Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Free Pumpkin Bookmarks (New 2021)

Today, I have created four coloring bookmarks with pumpkins. Each bookmark has one pumpkin on the bottom the bookmark. On top of each bookmark, there is a smaller design and a blank area on the center of the bookmarks. On the blank areas, you can write a positive affirmation, quotes, phrase, your name, or any other words you want to personalize your pumpkin bookmarks. These pumpkin bookmarks are free and for your personal use.

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Ever Tried a Superfood Latte? (Guest Post)

Showing yourself the love you deserve can come in many forms, from taking time to meditate to the way we nourish our bodies, and one increasingly popular way to nourish our bodies comes in the form of the superfood latte.

Coming in beautiful shades of gold and green, superfood lattes are made with the milk of your choice (dairy, oat, soy, etc.), a superfood ingredient, and, in some cases, coffee or espresso, too. Common superfoods used in lattes include turmeric, which is beloved for its anti-inflammatory benefits, especially by those who are looking to reduce muscle soreness or joint pain, and maca, which may help with the regulation of hormones while reducing anemia, blood pressure, and even depression. Bright green matcha and purple taro are also popular picks, both for their health benefits and for the earthy flavors they add alongside sweeteners. To learn more about how superfood lattes can improve your health and get details on how they’re made, take a look at this helpful graphic.

Monday, September 27, 2021

How to Have a Healthy Relationship?

Identifying a healthy relationship might be challenging especially if you are beginning a new relationship with someone. Most of the time, when you meet someone, you might like his or her smile, laughter, or something funny he or she says. Yet, after several weeks of getting to know someone, you might start having doubts whether this is a healthy relationship for you. A healthy relationship should be respectful, trustful, and grateful. It should have good communication with your partner and some time for yourself.

However, if you met the person online, it might seem tough to get to know the person and his or her family. Therefore, keep in mind these few items when you are getting to know someone online or in person. When you are talking to the person make sure he or she does not criticize your appearance and your vocabulary. Also, make sure he or she does not make you feel uncomfortable, negative, or have low self-esteem. To have a healthy relationship online or in person, you must realize that there might be disagreements which should not last more than a day.

Healthy relationships do not involve mistreatment of each other. Instead, a healthy relationship should motivate one another, comfort one another, and help one another. In addition, a relationship should have a boundary where he or she sets rules when you are together or away from each other. Some rules can be a specific time to call and text message, when he or she can come to your home, or not calling when you are at work unless it is an emergency. Your partner should not be possessive, suspicious, or jealous of what you do at work and when you spend time with family or friends.

Know the differences between a healthy and an unhealthy relationship. Your partner should not pressure you, hit you, or do something that offends you and your family. Instead, a healthy relationship should be about honesty, improvement, and about understanding each other. It should be more positive than negative when you are with that person. Here are more resources about healthy relationships. 


Signs that You're in a Healthy Relationship:

Signs That You're In a Healthy Relationship (verywellmind.com)

10 Signs of a Healthy Relationship-One Love Foundation:

10 Signs of a Healthy Relationship - One Love Foundation (joinonelove.org)

Tips for Building a Healthy Relationship-Help Guide:

Tips for Building a Healthy Relationship - HelpGuide.org

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* Free Couple Clip Art:

Sunday, September 26, 2021

What to do in a Toxic Relationship?

When you are in a relationship with someone, you may not be aware of physical sensations. Your mind is full of thoughts, confusion, and doubts. Yet, as you try to understand your partner, you may not realize what is going on with your body signals. Some signals that your body gives you when you are in a toxic relationship are the following: 

1. Unexplained body aches or sudden headaches. 

2. Stomach pains, upset stomach, or stomach issues. 

3. Feeling nauseous, queasy, or wanting to vomit when you are near the person. 

4. Feeling sensations of things crawling all over your body. 

5. Feeling tired, low energy, and a nervous cough. 

As well as feelings of wanting to cry, fear, and sadness when you are with that person. These are just a few signs that the body gives you when you are in a bad relationship. Over time those body signals might become chronic the longer you are in that relationship. First, be aware of your physical sensations. Second, notice when the body signals occur. 

