Monday, August 29, 2022

Breathing Techniques to Calm Emotions

Learning different breathing techniques can help you remain calm when you cannot sleep. It helps you to stay calm when you are filled with too many emotions all at once. Breathing techniques are generally recommended in Behavioral services, counseling, and in therapy sessions to help you relax before a session. The Calm app, Headspace, and other relaxation apps include breathing for relaxation. Yet, you do not need to have an application downloaded on your cell phone to practice these breathing techniques.

One common breathing technique that is used for anxiety is the Box. Box breathing is done by counting to four. Imagine a box in your mind and begin breathing slowly. Count to four at a slow pace. Exhale after four seconds. Repeat this until you feel serene.

You can also draw a square on a piece of paper if you have trouble imagining your box in your mind. Make sure you have good posture before you practice box breathing. Another technique is the Breath Ratio Breathing. This breathing technique is used in Yoga which helps you to control your breathing for focus. All you must do is inhale and count to four.

But exhale for about five seconds. Some recommend exhaling after eight seconds. However, if you are a beginner in doing Breathe Ratio Breathing, it is best to exhale slowly or until you get comfortable in exhaling for a longer period. If you have breathing problems consult with your doctor. An easier breathing technique is the Lion's Breath. 

The Lion’s breath can be done in a comfortable yoga pose or in a chair. Make sure you have your hands on your knees or thighs. Then, inhale deeply through your nose. Open your mouth and stick you tongue out. This will stretch your face muscles.

After that exhale and make a “ha”. Next breathe normally. Repeat the Lion’s breath for five times. Finish doing the Lion’s breath by breathing deeply. Last you can do the Pursed Lip Breathing technique.

The Pursed Lip Breathing can be done lying down or sitting. Inhale through your nose for two seconds. Watch how your abdomen gets filled up with air. Then as if you are blowing a candle begin to exhale slowly. After that repeat the same steps for two seconds.

These are just a few examples of breathing techniques. There are many more breathing techniques which can be used to help you control your emotions. Knowing several different breathing techniques can help you with controlling physical pain and to help you relax quickly. Nonetheless, using cell phone apps for breathing techniques is still useful on your spare time. Below are links with more breathing techniques. 

How to Do Square Breathing-The 4X4 Box Method-The Joy Within:

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Breathing Exercises for Improving Your Mood-John Douillard's Life Spa: 

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9 Breathing Exercises to Relieve Anxiety-Very Well Mind:

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7 Stress-Relief Breathing Exercises for Calming Your Mind-Positive Psychology:

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Saturday, August 27, 2022

Name-Calling & Relationships

Name-calling occurs often in friendships, dating, or serious relationships. No matter what the reasons for this to continue in your relationship with someone, it should not be accepted. Sometimes women make the mistake of allowing men to call them, “Crazy”, “Tiny”, “Fatty”, or other words based on their appearances. This type of name calling can occur anytime in the friendship or the relationship. Yet, if a woman does not say anything to the man, the name-calling gets worse, and might end up abusing her verbally.

Men use this tactic to make the woman feel less than his equal and to feel tougher than her. No one wins during the arguments when name calling begins which makes it worse to repair the relationship. Even if there is no argument, the man might call her names in public so he can look good among his peers. Why do men continue name-calling women in their friendships or their relationships? One reason is due to the name-calling that he was exposed to throughout childhood.

Some boys see their fathers name calling to their mothers and feel that is the only way to express themselves. Yet, this type of thinking hurts women. Name-calling is considered emotional abuse because women begin believing the words that are said to them repeatedly. These types of men seek to have control over women by making them feel bad about themselves. Often women feel guilty for allowing them to call them names.

As a woman, tell your male friend, boyfriend, or your husband that you will not tolerate name-calling. Most of the time the name-calling is not against you, but it is the only method that he knows to express himself. Unexpressed anger, disappointments, rejections, fears, or other feelings he cannot say verbally. Depending on the situation, listen and be aware of his body language to see what he is communicating physically. If the name-calling persists, leave him alone for an hour or until he cools off.

