Sunday, October 31, 2021

Free Wellness Journal Pages


It is essential to have an emotional wellness journal for your mental health. Writing down your emotions on a journal will help you to feel less stress. It might help you in making decisions. Also, an emotional wellness journal is a useful tool to help you eat better and to overcome an emotional eating disorder. Having an emotional wellness journal helps you keep track of what is bothering you.

Since today is the last day of Emotional Wellness Month, I have created three journal pages with different faces that show their emotions. You can color one face per day and write down how you are feeling. Each journal page is free and for your personal use. All three wellness journal pages have different emojis and blank lines to write about your feelings. Below are links to resources about emotional health and the free wellness journal pages I have created. 

What is Emotional Wellness:

APA Organization:

Intermountain Healthcare Organization:,and%20emphasize%20important%20patterns%20and%20growth%20in%20life.

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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Three Types of Fears in Relationships

There are approximately more than one hundred types of fears. Yet, there are three types of fears that might occur in a relationship. One of them is Philophobia. Philophobia is being afraid of falling in love. This might occur through a traumatic event, being abandoned as a child, and genetics.

Also, having philophobia makes it difficult to get closer to your partner. You might be afraid of getting hurt, getting rejected, and might feel foolish. Additionally, you will be more distant from your partner.  However, your partner might not understand philophobia. This type of fear causes anxiety, panic attacks, and avoidance. 

Another type of fear is called Autophobia. Autophobia is being afraid of being alone. This type of fear is intense which causes panic attacks, anxiety, and too much worry. It is different than feeling loneliness. Therefore, having autophobia might cause substance abuse or alcohol abuse. 

Last, the third type of fear is gamophobia. Gamophobia is fear of commitment or fear of marriage. It might be caused by having a bad experience in a past relationship or having doubts. Sweating, anxiety, and panic attacks are caused by this fear. Additionally, you might feel you might be missing opportunities to meet another person. 

Nonetheless, having phobias in relationships is common. All three phobias need to be treated professionally. If left untreated, the symptoms will get worse. Therefore, finding a psychologist, a therapist, or contacting NAMI will help you overcome your fears. Here are links to these three phobias. 

Identifying and managing Abandonment Issues:


What is Philophobia:,people%20feel%20isolated%20and%20unloved.


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Friday, October 29, 2021

How to do an Emotional Wellness Routine?

Doing an emotional wellness routine is not difficult to do. What makes it a challenge is finding time to do something for yourself. Also, controlling your emotions takes time and patience. Finding the right activities for certain emotions will take effort. You might want to take personal notes to see what works for you. 

Expressing your emotions might not be easy to do. If you have experienced a traumatic experience, you might want to express your emotions through art or writing. However, if you experienced too much negativity, you might want to play a fun game. Before you begin an activity, consider the type of emotion you are feeling. If you are feeling anger, you might want to write it and rip the paper.

Once you know what emotion occurs the most during stress, you can write a schedule for your wellness routine. Every few days, you can change your wellness schedule to prevent boredom. After that you can reflect on your day and give thanks. You can start your wellness schedule by making a routine for the morning, the afternoon, the evening, and before going to sleep. Here is a sample schedule to help you make your wellness routine.


  1. In the morning do stretches.
  2. Do mindfulness when you brush your teeth.
  3. Read or write positive affirmations to have a good day at work.
  4. Do mindfulness during your lunch work break.
  5. Write a gratitude list or three things you are thankful for in your journal.
  6. Exercise, watch television, or listen to music when you get home.
  7. Work on your favorite hobbies before making your dinner.
  8. Practice mindfulness during your dinner.
  9. Organize, clean, or work on a small area on your home to declutter.
  10. Write in your journal before going to sleep.
  11. Take a walk to help you relax.
  12. Watch comedy shows on television and not the news.
  13. Get enough sleep before going back to work.

Practice self-care in your emotional wellness routine. Join a support group, download a wellness app, or talk to someone you can trust about your emotions. Eliminate or lessen your caffeine and sugar intake. Do add healthier meals, exercise, or learn new skills to help you relax. Here are links about emotional wellness. 


5 Emotional Wellness Activities that can Change Your Life-Healthy Place:

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15 Simple Ways to Boost Your Emotional Health:

15 Simple Ways to Boost Your Emotional Health (

How to Prioritize Your Emotional Wellness When You're So Busy You Can't Even: 

How To Prioritize Your Emotional Wellness When You're So Busy You Can't Even (

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Thursday, October 28, 2021

How to Deal with Infidelity?