Ask yourself why you want to continue being in the relationship. Often, the reasons you give yourself are not enough to be in a negative area with your partner. Communicate with your partner how you feel. If your partner does not want to listen to you, evaluate your relationship. Seek professional help as a couple to help express what each other feels. 

If it does not work, have some time apart from your partner for your mental and physical health. Perhaps, your partner needs some time alone. Moreover, a partner can be too stressed out due to long hours of work or family reasons. However, if your partner is addicted to alcohol, substances, or pornography; It is best to seek professional help from a medical doctor, psychologist, and couple counseling. Yet, if you tried everything to help your partner it might be better to end the hostile relationship.  

Additionally, if there is physical, verbal, and violent abuse in the relationship; Leave your abusive partner for your safety. Never continue being with someone for not wanting to be alone, as a habit, or as an emotional attachment. Therefore, listen to your instincts and physical sensations.  As well as seeking medical help for your body signals. Below are links to physical sensations and the hotline for National Domestic Violence. 

National Domestic Violence Hotline:


Toxic Relationship and Moving Forward: 


Physical Signs of the Body in a Bad Toxic Relationship: 


Signs of Unhealthy Relationships:


51 Signs of Unhealthy Relationships: 


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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Autumn Affirmations for Journals

Now that the weather is changing and a new season has arrived, you might want to make new positive affirmations for autumn. This season is so mysterious, magical, and so beautiful with the changing colors of the leaves. It might bring sadness due to the weather changes and the end of summer. Nevertheless, writing positive affirmations in your journal for autumn will help you feel motivated, be at peace, and be kind to yourself.  Also, you will be sympathetic to others.

Writing a few minutes, a day in a journal will help you have inner peace. These positive affirmations can be used for your journals. Additionally, you will be inspired to write your own autumn affirmations into your journal. Below is a link of resources for more autumn affirmations. Here is a short list of affirmations for your autumn journaling.

  1. I feel inner peace by myself and with other people.  
  2. I’m confident, I’m loved, and I’m loved by my family.
  3. Let envy wash off over me like the leaves that fall.
  4. I brush off the dusty thoughts from the past.
  5. I’m loved, I’m liked, and I’m comforted by my friends and family.
  6. I wash away my sorrows as I begin a new season of hope, love, and healing.
  7. Let negative thoughts fall and let positive thoughts fly in the sky.
  8. I feel loved, protected, and treasured by my family and friends.
  9. Always smile and do not be sad during this season of change.
  10. Let it rain and shower me with your autumn bliss.

Here are the links for more autumn affirmations. 

Hope Affirmations to Stay Positive and Not Give Up:

Hope Affirmations To Stay Positive & Not Give Up (motivationping.com)

30 Powerful Fall Affirmations for You to Live By-The Cubicle Chick:

30 Powerful Fall Affirmations For You To Live By - The Cubicle Chick

9 Affirmations for Staying Grounded During the Fall Season:

9 Affirmations for Staying Grounded during… | Spirituality & Health (spiritualityhealth.com)

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* Free Business Attire Clip Art:

clip art woman silhouette - Clip Art Library (clipart-library.com)

* Free Fall Tree Clip Art:

fall clipart - Clip Art Library (clipart-library.com)

* Free Man Walking Clip Art:

man walking up stairs clipart white png 20 free Cliparts | Download images on Clipground 2021

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Health Benefits of Chicken (National Chicken Month)

Eating chicken is good for the skeletal system and cardiovascular system. It has vitamin B12, zinc, copper, and iron. Chicken makes a satisfactory alternative for red meats. Yet, the way you prepare chicken will make a difference in your health. Overall, chicken has protein which is beneficial for your muscles. 

