on other things other than their spouse. An obsession with work, hobbies, or an obsession with a married person makes any relationship in trouble. Obsessions are painful, and cruel, and break their relationship with their spouse. It affects everyone mentally and emotionally. 

From a woman's point of view, obsessions make anyone feel worthless and unloved. Most of the time it is a one-sided relationship, as the partner is obsessed with something or someone else. When a person is unfaithful it is because of a lack of emotional connection with their partner. As well as changes in a person's behavior make communication tougher with their partner. Sometimes there may be too much physical contact and a yearning to listen to their partner. 

An unfaithful person feels too much stress from their partner. Therefore, he or she finds relief by doing cyber infidelity or object infidelity. But there can be other intentions for being unfaithful. It is possible to recover a relationship with forgiveness, building trust, and being honest with each other. Here are more resources about these types of unfaithfulness. 


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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Positive Affirmations for Winter Depression

The winter season can be a hopeful and sad time. Due to the changes in the weather and personal issues that this season brings, depression becomes inevitable. Nostalgic thoughts might occur if you had ended a relationship during the winter months. Also, if people keep making you feel inadequate about yourself, your depression gets worse. It is so effortless to fall into a depressive state of mind without knowing you are hurting your loved ones. 

Even if you do not end a relationship during the winter months, there is always something that triggers the emotion of sadness. Every year when December arrives, you might reflect on the things that went wrong instead of the good things. However, to avoid being depressed in the winter, one must realize that this state of mind is not healthy. It is better to be kind to yourself by reading positive affirmations. This will not completely take away all your sadness and other symptoms of SAD. 

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) causes you to sleep too much, feel too tired, and overeat. Although SAD is temporary and it goes away on its own, it still should be managed by a doctor. Therefore, using positive affirmations for depression is one method to gradually change your mood. Your doctor can prescribe medications for your Seasonal Affective Disorder. This type of depression can also appear in the autumn, spring, and summer season.

The symptoms may vary throughout the seasons. Moreover, your doctor may suggest treatments and supplements such as light therapy, vitamin D, serotonin, and melatonin. Positive affirmations can help you feel motivated while doing your treatment for SAD. Furthermore, if Seasonal Affective Disorder is not treated, it may lead to substance abuse, alcohol abuse, anxiety, and eating disorders. Here is a brief list of positive affirmations for winter depression.


1. I am joyful even when I am not smiling. 

2. I am priceless to people who appreciate me. 

3. I love myself and I am kind to my body. 

4. I receive respect and fulfillment and continue to progress into the person I want to be. 

5. I do not have to demonstrate to anyone who I am. 

6. I am strong and have the willpower to continue. 

7. I may not be perfect, but I am beautiful for my loved ones. 

8. I do not change anyone's beauty standards. 

9. I am happy with myself as I continue to move forward. 

10. I am honest and trust myself. 

These affirmations make you feel better about yourself. You must not hate yourself for the way things are. Recite your positive affirmations any time you feel sadness. Seasonal Affective Disorder is problematic to manage and should not be managed without professional help. Here are resources about positive affirmations and quotes for depression. 

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Friday, December 9, 2022

A Comforting Pineapple Smoothie

If you are looking for a comforting smoothie to drink, you will like this pineapple smoothie. Eating pineapples are beneficial for your immune system, digestive system, and for your skeletal system. This fruit has fiber, vitamin C, B vitamins, and minerals. Drinking this smoothie helps you feel relaxed and soothes your stomach. All you will need are four ingredients to make this smoothie. 


One pineapple or sliced pineapple 

Almond milk 


Yogurt or fruit-flavored yogurt 


In one blender, add sliced pineapples, yogurt, and almond milk. The fruit-flavored yogurt will make this smoothie sweeter especially if the pineapples are too sour to eat. Blend everything in the blender. Then add a little bit of honey and blend everything. This smoothie serves two or three people. 

Sometimes, I use Activia's probiotic raspberry drink in this smoothie. However, you can use any fruit-flavored yogurt. This smoothie may help you if you are feeling constipated. Nonetheless, this smoothie tastes good by itself. Here are websites about the benefits of pineapples. 

Pineapple Health Benefits and Nutrition:

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7 Reasons Pineapple is Good for You-Cleaveland Clinic:

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