Infidelity is a difficult subject to discuss with your partner or with anyone in the family. Cheating while being inside a relationship is hard to understand. There might be multiple reasons why someone would be unfaithful. Yet, infidelity is hard to accept, admit, and deal with it. Once someone has been unfaithful, there are trust issues. 

Also, the communication might be less at first. Remain calm and listen to your partner. Limit the details of the affair if needed. Often too many details at once might make your partner get angry. Additionally, jealousy might arise. 

Prepare yourself by learning why someone would cheat in relationships. Keep an open mind when you listen to your partner. Furthermore, control your emotions. Do not make a quick decision on leaving your partner. Stay calm and accept that it is not your fault. 

Seek couple counseling before you decide on leaving your partner. Sometimes, married couples could overcome infidelity especially if it occurred one time. However, in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, it might be tough to stay in the relationship. It takes a long time to accept and forgive the person who cheated. Through counseling, you will be able to understand emotional cheating, physical cheating, mental cheating, and digital cheating. 

There are seven affairs a person can do to cheat in their relationship. Each way must be managed through professional counseling if you want to stay in the relationship. No matter how hurt you are from the cheating, take time to heal emotionally. Do not be intimate right away with your partner. Instead, do medical tests for sexually transmitted diseases. 

Additionally, get your partner to be medically evaluated for sexually transmitted diseases. Be truthful with yourself. Let yourself be quiet with your thoughts. Do not let your self-esteem get damaged. Here is a list of ways a person can cheat in his marriage or his relationships.

  • Hides spending habits in the marriage.
  • Coming home late without communicating with their partner and spend time on the cell phone.
  • Spends too much time online with someone and is obsessed with porn. 
  • Has an affair with someone at work, a friend, or someone you may know.
  • Has secret conversations, has sexual fantasies, and thoughts to be with someone. 
  • Not being available for their spouse and being with the other person for longer periods.
  • One nightstand with someone. 
  • Lives one week with his wife and another week with the other woman.
  • Your partner is distracted and does not pay attention to you or your children.
  • Your partner might change his cologne, his clothes, and his shoes.

Nevertheless, a person who cheats will delete his recent list of calls, text messages, and e-mails. He or she might be too overprotective of their cell phone and electronics. Furthermore, the person who does the cheating might not admit it at first about the affair. As a woman, it is best not to cause an argument when confronting your partner about the infidelity. Do not argue in front of your children.

Moreover, it is better to do individual counseling besides doing couple counseling. More men cheat than women. Infidelity may be prevented by having trust, excellent communication, and show your affection. Nonetheless, do not be unfaithful if your partner cheats on you. Here are links about infidelity and how to deal with infidelity. 

Why Men Cheat:

Why men cheat (

Why Women Cheat-Emotional & Physical Reasons:

Why Women Cheat: Emotional & Physical Reasons (


Infidelity | Psychology Today

How to Prevent Infidelity and Adultery-Psychology Today:

How to Prevent Infidelity and Adultery | Psychology Today

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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Sadaf Hummus Review

Hummus makes a delicious dip, a sandwich spread, and salad dressings. Eating hummus as a snack will also keep you full until you have your next meal. If you are diabetic or prediabetic, you can enjoy a small serving of hummus with vegetables. Also, you can consume hummus on a piece of pita bread. Hummus helps control your sugar levels. 

There is a variety of hummus made from chickpeas. It has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces bad cholesterol. You can make your hummus at home using garbanzo beans, olive oil, and tahini. Make sure you use less salt when making your hummus. Furthermore, you can purchase your hummus at the market with less sodium.

My favorite hummus is from Sadaf. It comes in assorted flavors such as garlic, jalapeno, or red peppers. What I like most is the creamy texture which makes it easy to spread onto a piece of pita bread. It makes a good dip for celery, tomatoes, and carrots. Hummus is good for the digestive system, skeletal system, and cardiovascular system. Here are links about the health benefits of hummus. 


10 Best Benefits of Hummus:

10 Best Benefits of Hummus | Organic Facts

Is Hummus Healthy-Top 8 Benefits of Hummus:

Is Hummus Healthy? Top 8 Benefits of Hummus (

Is Hummus Healthy & Good for You-8 Things to Consider:

Is Hummus Healthy & Good for You? 8 Things to Consider (

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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Eat Better & Eat Together Month (Breakfast)


Now, that it is back to school season, it is important to eat together and to eat better. The entire month of October is dedicated to eating better and eating together. Since, breakfast is an important meal; You and your family can eat better and eat together during breakfast. Making a healthy breakfast will give you and your children the necessary vitamins and minerals. Also, it will give them the energy they will need for school or for work.