Protein helps repair your bones and muscles. Your body uses it for energy. September is dedicated to consuming chicken as a source of protein, phosphorus, and choline. Also, if you are concerned with your cholesterol, you can prepare your chicken with a little bit of olive oil. Another way is to cook the chicken in water or chicken broth. 

Make sure your chicken is organic, with no hormones, or fillers. After preparing your chicken, add a salad or vegetables on the side. In the example picture, the side dishes were corn and a mixed salad with almonds. In the other sample picture, potatoes and spinach with chia seeds with salad dressing were used to make the side dishes. Here is the recipe for making this basic chicken recipe. 


Chicken Broth

1 Package of Chicken breasts

Olive Oil (Optional)

Bell peppers


Salt (Optional)


Wash and remove the chicken fat. Slice the chicken into smaller pieces and add salt to the chicken.  In one skillet, add sliced bell peppers and sliced mushrooms. Add chicken broth and the sliced chicken pieces onto the skillet. Once the ingredients and the chicken is soft, you can serve it. 

However, if you want the chicken to be golden brown add olive oil to another skillet. Add the boiled chicken to the skillet with olive oil. Wait a few minutes until the chicken changes to a golden brown. For more chicken recipes, you can find more recipes in the blog. Here is more information about the health benefits of chicken. 

Health Benefits of Chicken-Organic Facts: 


Health Benefits of Chicken: 


Is Chicken Good for You?- Health Line


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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

3 Ways to Improve Yourself (Self-Improvement Month)

Improving yourself might be a long process. Yet, improving yourself does bring some joy into your life. Changing your bad habits into good habits is one way to improve yourself. However, incorporating good habits such as meditation, exercise, or other hobbies will lower your stress levels. Hobbies teach you new skills and it is good for the brain. 

Another way to improve yourself is to be kind to yourself and others. This part might be challenging because of the negative words, negative thoughts, or negative people. Often you might need to refrain yourself and need to remove negativity in your life. Do not lose your identity while improving yourself. Eliminate bad habits for your health and mood. 

Last, spend time with yourself and with others. Spending quality time with your friends and family makes you a better person. Even if you do not notice the difference at first, other people will see you as a new person. Improving yourself has to come within. Here are more resources for Self-Improvement Month. 

Self-Improvement Month-30 days to a Better You:

Self-Improvement Month: 30 Days to a Better You (takelessons.com)

Resources for Self Improvement in Relationships:

Self-Improvement Resources | Love Perfect Change

The Importance of Self Improvement No Matter How Old You Are-Lifehack:

The Importance of Self Improvement No Matter How Old You Are (lifehack.org)

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Monday, September 20, 2021

National Yoga Month (September)

It is National Yoga Month. Yoga is excellent for your mental and physical health. By practicing yoga postures and your breathing, you will focus more while feeling calm. If you begin doing yoga classes at a yoga studio or home, you will notice a lotus flower in the room. The lotus flower is a symbol of beauty and enlightenment. Also, the lotus flower is sometimes seen in yoga clothing.

If you have never done yoga and do not know how to dress for this type of exercise; You can use calming colors such as blue, purple, green, pink, and white. However, you can also wear yellow, black, and gray. No matter what color outfit you choose, you must also learn the postures and breathe slowly. Additionally, you can practice yoga with a friend, your spouse, your children, and with an elderly person. If you are pregnant, you can also do yoga with your doctor’s consent.

If you are doing yoga in person, do not compare yourself to other people. Everyone's body is different in strength and movement. Always lay down for a few minutes after doing a yoga session. This will allow your body to adjust the nervous system and help you think better. Here are resources for celebrating National Yoga Month. 

Beginner Yoga-9 Completely Free Yoga Resources to Kickstart Your Home Practice:

Beginner yoga - 9 completely FREE Yoga Resources to Kickstart Your Home Practice [2020 Update] - The YogaMad

How to Celebrate National Yoga Month:

Wanderlust How to Celebrate National Yoga Month

3 Ways to Celebrate National Yoga Awareness Month:

3 Ways to Celebrate National Yoga Awareness Month | YogiApproved.com

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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Free Coloring Pumpkins (2021)

It is pumpkin season once again! It is one of my favorite seasons because of the pumpkin pies during Thanksgiving. Pumpkins are categorized as fruit and not as a vegetable. Every part of pumpkins can be consumed including the skin of the pumpkin. Nonetheless, today I have created three coloring pages of pumpkins.