Every man is different, difficult, and challenging to understand for a woman. Therefore, listen carefully and talk to him with kindness. If for any reason he does not want to be in the relationship with you, know that it is not your fault. It is so easy for a woman to blame themselves for being with a man who does name-calling. Here are more resources about name-calling. 

When Your Partner Accuses You of Being Crazy-Psychology Today: 

When Your Partner Accuses You of Being “Crazy" | Psychology Today

Don't Let A Guy Convince You You're

Don't Let A Guy Convince You You’re “Crazy" (

How Name Calling Damages Your Relationship-The Good Men Project:

How Name-Calling Damages Your Relationship - The Good Men Project

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Friday, August 26, 2022

Back-to-School Month in August

Since the entire month is considered Back to School Month, here are tips for high school and college students. Going back to school requires responsibility, self-discipline,  and lots of focus. Usually, in the first year, there might be bullying, rumoring, and lots of peer pressure.  However, these things might make it difficult to focus. Therefore,  avoid being with these groups of people in High school.  

Do make friends in your first year of high school or college. Be careful in selecting your friends and dating partner. Be yourself and do not imitate your friends.  Discuss the assignments but never copy from each other.  Study in a group and motivate each other.  

Make time to go to sleep early. Have your clothes ready before you go to school or college. If you have to make a schedule, make sure to follow it. Making new habits for studying, sleeping, and eating will help you socialize with your friends. Try to sleep early on the weekends too so you can be less sleepy on Mondays. 

Be cautious of your surroundings. If you have to take a bus, carpool, share rides, or take a taxi service make sure you get on the correct vehicle. Do not travel by yourself if you walk home. Have a friend, sibling, or an adult you can trust when walking to school or your home. Check-in with your parents or another relative about where you are going. 

If you are attending after-school activities, parties, or other events do not engage in alcohol. Consuming alcohol at an early age makes you lose your ability to think clearly. Resist the attraction to drinking alcohol and taking drugs. Do not be forced to do something that makes you feel guilty afterward. Additionally, engaging in casual hookups leads to dangerous consequences. 

Be aware of anything suspicious in your school or college. Report anything that looks unusual such as an unattended backpack, thermos, or other items. Practice good hygiene by washing your hands or using hand sanitizers. If you feel comfortable wearing a face mask do wear one. Follow your school or college guidelines for Covid-19 and other viruses. 

Remain calm and talk to your professors about the homework, extra credit, or what to study for the tests. If you are taking night classes, use the buddy system to go to the restroom and the classroom. Enjoy your school and college activities. Make sure you can handle homework and your job at the same time. Below are more links for back-to-school tips. 

12 Back to High School Tips for a Successful Start-Love to Know: 

12 Back to High School Tips for a Successful Start | LoveToKnow

Back to School Tips for College Students-School Habits:

Back-to-school tips for college students - SchoolHabits

5 Essential Back to School Tips for Parents of High School Students:

5 Essential Back to School Tips for Parents of High School Students (

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Thursday, August 25, 2022

The Mental Health Effects of the Pandemic

A major effect of the pandemic has generated more stigma toward mental health issues. More people have felt shame and fear throughout these three years of the pandemic. Also, the frustration in admitting that they need support for their mental health and emotional wellness. Isolation fatigue has been a major concern in families, businesses, and the entire society. On a personal level, being isolated from the world has made many people act differently and with more ignorance.

In the past three years, there has been an increase of people who have been irritated, rude, and no longer use the manners taught in their childhood. It has been three difficult years for some people, especially in the medical field and businesses. Many people have been feeling tired, depressed, and with anxieties about the future. I feel the pandemic has changed everyone’s perspective about life, society, and what was once important to them. What is exactly isolation fatigue?

Isolation fatigue may seem complicated for some people to understand. However, this term refers to having impatience with being outside. The brain feels restless and cannot control the new change the pandemic has made. Therefore, being isolated has made many people to be distressed emotionally. The more isolated, the more depression takes over the brain with other side effects.