Eat better and eat together in October brings awareness for eating healthy as a family. You can use leftover vegetables to make a delicious, scrambled eggs or an omelet for breakfast. Egg whites can be beneficial for children because it is a reliable source of protein. However, the trick is by adding vegetables and slicing them into small pieces so they can eat healthier. Here is the recipe for making these egg whites.


Egg whites or four eggs


Bell peppers



Beans or one can of beans (optional)

Extra-virgen olive oíl


Preparation and Cooking Time:

Begin by separating the egg yolk and the egg whites. Then, peel and slice the onions. After that remove, the seeds of one bell pepper and slice it in half. Save the other half of the bell peppers for another recipe. Next, use half of the bell peppers to slice it into small pieces. Rinse and dry the spinach.

Slice the turkey into smaller pieces. In one skillet, add the sliced onions, sliced bell peppers, and the spinach with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil. After that wait, a few minutes until everything is soft and add the egg whites. Open one can of beans or use leftover beans and warm it in another pot. When the scrambled eggs are ready, serve the eggs with beans and a sliced avocado on the side. Here are links about egg whites and Eat better, Eat Together Month. 

14 Amazing Benefits of Consuming Egg Whites (FirstCry):

14 Amazing Benefits of Consuming Egg Whites (

How Many Egg Whites in a Cup:

How Many Egg Whites In A Cup | Egg Size Equivalents, Egg... (

Eat Better, Eat Together-Senior Lifestyle:

Eat Better, Eat Together | Senior Lifestyle

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Monday, October 25, 2021

Basic Fabric Pumpkin

If you like fabric pumpkins, then this sewing tutorial is for you. This sewing project will take one hour and a half to make it. Yet, you will like this fabric pumpkin once it is complete. You can hang this fabric pumpkin on any doorknob in your home. Also, you can use Halloween fabric and make a Halloween fabric pumpkin doorknob hanger. 

Fabric pumpkins additionally make cute decorations for autumn and Thanksgiving. This basic fabric pumpkin can be hung on a wall or a doorknob. You can use any color fabric and ribbons. This fabric pumpkin was sewn by hand. Here is the sewing tutorial. 


Leftover fabric

7/8 X 18 feet ribbon




Fabric marker

Round paper plate

Cotton balls 

Fold the fabric in half. Place a paper plate on top of the fabric. Trace a circle onto the fabric. Next, cut the fabric. Sew the two circles together. Leave an opening to insert the cotton balls inside the circle. 

Insert the cotton balls. Sew and close the circle. Make a pumpkin stem using leftover fabric. Insert cotton inside the leftover fabric and close the stem. Sew the stem on top of the pumpkin. If the stem is too big, fold the fabric in half. 

Sew the folded stem on the back of the pumpkin. After that sew the ribbon on the middle of the pumpkin and stem. Sew the ribbon on both sides. Make a bow out of ribbon. Sew the bow. 

Then cut another ribbon and make a loop.  Sew the ribbon onto the side of the pumpkin. Make sure the bow does not get sewn while sewing the looped ribbon. Trim the leftover threads with scissors. Now, you can hang your fabric pumpkin on a wall or a doorknob. Have fun sewing! 

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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Things to do in Autumn


Autumn is a peaceful, reflective, and inspirational time. It is also a busy time. Yet, there are fun things you can do in autumn. As the weather changes, you can sort and organize your cardigans, sweaters, vests, and other garments. Pay attention to any snags, holes, or leftover lint on your clothes. 

Clean your refrigerator and label your leftover meals. It is recommended to clean the refrigerator every three to four months. Review the expiration dates of food boxed items, cans, and jars.  Additionally, review the expiration dates of your frozen food. Organize the instruction manuals of your kitchen gadgets. 

Collect leaves from your garden and take pictures. Work on an autumn theme puzzle or word search. Purchase an autumn theme adult coloring book and color it. Do arts and crafts with your children. Watch autumn theme movies. 

Decorate your home with autumn theme items. Take out extra blankets from your closet. Wash and dry your extra blankets. Then, relax on your sofa or reclining chair with your blanket with a hot drink. Choose a book with an autumn theme to read for your children or yourself. 

Change your pillowcases, bed sheets, and comforter with autumn colors. Donate can food items, gently worn sweaters, or extra blankets. You can donate extra blankets and towels to animal shelters. Organize your shoes. Here are links for more things to do in autumn. 