Each drawing was hand drawn with a pumpkin on the center of each page. These coloring pages are different but with small design elements surrounding the pumpkins. Also, these coloring pages can be used for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and throughout the autumn season. Once again, these coloring pages are free and for your personal use. Enjoy! 

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* Pumpkin Facts at: 

Friday, September 17, 2021

Better Breakfast Month (September)

Breakfast might not be everyone's favorite meal. Yet, breakfast stimulates the brain, raises your sugar, and gives you energy. Since sugar tends to be used while the body is in sleep mode. Therefore, breakfast choices should be chosen carefully if you are pre-diabetic or diabetic. Also, the portion size is important. 

Make sure your cereals have less sugar. Check the salt content. For example, the cream of wheat has iron, calcium, and B vitamins. However, it has a high amount of salt. Yet, it makes a good breakfast when combined with fruits and nuts. 

Another good breakfast is eggs with lentils and avocado. But, if you are trying to lower your cholesterol, you can make egg whites. Egg whites can be scrambled or made into an omelet. Overall, consuming eggs can help you lose weight and get the necessary nutrients. Here is the recipe for making these egg whites, lentils, and avocado breakfast. 


3 large eggs to make Egg whites

1/2 of bell peppers

1/2 of onions 

1 bag or can of lentils 


Garlic (optional)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Begin by making the lentils in a small pot with water. Lentils usually take fifteen to twenty minutes to make.  Peel an onion and cut it in half. Next, slice the onions. Add a small portion of sliced onions to the lentils. 

After that wash one bell pepper. Remove the seeds and rinse the bell pepper. Cut the bell pepper in half. Slice the bell peppers and add a small portion to the lentils. Yet, this is optional. 

Peel two cloves of garlic and use a garlic presser. Add the garlic to the lentils. Once again, the garlic is optional. Then, in one skillet, cook the sliced bell peppers with a little bit of water. Wait for the water to evaporate. 

After that in the same skillet, grill the other half of the sliced onions in olive oil. While that is cooking, separate the egg yolks from the white part of the eggs. Then, add the egg whites to the skillet and scramble everything with a little bit of olive oil. Turn off the stove and begin serving the egg whites and the lentils. Wash one avocado and slice it in half. 

Remove the avocado seed. Then remove the avocado peel. Next, slice the avocado. Add the avocado on the side of the egg whites and the lentils. Here are resources about Better Breakfast Month. 

Is Cream of Wheat Healthy-Livestrong:

Is Cream of Wheat Healthy? (livestrong.com)

Is Cream of Wheat Healthy-Healthline:

Is Cream of Wheat Healthy? (healthline.com)

10 Clean Eating Egg White Breakfast Recipes-Pure Wow:

10 Clean-Eating Egg-White Breakfast Recipes - PureWow

September is Better Breakfast Month:

September is Better Breakfast Month! - EAT FIT HEALTH

6 Tips for Better Breakfasts:

6 Tips for Better Breakfasts (eatright.org)

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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Fabric Ornament (National Sewing Month)

It is National Sewing Month! Fabric ornaments make a quick way to use up leftover fabric. You can make different fabric ornaments for birthdays and holidays. It makes an inexpensive way to decorate your home. Here is the tutorial for making this fabric ornament. 


Leftover fabric



Cotton or leftover fabric 


Lid from a jar 

Fabric pen or marker 



Begin by using the backside of the fabric to trace a circle. Use a lid from a jar to trace the circle onto the fabric with a pen. Cut the fabric with scissors. Sew the circle in half and leave an opening. Unfold the fabric and stuff it with leftover fabric or cotton. 