The side effects range from hallucinations to changes in sleep, and behavioral problems. The pandemic made more people do hoarding, misuse alcohol, and be addicted to porn and other substances. Yet there is hope for a better future for the next generations if society must live with Covid-19 and other future viruses. There are ways to manage the fatigue that isolation has produced mentally and physically. Additionally, there are resources to cope with isolation fatigue and other mental health problems.

The key is to find the resources quickly and efficiently to help everyone who needs it. Isolation fatigue causes the loss of feeling motivated. It also causes changes in mood, behavior, and daily activities. It affects children and adults in the form of communication. Therefore, if you notice any changes in sleep, eating, and other changes; seek professional counseling or behavioral services.  

Isolation fatigue should be a topic that needs to be addressed in the work field and the academic field. People should not stay silent about struggling with mental health problems. It should not be discussed in a toxic manner. Instead, people who are dealing with mental health issues should feel safe in their work, university, and in society. Below are more resources about isolation fatigue and a link to an infographic. 


6 Ways to Beat Social Isolation Fatigue-6 Minute Read-Power of Positivity:

6 Ways To Beat Social Isolation Fatigue | 6 Minute Read (

The Psychology of Isolation Fatigue: 

Covid Fatigue and Burnout-How to Cope-Healthline:

COVID Fatigue and Burnout: How to Cope (

10 Signs You Have Pandemic Fatigue and How to Cope-Psychology Today: 

10 Signs You Have Pandemic Fatigue and How to Cope | Psychology Today

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Sunday, August 21, 2022

DIY Butterfly Embroidery on Pockets


Embroidering pockets can be somewhat tricky. To embroider on pockets you have to make sure the fabric leaves plenty of space for your fingers. Also, make sure the fabric stretches a little bit while you do your embroidery. Today's embroidery tutorial is a basic butterfly embroidered on a pocket of biker shorts. Here is the tutorial. 


1 color of embroidery thread/floss

Embroidery needle


Biker shorts with pockets 

Stencil (optional) 

Fabric marker (optional) 


Regular needle 


Wash one pair of biker shorts. Let it air dry. Then insert embroidery thread onto the embroidery needle. Use a fabric marker and a stencil to make the shape of the butterfly. After that insert the embroidery needle into the pocket.

Follow the shape of the butterfly while making the loops with the thread. Continue adding the thread until you can see the butterfly in the fabric. Trim the excess thread with scissors. Next, sew sequins inside the butterfly. Then, embroider the antennas of the butterfly. 

Trim the leftover threads with scissors. Repeat the same steps for the second pocket of the shorts. Now you can wear your embroidered biker shorts. Make sure you can fit your items inside the pockets. Have fun embroidering on pockets. 

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Friday, August 19, 2022

Domestic Violence Prevention for Teens


Dating in your teenage years is so thrilling, fun, and a good way to learn social skills. It is a time to learn what you want from the relationship and to learn more about your boyfriend or girlfriend. Moreover, it gives you a chance to feel new emotions that arise from the relationship. However, there might be times when the relationship gets too negative and unhealthy. Domestic violence can occur at seventeen or before turning seventeen years old.  

Most of the time, the warning signs are presented throughout the relationship. But the signs are ignored out of fear of losing your boyfriend or girlfriend. For example, you are going out with your boyfriend, and all of a sudden, he yells at you while driving. Still, you remain quiet out of uncertainty. Another example of domestic violence is being at a party and your girlfriend is demanding and possessive. 

When these things occur, it is best to end the unhealthy relationship. If the relationship does not end it gets worse. One out of three teenagers are abused physically, and emotionally, and experience sex with violence. But this is one form of domestic violence among teenagers. Other times, teenagers experience domestic violence in their homes.  