Things to do in the fall:

A Beautiful Mess:

Family Fall Activities:

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Saturday, October 23, 2021

How to Dress with Body Confidence?

Dressing with confidence may seem something simple to do. However, if you have insecurities, low self-esteem, and feel out of place; It might be a challenge to wear something without being self-conscious about your body. You might have negative feelings about how you look. Before you pick something to wear for work, for a date, or another event; Let go of negative thoughts. Love your flaws. 

Do not let anyone make you feel bad about your body and facial features. Also, do not change your appearance or wear a smaller size to impress your boyfriend. It is not healthy to wear tighter clothes and smaller sizes. To dress with confidence means you feel good about yourself from the outside and the inside. You must feel comfortable wearing your clothes while feeling good about yourself.

Do not lose weight or gain weight because of your boyfriend. Yet, do exercise and have healthier meals. Only lose weight for health purposes. Accept your body shape and weight. When you go shopping for clothes, make sure you like the fabric, style, and design.

If you do not feel comfortable wearing it, it is best to skip the item. Know what colors you like and what looks good on you. Use scarfs, hats, or other accessories to make your fashion statement. However, do not use too many accessories for work or other events. Sometimes keeping it simple will make you feel cheerful.

Choose the outfit for yourself and not for showing it off to your boyfriend. Often, when you buy items to impress others, you might not feel your authentic self. You might act differently and pretend you are someone else. Therefore this will not make you feel optimistic. Be honest with yourself. 

Select colors that make you feel content. Look at the patterns of the fabrics and make sure you are comfortable wearing those designs. Additionally, you can try to be yourself without following the newest fashion trends. Do not hide in your clothes. Here are links about dressing with confidence. 

How to Dress with Confidence: 

Series 1: How to Dress With Confidence — Daily Inspirato

You're a Brand-Dressing with Confidence-Forbes:

You're A Brand: Dressing With Confidence (

How Clothing Choices Affect and Reflect Your Self-Image:

How Clothing Choices Affect and Reflect Your Self-Image | HuffPost Life

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Friday, October 22, 2021

Autumn Classical Music to Relax

Listening to classical music lowers your blood pressure and helps you relax. Did you know there are classical compositions that will remind you of the autumn season? There are compositions written about the season of autumn. One German composer was Felix Mendelssohn who is well known for creating the Wedding March in 1842. This composition created for Shakespeare’s play, Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Felix Mendelssohn composed music in the beginning of the Romantic era. He also created the composition Autumn Song performed in the piano. Another German composer from the Romantic era was Ludwig van Beethoven. He composed a String Quartet No. 15 Opus 132 in A minor where you can listen to the violins throughout the whole composition. Ludwig van Beethoven is famous for creating the compositions, Fur Elise, Moonlight Sonata, and Symphony No. 5 in C Minor.

Also, you can listen to Antonio Vivaldi’s famous composition, The Four Seasons which was composed for the violin. This Italian composer composed compositions in the Baroque era. Antonio Vivaldi composed, La Stravaganza, Violin Sonata No. 2 in A Major, and Concerto for Mandolin in C Major. After the Romantic era ended, jazz music and other music genres began in the 19th and 20th century.

Later in the 1930s, Lu Wencheng composed a composition, Autumn Moon over Calm Lake. This Chinese composer is well known for Cantonese music such as Apricot Flowers Blossoming, The Awakening Lion, and Love for the Fragrant Spring. No matter what type of classical music you listen to, classical music will make you feel creative, happy, and will improve your sleep. Last, it may help you with depression. Here are links about autumn classical compositions. 

Best Classical Music Inspired by autumn:

Best classical music inspired by autumn - Classical Music (

5 Pieces of Classical Music about autumn:

5 Pieces of Classical Music about Autumn - CMUSE

11 Evocative Pieces of Classical Music Inspired by autumn:

11 evocative pieces of classical music inspired by autumn - Classic FM

Chinese Classical Music-Music Genre-Rate Your Music:

Chinese Classical Music - Music genre - Rate Your Music

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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Cybersecurity Awareness Month


It is Cybersecurity Month! Every year, many people fall into scams. Many junk e-mails have links with viruses. Make sure you have an anti-virus program for your e-mails. Also, do not click on every link from e-mails. 

Pay attention to the e-mail addresses of the sender. Be careful with downloading pictures from e-mails. Report and block unwanted e-mail. Do not fall into the trap of scam e-mails such as receiving an inheritance, compromising pictures, or videos with compromising images. You will end up losing money or get a computer virus. 