Next, continue sewing the circle and close it. After that cut a small piece of ribbon to sew on top of the fabric. Trim the remaining piece of the thread and ribbon. Last, sew a button on the bottom area of the ribbon. Here are resources for fabric ornaments and National Sewing Month. 

Christmas Ornaments to Sew-61 Simple Sewing Projects:

Christmas Ornaments to Sew | 61 Simple Sewing Projects

Best of National Sewing Month-30 Sewing Projects-Seams and Scissors:

Best of National Sewing Month: 30 Sewing Projects - Seams And Scissors

National Sewing Month: 


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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Clorox Laundry Sanitizer Review

Clorox Laundry Sanitizer is bleach-free. It is color-safe to use for your clothes, cotton lingerie, blankets, and towels. This laundry sanitizer has a floral soft scent that is not too overpowering. However, it can not be used on clothes made out of wool. Yet, this sanitizer makes all the clothes smell nice. 

You can use this sanitizer for your blue jeans and cotton blended fabrics with polyester. Also, this sanitizer makes your socks, undergarments, and towels look cleaner and odorless. Simply pour a small amount of this sanitizer into the rinse cycle of your washing machine. Do not mix this laundry sanitizer with other detergents. Here is the link for all of the Clorox products. 

Clorox Laundry Sanitizer: 


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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

How to Relax Before and After Surgery?

Relaxing before a surgical procedure is an anxious and nervous time no matter what the procedure is about. It might be difficult to relax especially without taking natural herbs. It is not recommended to take natural herbs before surgery because most herbs are blood thinners or it interacts with anesthesia. Therefore, learning to relax might be complicated at first. However, trying to relax will help you get some sleep before having your surgery. 

Not all relaxation techniques might work at first. Yet, by making an effort you will feel relaxed and think positively before your surgery. First, do breathing exercises and do some affirmations. For example, you can say, " My surgery will be successful." Another affirmation can be the following, " I will feel so much better after my surgery." 

Besides doing positive affirmations, do guided meditations a few days before surgery. It will help calm you before going to sleep. Read a book, color in an adult book, or simply watch something funny on television to keep your mind busy. Keep your mind busy with different thoughts other than surgery to prevent you from being afraid. Listen to music the night before surgery. 

Also, research your surgical procedure and health condition before the surgery. Always consult with your doctor before taking any herbs, fish oil, spices, or medications. If possible keep your meals simple such as cooking your meat or chicken in water. Add a salad, vegetables with iron, or plain lentils to your meat or chicken. Do not use garlic, turmeric, curry, ginger, mint, citrus fruits, pepper,  and other spices in your meals before surgery. 

Also, read all the ingredients and labels from your can food, frozen food, and broths. After surgery, you will feel a little bit more relaxed. Continue to do positive affirmations, walk, and do breathing exercises. Take things slowly and follow the instructions from your doctor, surgeon, and nurses. Here is a list of positive affirmations before and after surgery. 

1. My surgery will be successful. 

2. I will have a speedy recovery and will feel better. 

3. I am courageous and will get through this with flying colors. 

4. I'm brave and will feel great after surgery. 

5. My body and brain are in harmony. 

6. My body will heal and I will be beautiful. 

7. My body might have scars but it is gorgeous to me. 

8. I'm relaxed before surgery and will be relaxed after surgery. 

9. I am strong and I trust my surgeon. 

10. My surgeon will heal me and my body will repair itself as I recover back to health. 

You can write down your affirmations in a notebook a few days before surgery. Additionally, you can write down your affirmations after surgery. Nevertheless, these are just suggestions. If none of these techniques work, consult with your psychologist, surgeon, or doctor a few weeks before surgery. Here are some links to help you feel less anxious before surgery.  