Domestic violence may be prevented by knowing the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships. As well as knowing the warning signs of an aggressive boyfriend or girlfriend. Be aware of your boyfriend and girlfriend's body language. Observe their attitude and their actions. If their attitude does not match their actions, then stay away from that negativity. 

Bring awareness of domestic violence in your community by wearing purple. If your school offers a Domestic Violence Prevention Program, do attend their sessions. Additionally, if you have been abused verbally and physically contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline.  You can chat, text message, or call to speak to someone who can help you with resources. Discuss your worries and concerns with your parents about your boyfriend or girlfriend. 

It is painful to break a relationship but it is more painful to get abused by someone that you know. If you experience domestic violence while dating, seek help from an adult you can trust. Get out of that abusive relationship and stay away from that person. End your communication with that person. Below are links to more information regarding domestic violence for teens. 

Dating Violence Prevention-Youth:

Dating Violence Prevention |

Domestic Violence Awareness:

The Cycle of Teen Domestic Violence-Very Well Family:

Hotline for Domestic Violence:

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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Tarragon Chicken

Tarragon is a great spice to have in your spice rack. If you have never tried Tarragon, you will like the distinctive flavor and aroma that it makes while you are cooking your meals. It is often compared to oregano, thyme, and anise. Although, this spice tastes differently than oregano, thyme, and anise; Tarragon tasted a little bit like peppermint to me without the mint taste. Adding this spice to your poultry, meats, soups, and sauces will make your meals feel satisfying to your taste buds.

Also, this spice is beneficial for improving your health by regulating your sleep and sugar. Even though there is not enough evidence that this spice adjusts your sleep, it does make you feel calm after eating your meal with this spice. It is recommended not to eat meals with Tarragon if you are going to have surgery, are pregnant, or have a bleeding disorder. Yet, this spice may help reduce stress and inflammation. Here is the recipe for making this Tarragon chicken. 


1 packet of chicken tenderloins

1/2 of white or yellow onions 

1 Lemon 



Lemon and pepper

Tajin with chile and lime 


Preparation and Cooking Time: 

In one skillet, add sliced onions with water. Next, add the spices to the chicken tenderloins. Then add lemon juice to everything in the skillet.  Let it cook for about fourteen minutes or until it is soft on every side. While it is cooking, you can make sweet potatoes, French green beans, or any other vegetables. 

Once the vegetables are fully cooked, you can serve the chicken tenderloins. This meal serves two or four people. You can also microwave or make cauliflower rice for this meal. Before adding a new spice to your meals, consult with your doctor. Below are links about using Tarragon in your meals. 

Tarragon-Overview, Uses, Side Effects, Precautions, Interactions, Dosing, and Reviews: 

TARRAGON: Overview, Uses, Side Effects, Precautions, Interactions, Dosing and Reviews (

8 Surprising Benefits and Uses of Tarragon-Healthline:

8 Surprising Benefits and Uses of Tarragon (

9 Proven Benefits and Uses of Tarragon:

9 Proven Benefits of Tarragon - Healthy Focus

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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

5 Reasons for Infidelity

Infidelity is the most difficult decision a person can make. Also, infidelity is so tough to forgive if you want to stay in the relationship. From a woman's perspective, infidelity makes a woman feel useless and lose their spouse's trust. However, from a man's perspective, infidelity makes him feel less attractive, less of a man, and might feel disgusted if his wife is unfaithful. A man has a difficult time expressing his feelings. 

When a person is unfaithful it creates twice as many problems for the couple. Yet there are warning signs that may make a person leave their spouse temporarily within the relationship. A person might have addictions to pornography, alcohol, or another stimulant to satisfy their needs. Other times a person might have an unfulfilled desire to be with someone who has known them for years. Yet a person will cheat if the person continues their relationship with someone without making boundaries. 

Furthermore, a person's childhood traumatic experiences might awaken during his or her marriage. It might be in his or her subconscious without realizing that the past experiences are damaging their relationship. However, this can be solved with individual and couple counseling. In this case, the spouse has to be patient and supportive. Last, family counseling is also suggested. 