Do not leave your computer and electronic devices unattended. Lock the screen or shut down your devices when not in use. Review your bank statements and credit card statements. Make sure everything is current and there is nothing suspicious. Update the electronic software and run anti-virus software in all your electronics. 

Read about the new scams. Turn off your wi-fi when not in use. Back up your data, pictures, and family videos. Do not share your passwords with anyone on the telephone, live chats, or anywhere online.  Here are links about cybersecurity.  

Cybersecurity Awareness Month-Time for Your Safety Check:

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Time for your safety check - CNET


COMPUTERWORLD: Cybersecurity

Online Safety Basics-Stay Safe Online:

Online Safety Basics - Stay Safe Online

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Hibeast Jump rope for Fitness (Review)


Exercise is an effective way to manage your stress and improves your health. Give yourself or someone the gift of exercise by using the Hibeast jump rope for fitness. This jump rope comes in a beautiful shade of green. The handles are non-slip, and the jump rope is adjustable. When you use this jump rope you will notice a stable and rotating jump rope with every jump.

What I like most about this jump rope is the adjusting aspect. There is no need to use a wire cutter or use screws to adjust the length of this jump rope. It does not tangle. The handle is made of aluminum. The jump rope is made of polyvinyl chloride.

You can take this jump rope to the gym, to the park, or in your backyard. It comes with a drawstring bag. Also, you can carry this jump rope in your tote bag or gym bag. It is a lightweight jump rope which makes it easy to exercise anywhere and at any time. Additionally, it does not require a lot of space to store the jump rope.

The handle is 7.25 inches, and the jump rope is ten feet long. The jump rope will not crack or peel. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and a good pair of tennis shoes when you use this jump rope. You can purchase this jump rope on Amazon. Below is the link to purchase the Hibeast jump rope for fitness. 


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Self-Care in Autumn

Are you looking for self-care ideas for autumn? Autumn is a busy time with the children going to school. Also if you went back to college yourself, self-care might be one of the last things to do. Once or twice a week, you can do self-care by drinking tea or hot apple cider. Drinking hot apple cider will make you feel relaxed and helps with your sinuses. 

Another way is by taking a warm shower with a new body wash. During the autumn season, you can change your body wash to a different scent. Certain scents you can use are green tea, vanilla, ginger, and pomegranate. Additionally, applying a different lotion that reminds you of the autumn season. Change your essential oils for your diffusers such as cinnamon, clove, or vanilla. 

Watch something positive and funny on your television. Listen to Vivaldi's four seasons while you read a book. Buy yourself a new pajama or a graphic t-shirt with autumn colors. Paint your nails orange, burgundy, brown, or green.  Here are links for more ideas for self-care in autumn. 

30 Self-Care Ideas for Autumn:

30 Self-Care Ideas for Autumn - Balance Through Simplicity

10 Self-Care Habits for Autumn: 

10 self-care habits for autumn - Style At A Certain Age

25 Uplifting Autumn Self-Care Ideas-Seasons in Parenting:

25 Uplifting Autumn Self Care Ideas - Seasons in Parenting

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is a fun way to change your routine. This type of yoga makes you release stress and helps you feel good. By incorporating yoga and laughter, it will allow you to enjoy your yoga routine. Laughter yoga can be done in a group. However, you can do laughter yoga by yourself at home. 

Think about something funny when you are doing certain yoga poses. Do the frog pose and think funny thoughts. Begin laughing and breathe. Also, do the lion pose or any other sitting yoga pose. Laugh for a second time.  

Stand up and laugh one more time. Inhale and exhale after laughing. Laughter yoga was founded by Dr. Kataria. Since the 1960s, laughter was added to yoga. Here are links about laughter yoga. 

Laughter Yoga Steps and Benefits:

Laughing Yoga:

Laughter Yoga:

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Monday, October 18, 2021

National Color Day

On October 22nd, you can celebrate National Color Day. Color is around you all the time and color affects you. It affects your mood, your feelings, and your appetite. Also, it affects the temperature of the room. Colors can make you feel warm or cool. 

You can enjoy this day by making a watercolor or acrylic painting. As well as using the color wheel. The color wheel is useful for learning about color combinations. Additionally, it teaches you how to mix paint colors to make other paint colors. The color wheel has primary colors which are red, blue, and yellow. 

The primary colors are the basic colors for making secondary colors. The secondary colors are orange, purple, and green. While the color black and white is considered monochrome. The color wheel is also useful for interior design. Each color has a meaning to reflect your mood. 