Understanding and Dealing with a Fear of Surgery:


Positive Affirmations Before Surgery:


Audio Library- Surgery Prep and Recovery:


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Monday, September 13, 2021

3 Hand Embroidery Patterns for Autumn

Autumn is a beautiful and enchanting season. It is one of my favorite seasons for doing embroidery projects. When autumn arrives, it always reminds me of the changing leaves, pumpkins, and flowers. Therefore, today's embroidery tutorial comes with a free printable. The free printable has a mini pumpkin, leaf, and flower for embroidering your undergarments. 

However, you can use this printable to embroider other clothing items. If you are new to embroidery, you can practice doing needlepoint on undergarments. Also, you can practice your embroidery on a few scraps of leftover fabric. You can do your embroidery with the help of a stencil or a pattern.  Here is the tutorial for embroidering the mini leaf. 


Embroidery floss/thread

Embroidery needle



Fabric pen/marker

Printable Pattern by Sweetness Meditations

First, use one clean and washed underwear. Second, use different colors to embroider your mini leaf. Then, print out the printable pattern and cut the shapes with scissors. After that trace the mini leaf with a fabric pen onto the underwear. Next, insert one color of thread onto an embroidery needle. 

In this example, the brown thread was used to embroider the veins of the leaf. Then, the peach thread was used to embroider one part of the leaf. Continue embroidering the leaf with red thread. Last, yellow thread was used to embroider the other sides of the mini leaf. 

Turn the undergarment backward. Then, trim the leftover threads. Have fun embroidering your mini pumpkin, mini leaf, and mini flower. Here is a free printable pattern for making these autumn embroidery designs for your undergarments. This printable is free and for your personal use. 

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Sunday, September 12, 2021

National Preparedness Month


Courtesy Image from Ready

September has been declared National Preparedness Month. Recently, President Biden proclaimed September as National Preparedness Month due to the climate changes and natural disasters. It is important to always have a first aid kit in your home and in your automobile. You can fill up an old school backpack with a blanket, first aid kit, a copy of medical documents, an emergency contact list, and a teddy bear for your child. There are emergency kits that can be purchased online that can be used after an earthquake.

Courtesy Image from Ready

Also, keep a supply of flashlights with extra batteries instead of using your flashlight from your cell phone. Other necessary supplies that can be included in your backpack are gloves, whistle, a good pair of tennis shoes or a strong pair of weatherproof boots. Stocking up on water, can food, pet food, baby food, extra pair of clean clothes, and a can opener can be stored in an area in your home or in your automobile. Make sure you know all the exits from your home and have an emergency plan for evacuating your home. Always have a portable radio with extra batteries, crossword puzzles, or game boards to entertain the kids while you wait for the electricity to come back on after an earthquake.

Remain calm and keep the kids calm especially during aftershocks. Explain to your children what an earthquake is in their level of comprehension. Do practice earthquake drills once a month. Know the safest areas in your home. Here are more resources about National Preparedness Month. 

Earthquake Safety Tips-Save the Children:

Earthquake Safety Tips | Save the Children

The 8 Best Earthquake Kits of 2021:

The 8 Best Earthquake Kits of 2021 (thespruce.com)

Build a Kit-Ready Gov:

Build A Kit | Ready.gov

Preparing for an Earthquake-Natural Disasters and Severe Weather:

Preparing for an Earthquake | Natural Disasters and Severe Weather | CDC

* Courtesy Images from Ready

Friday, September 10, 2021

Color My World (Coloring Book Review)

Color My World adult coloring book only has sixteen coloring pages. Yet, it only has a coloring page on one side of the paper. The paper is a little bit thicker than other coloring pages. This coloring book has lots of flowers to color and in detail. After you are done coloring these flowers, you can frame your favorite coloring page. 

Also, you can fold the coloring page in half and make a card to mail to someone. This coloring book by Crown Jewlz can be purchased at your dollar store. You will spend hours or a few weeks coloring in this coloring book. After coloring in this book, you will feel relaxed. Here is a link to the Crown Jewlz products. 

Crown Jewlz:

CrownJewlz | Creative Designs in Gift, Seasonal, & Promotional Items

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Thursday, September 9, 2021

How to Give Support to Someone With Cancer?