Regardless of childhood traumas, a person may be unfaithful if there is no communication with their partner. The lack of emotional and physical connection with their spouse is one of the main reasons for cheating. Another reason is comparing their relationships with other married couples. Sometimes a person might believe that being unfaithful will improve their marriage. But this is not a favorable resolution for the relationship. 

If there are problems in the relationship, communicate them with your spouse. Do not be unfaithful to them. Instead, be honest and have a conversation calmly. Seek professional counseling services to repair the relationship. Below are links about infidelity. 

Mystic Magazine-Men and Women Cheat More-Infidelity and Statistics:

Men and Women Cheat More-Infidelity and Statistics

4 Reasons Why Infidelity Happens Even in Happy Relationships-Psychology Today:

4 Reasons Why Infidelity Happens Even in Happy Relationships | Psychology Today

Infidelity-Psychology Today:

Infidelity | Psychology Today

15 Most Common Causes of Infidelity in Relationships-Marriage:

15 Most Common Causes of Infidelity in Relationships (

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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Blogging Tips for Beginners

Blogging can be an incredible experience especially if you like to write. Even if you do not feel like writing every day, having a blog improves your writing skills. Also if you enjoy sharing ideas, you will be able to do that through a blog. As a blogger, you will be able to write about topics you are interested in. Frequently you might receive e-mails, direct messages, or comments from your blog followers. 

As a beginner in blogging, you might feel stressed out about your blog content. Therefore, you must research the topics you want to write about. Often your blog readers will give you an idea about what to write about next on your blog. Other times you may have to figure out what to write about on your own. Depending on the main topics for your blog, you may find yourself comparing your blog to other blogs. 

Sometimes you might get stuck on how to express yourself through your writing. Begin by making a list of topics you want to write about for your blog. Some bloggers use planners to plan their topics for the month. Other bloggers use writing prompts. Nevertheless, here are tips for writing in your blog. 

1. Write about things you may know about or have done plenty of research on. 

2. Do not use too much higher-level vocabulary especially if you do not understand the meaning of the words. 

3. Write the way you would speak to someone on a bus, in a car, or with a friend. 

4. It is a good idea to use a blog planner, writing prompts, or a monthly list of topics. 

5. Read out loud what you wrote to see what it will sound like to your readers. 

6. Do check your direct messages and e-mails often especially if you accept guest posts in your blog. 

7. Take breaks from writing but do not neglect your blog. 

8. Find time to write even during your busy work and family schedule. 

9. Write your blog topics on paper and pen before typing them in your blog.

10. Always keep a copy of your blog posts. 

Doing these things make it easier for you to write blog posts. The main objective is to write continually without comparing your blog to other blogs. Keep a positive mindset when writing. Ignore negative messages, comments, or any negative thoughts when you are writing. Do not give up. 

Writing is an important skill to learn which gets better over time. Sometimes being a blogger brings job opportunities. More businesses are using blogs in addition to their websites. Whatever your reasons are for blogging, be patient with yourself and write for your readers. Here are more resources about blogging successfully.  

10 Reasons You Should Start Blogging-Huff Post Small Business:

10 Reasons You Should Start Blogging | HuffPost Small Business

7 Tips for Writing that Great Blog Post, Every Time-Huff Post Impact:

7 Tips for Writing that Great Blog Post, Every Time | HuffPost Impact

How to Become a Successful Blogger-A 17-Step Guide-Susan Velez:

How to Become A Successful Blogger: A 17-Step Guide (

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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Dyslexia Tips for Students & Parents

Dyslexia is a common learning disorder that is usually diagnosed in school or college.  It is discouraging for a student to understand what Dyslexia is all about.  As a parent, it is baffling to understand your child's learning disorder. Dyslexia does not prevent someone from graduating from school and college.  It does not affect intelligence, creativity,  or doing household chores. 

