Saturday, June 23, 2018

Five Easy Yoga Poses for Balance

If you are doing Yoga for the first time, it is recommended to start at a slow pace and to take deep breaths. The hardest part in doing Yoga is choosing from different Yoga poses. It can get overwhelming, especially if you are new in practicing Yoga. One of my favorite Yoga poses is the Tree pose. It is my favorite because it helps with your balance and it helps to keep your mind centered.

Another Yoga pose is the Plank pose. The Plank pose helps with your balance and helps in building up strength in your muscles. It improves your posture too. While the Warrior one pose strengthens your legs and keeps you focused, the Plank pose strengthens your arms. Other Yoga poses that help with your balance is the Mountain Pose and the Chair pose.

The Mountain pose helps with your posture. It is one of the basic poses for starting Yoga. Usually, the Mountain pose is used as a resting pose and it helps you transition to other poses. The Chair pose is a good pose for strengthening some of your muscles including your heart rate. It can be a challenge and it can be fun to learn these few Yoga poses. It is recommended to consult with your doctor before you start Yoga or any other exercise routine. 

Here are a few resources in how to do these Yoga poses:

Monday, June 4, 2018

Meditating with Tea

Meditating with tea can take fifteen minutes or thirty minutes a day and it will clear your mind from any negative thought. Some people meditate with tea in the mornings because it will awaken your senses. It will give you a fresh start to your day. However, you can meditate with tea anytime of the day to release tension and to calm your nerves. There are a variety of teas to choose from and these teas have many purposes.

One of my favorite teas is Chamomile tea which aids in digestion, helps with anxiety, and reduces pain. Another favorite is Jasmine tea which helps with the immune system, digestion, and with chronic pain. Other favorites are Chai tea, Peppermint tea, and Cinnamon Spice Black tea.  No matter what tea you choose, make sure you read the instructions for brewing and making your tea. After you have made your tea, you can give thanks and sip your tea slowly. Last, give thanks again when you have finished drinking your tea. You will feel more at peace, relaxed, and ready to tackle any project or any work duty you must do.

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