When someone hears the word, cancer, it can be hard to find the right words and to show support to that person. Also, if you have never experienced cancer yourself or gone through that experience with someone; It can be difficult to know what to tell that person especially to motivate them. Before you speak to the person, ask yourself what you would tell yourself to encourage that person. Giving emotional support to the person is necessary for this stressful time. Offer to accompany them to their radiation, chemotherapy, or other treatments. 

If you are allowed to accompany them to their treatments, bring an adult coloring book and supplies to keep yourself busy while you wait. Make a care package such as books, magazines, socks, mugs, etc. Also, ask them questions if it is okay with them about speaking about cancer and treatments. Do not ask them too many personal questions. Listen to them and offer to help with the chores. 

If you can not be near them because of the pandemic, send them a virtual hug. Additionally, you can send them a text message to see how they are doing. Talk to them on the telephone about different topics other than their treatments. Send them a card In the mail or an e-mail.  Here are more resources about giving emotional support to someone who has cancer. 

Tips for Giving Emotional Support to Cancer Patients:

Tips for Giving Emotional Support to Cancer Patients (verywellhealth.com)

How to be a Friend to Someone with Cancer:

How to Be a Friend to Someone with Cancer

19 Ways to Help Someone with Cancer:

19 ways to help someone with cancer | MD Anderson Cancer Center

13 Good Things to Say to Someone with Cancer:

13 Good Things to Say to Someone with Cancer | CaringBridge

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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Clematis Coloring Bookmarks (Free)

Today, I have created three bookmarks inspired by the Clematis flower. Each flower and design was hand-drawn. Two bookmarks are wider than the other bookmark. There are blank areas for your phrases, quotes, words, or your name. These bookmarks are free and for your personal use. Have fun coloring these flowers. 

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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

DIY Word Embroidering for T-shirts

If you like graphics or word t-shirts, then this embroidery tutorial is for you. Embroidering words on several t-shirts will make your workout outfits more fun to wear. Also, you can wear your embroidered t-shirts while doing errands. No matter what the occasion is, a word or graphic t-shirt goes well with blue jeans, leggings, or shorts. Here is the tutorial for making this embroidered t-shirt. 


Embroidery thread/floss


Embroidery hoop

Sun Catcher Studio Stencil (optional) 

Cotton or Polyester T-shirt

Sharpie or fabric marker

Cardboard or an old book

Begin by making your word stencil on Sun Catcher Studio Stencil Maker. Type a word inside the form from the website. You can choose a color, font size, and space the letters before downloading the stencil.  Next, download your stencil. This is a free stencil maker. 

After that open a computer program such as a notepad or word to adjust the stencil. Then, print out the stencil and cut the stencil with scissors. Insert an old book or cardboard inside the t-shirt. Use one t-shirt, stencil, and a marker to trace the letters onto the t-shirt. The cardboard will prevent the sharpie marker from staining the back of the t-shirt. 

Wait a few minutes before removing the cardboard from the t-shirt. Insert an embroidery hoop inside the t-shirt. Next, insert embroidery thread inside the embroidery needle. Insert the embroidery thread with the needle inside the first letter. The first letter will take a few hours to embroider. 

After the first letter is embroidered, the rest of the letters will be easier to embroider. Pull the needle and thread slowly to prevent the thread from getting knots on the back of the t-shirt. Additionally, use a shorter length of thread to prevent knots. After the first two letters are embroidered, move the embroidery hoop to the other side of the t-shirt. Continue embroidering the last two letters of the t-shirt. 

Last, remove the embroidery hoop when all the letters are embroidered. Now, you can wear your hand embroidered t-shirt. This embroidery project will take three to five days to complete. Below is a link to the Sun Catcher Studio Stencil Maker. Have a great time embroidering. 

Sun Catcher Studio Stencil Maker: 

Font Generator (Cool Text & Lettering, Stencils, Calligraphy, Fancy Text) (suncatcherstudio.com)

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