However, reading and doing mathematics might seem boring. Additionally, it gets complicated to learn without learning strategies. Yet having organization, enough sleep,  and eating healthy helps with the learning process.  Furthermore, a student needs extra time to relax and to carefully read the instructions to do the homework. Do not rush the student because he or she will get more frustrated.  

Therefore, it is good to have notebooks, binders, folders, and everything labeled before doing homework. Make sure the desk area is not cluttered. Only take out the necessary items for doing the homework. Write your essays with a pencil and paper before typing them. Here is a list of items to keep in mind. 

1. Write your essays on paper without worrying about your grammar, spelling, and spaces between the words. 

2. Take advantage of using a grammar app such as Grammarly or Microsoft Office grammar check in Word. 

3. If you have Microsoft Word, you can use a reading feature where Word will read what you typed out loud. 

4. Listening to what you typed will help you catch some grammar mistakes. 

5. If your school or college offers a writing tutor, you can learn a little bit more about grammar and proofreading skills. 

6. Do not feel ashamed for having dyslexia. 

7. Always have a dictionary and use a spell checker when you are typing your homework in Microsoft Word. 

8. If you are having problems writing your numbers by hand, write your numbers on a separate sheet of paper to practice writing them. 

9. Take short breaks between homework assignments. 

10. If you have problems studying with too much noise, find a quiet room to study. 

11. Make a study schedule so you can get enough sleep before your presentations, tests, or other projects. 

12. Eat healthily and stay hydrated before taking a test and before doing a presentation in front of the entire class. 

Work on your hobbies, exercise, and self-care tips during your homework breaks at home. If you are a parent, remain patient with your child. Having dyslexia does not prevent your child from socializing, doing extracurricular activities, and living a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, a child with dyslexia can easily learn a new language, play a musical instrument, and can excel in the arts. Parents need to be informed about the different ways their children can learn. 

If your child is in elementary school or High School, speak to their teachers about tutoring and about studying skills for dyslexia. Do not get offended if they say your child is a slow learner, writes messy, or any other comment that might seem insensitive. Instead, help your child to write at a moderate pace. Read with your child. Check their homework and ask them what they understand from the assignments. 

Show your support and celebrate their successes in school. Dyslexia makes a person learn things differently. Every word and every number is mentally processed at a slower pace but he or she does understand everything. If you correct your child's grammar, spelling, and homework; Make sure they do not get offended. Explain to them that having dyslexia does not make them feel dumb. 

It only means that they learn certain things differently. Work as a team and your child will be able to do his or her homework by themselves. By the time they are in college, they will have the necessary skills to study better. A dyslexic student in college can still get a tutor for mathematics and English. Here are links to more study tips for dyslexia.  

Tips for Studying with Dyslexia-The Dyslexia Resource: 

Tips for Studying with Dyslexia - The Dyslexia Resource

7 Study Tips for Grade-Schoolers with Dyslexia-Understood:

7 Study Tips for Grade-Schoolers With Dyslexia | Understood

6 Essential Tips for Writing for Students with Dyslexia and ADHD in College-LDRFA:

6 Essential tips for writing for students with dyslexia and ADHD in college - LDRFA

Dyslexia and Parenting-Helping Your Child, Health Tools, and Ongoing Concerns:

Dyslexia and Parenting - Helping Your Child, Health Tools, and Ongoing Concerns (

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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Garbanzo Soup


Garbanzos are beneficial for your skeletal and cardiovascular systems. Consuming garbanzos can help you control your diabetes and cholesterol. Also, it is good for your digestive system. It has B vitamins, magnesium, and zinc. Additionally, it has protein and may help with weight loss. 

It has iron, potassium, and fiber. Garbanzos or also known as chickpeas are used to make hummus. If you want to incorporate garbanzos in your meals, you can make hummus, soups, or lettuce wraps. Garbanzos can also be added to salads. Here is the recipe for making this easy garbanzo soup. 


1 or 2 cans of Garbanzos

1 or 2  bell peppers 

1 onion

1 celery stalk

Garlic cloves (optional)

Turmeric powder

Curry powder

Ginger powder

1 or 2 chicken bouillon or chicken broth



Swiss Cheese 


In one pot, add sliced onions, sliced bell peppers, and sliced celery. Open one can of garbanzos and rinse it. Then, add water with chicken bouillon or chicken broth. Next, add turmeric, curry, garlic, and ginger. Stir everything for a few minutes. 

Wait until the celery and bell peppers are soft and tender. Add toasted bread or make a  swiss grilled cheese sandwich. Serve the soup and the swiss grilled cheese sandwich.  This soup serves two or four people. Here are links about the healthy benefits of garbanzos. 

Health Benefits of Chickpeas:

Healthy Benefits of Garbanzos:

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Friday, August 12, 2022

International Peace Month (August 2022)


In 1926 International Peace Month was declared. You can briefly explain to your children about conflicts, war, and peace. This month, you can read history books with your family about wars. Depending on your child's age, you can read stories about the lives of soldiers and World War I. Calmly discuss with them the current wars and wars from the past. 

Donate to charities that support veterans. Visit cemeteries and place flowers on the fallen soldiers' grave sites. Additionally plant a tree, a new flower, or a new plant. Read biographies and history books about leaders who promoted peace. The entire month of August can be used to bring awareness of the consequences of war and the hope for world peace. 

Ring a bell for a few minutes in silence. If the bell is too loud, use a battery-operated candle and have it lit for one hour. Read peace quotes to yourself or with your family. Watch less news on tv if it makes you and your family anxious. Last, wear a dove pin, peace symbol pin, or a white ribbon to bring awareness to International Peace month. 

Children must be informed, educated, and know the symbols of peace. Spend one or two days learning about the symbols of peace. Make paper doves, paper flowers, or peace jewelry with your children. Furthermore, make sure your child stays calm and ask them if they have questions. Here are links about International Peace Month. 

6 Ways to Celebrate Peace:

August Month-Celebrate Peace:

How to Talk to Your Children about Conflict and War:

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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

How to do Yoga with Music?


Yoga can be practiced in silence or with music in the background. If you are starting to do yoga for the first time, you can softly play music while you do the poses. Select instrumental music, nature sounds, or music for one instrument. Play the music at a low volume while you do your poses standing up. Then stop the music when you do your poses on the floor. 

After that play music again when you are doing yoga poses on a chair. Once you can sit in silence, you will find it easier to do yoga without music. However, if you can not sit still for ten minutes, you might enjoy listening to nature sounds. Close your eyes as you listen to birds chirping, rain, or waterfall sounds. Before you do yoga poses, make a playlist on YouTube. 

If you prefer classical music, you can choose compositions for one or two instruments. You can play compositions with a harp, flute, or drums. No matter what type of soft and slow music you choose, make sure you can listen to it for ten minutes or more. It is fundamental for you to feel comfortable, relaxed, and awake when doing yoga with music. Below are links about doing yoga with music. 

10 Perfect Songs for Your Next Yoga Playlist-Yogi Approved:

10 Perfect Songs For Your Next Yoga Playlist |

Music During Your Yoga Practice-Do or Don't-Momoyoga:

Music During Your Yoga Practice: Do or Don’t? - Momoyoga

Best Yoga Music-How to Have a Great Yoga Session-Nature Sound Retreat:

Best Yoga Music: How To Have A Great Yoga Session (

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Monday, August 8, 2022

Afternoon Tea Week

During the week of August 8 through August 14, you can celebrate the tradition of afternoon tea. Afternoon tea began in about 1840 when the Duchess of Bedford wanted a snack with tea around 4:00 PM. The Duchess of Bedford was a friend of Queen Victoria.  The traditional afternoon tea or also known as "High Tea" continues today. All you will need is a tea set, tea, and snacks to make your afternoon tea tradition. 

Generally, the tea is served hot with a few sweet desserts. However, due to the hot summer weather, I made ice tea with a mini vegetable sandwich. All you will need is instant tea, vegetables, and bread. Do not forget to have lemon slices and ice cubes for the tea.  Here is the recipe.  


1 tomato

1 cucumber 

1 lemon


Mayonnaise or ranch dressing

Pepper and salt

Ice cubes

Instant tea and water


Wash and peel one cucumber. Slice the cucumber. Toast bread in the toaster. Wash and slice one tomato. Then remove the bread from the toaster. 

Next, spread mayonnaise or a little bit of ranch dressing onto the toasted bread. I used sourdough bread. Add the slices of tomato and cucumber to the toasted bread. You can use pepper and salt on the cucumbers and tomatoes. This recipe serves two people. 

In one pitcher, add water and ice cubes. Follow the instructions for the instant tea. Then slice one lemon and add lemon slices. After that serve the vegetable sandwiches with the ice tea. Here are more resources about Afternoon Tea Week. 

National Afternoon Tea Week-Time 4 Tea:

National Afternoon Tea Week - Time 4 Tea

Easy Afternoon Tea Tips for Your Next Tea-31 Daily:

Easy Afternoon Tea Tips For Your Next Tea - 31 Daily

How to Throw an Afternoon Tea Party-BBC Good Food:

How to throw an afternoon tea party | BBC Good Food


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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Music Therapy & Mental Health

Music therapy may be helpful for mental health. Listening to your music selections will calm your nervous system. It also changes your mood. You can find a certified music therapist for anxiety, depression, and other issues. Do not expect to see quick results when doing music therapy. 

There are many ways that music therapy is done such as listening to music according to your mood. Listening to a sad song and then quickly changing it to a happier energetic song. Another way is by writing your song to express your deep feelings. Then assess what the words mean and how it makes you feel. Playing a musical instrument such as the triangle, bells, rain sticks, tambourine, or other instruments also relaxes your nervous system. 

It will take several weeks for you to see an improvement in your mood your sleep, and your nervous system. Additionally, music therapy helps your immune system. Music therapy does not take the place of medications. Instead, it is a complementary health approach. Next time you make your customized playlist online, include a variety of music with lyrics and instrumental music. 

Listen to your selected music and see how it makes you feel. Does it make you feel sad, angry, or at peace? If the music makes you want to dance, then let your body move with the song. Additionally, if you feel like writing or drawing, then let your mind be creative. Practice meditation or mindfulness when you are choosing your music. 

Certain music can be encouraging, motivational, and peaceful. Be mindful in selecting your music and make sure it makes you feel optimistic. Listen to music for thirty minutes or one hour. Do not overstimulate your brain.  Below are links to more information on music therapy.   

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Thursday, August 4, 2022

American Artist Appreciation Month (August 2022)

Are you looking for ways to spend the last days of Summer? You can celebrate American Artist Appreciation Month. You can read about American painters such as Andy Warhol who was a pop artist who made a series of paintings of Marilyn Monroe. He also painted soup cans. His paintings have psychedelic colors and were made using various techniques to create his artworks.

Another painter was Jean-Michel Basquiat who was part of the Neo-expressionism movement. The Neo-Expressionism art movement began in the late 1970s and became popular for its use in making figures of the human body. They also combined mythology and emotions which were expressed in their paintings. Jean-Michel Basquiat worked with Andy Warhol. He sold his artworks in postcards and sweatshirts.

If you like floral paintings, then you will enjoy seeing Georgia O’ Keeffe’s paintings. She was an American Modernist artist who painted landscapes about New Mexico. Also, she painted large flowers and made abstract art with oil paint on canvases. Nonetheless, you can celebrate American Artist Appreciation Month by visiting museums and purchasing artworks from local artists. Below are links to see more artworks from these artists. 

Andy Warhol-The Andy Warhol Museum:

Jean Michel Basquiat-Art, Death, and Paintings-Biography:

Georgia O' Keeffe-Paintings, Quotes, and Facts-Biography:

The Georgia O' Keeffe Museum:


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