One section of the color wheel has warm colors. The second section of the color wheel has cool colors. Another way to observe this day is by decorating your room. You can use your favorite color to accent certain areas of your room. Keep in mind how colors affect your mood. 

Knowing the color wheel is not necessary if you love to work on your hobbies. It is a useful tool for helping your creativity. Nevertheless, you can follow the color wheel with your wardrobe.  Practicing color therapy will help improve your mood. Last, you can challenge yourself to color one coloring page per day. Here are links about colors and National Color Day. 

What is National Color Day and How Do You Celebrate it:

What Is National Color Day and How Do You Celebrate It? - Color Meanings (

How to Use a Color Wheel to Find a Color Combo:

How to Use a Color Wheel to Find a Color Combo (

The Psychology of Color for Interior Design-Interior Design, Design News, and Architecture Trends:

The Psychology of Color for Interior Design – Interior Design, Design News and Architecture Trends (

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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Smoothie for Constipation

Constipation is one of the causes of irritable bowel syndrome. Irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic condition that affects the large intestine. In the large intestine, more liquid will get absorbed to eliminate the material the body no longer needs. The material is moves further into the colon. When the body does not have enough water, fiber, and not being able to go to the restroom on time is one of the main factors of constipation.

Yet, IBS also causes diarrhea, gas, bloating, stomach pain, or constipation combined. However, constipation also occurs with medications, overuse of laxatives, and changes in your life that cause stress. Sometimes, drinking smoothies with fruit, water, or milk can make your body release the unnecessary material. Certain fruits that can help you defecate are mangos, cantaloupe, bananas, berries, pears, and pineapple. Here is a recipe for a smoothie that can help you with constipation.


10 oz of raspberries

10 oz of blueberries

10 oz of cantaloupe

One small coconut water bottle

Chia seeds


Preparation and Blending Time:

Wash the raspberries and blueberries. In one blender, add raspberries and blueberries. Then, add the sliced cantaloupe in the blender. Add coconut water and add one to two spoons of chia seeds. Blend everything until it is smooth.

Chia seeds may help with IBS. These tiny black seeds help absorb water making it easier to pass stools. It has fiber which is necessary for relief from constipation. Also, it has iron, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorus. It gets a gel-like consistency when absorbed in water.

Coconut water has potassium and magnesium. This type of water hydrates the entire body. It is useful for the cardiovascular system and relieves constipation. It lowers cholesterol levels and lowers the blood pressure. Therefore, this delicious smoothie may help you with constipation. Here are more links about the benefits of coconut water, chia seeds, and other smoothie recipes for constipation.


The Health Benefits of Coconut Water:

The Health Benefits of Coconut Water (

Health Benefits and Risks of Coconut Water:

Health Benefits and Risks of Coconut Water (

Coconut Water-Is it Good for You? 5 Major Benefits-Dr. Axe:

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Chia Seeds-Health Benefits-Nutrients per Serving, Uses, Safety Information and More:

Chia Seeds: Health Benefits, Nutrients per Serving, Uses, Safety Information, and More (

6 Smoothies for Constipation (Recipes) to Help You Go-Livestrong:

6 Smoothies for Constipation (Recipes) to Help You Go |

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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Reasons not to be in a Friends Plus Relationship

Why would a man want to be in a friends-plus relationship? Why would a woman fall into this type of relationship? If you are contemplating this type of relationship, here are the reasons not to do it. This type of relationship is popular among college students or people in their twenties. Yet, this type of relationship does occur in older adults who are not ready for marriage, committed relationships, or married to other people. 

Usually, there is a strong physical attraction and if you like your friend, it might seem a bonus. As well as wanting to move your relationship further, this might be the wrong route to take. In friends with benefits, one person will feel subjective to being attached emotionally. While the other person will only focus on the physical aspect and their needs of intimacy. Both people can see other people while being in this type of relationship. 

Often, your friend will only call you or talk to you when he or she wants to be intimate with you. Most of the time, you will feel lonely, empty, stressed out, and longing to be in a better relationship. Also, you might want to leave this type of relationship. Fear might arise for wanting to abandon this relationship with your friend. You will feel a mix of sadness, contentment, and other emotions. 

Furthermore, your friendship weakens and gets damaged after being in this friends plus relationship. More men prefer friends plus relationships because of not wanting to settle down with one person. However, women fall into this type of relationship for not wanting to be single. The dilemma is that this type of relationship is not permanent. In the end, one person always comes out getting hurt more than the other. 

If you want to move your friendship to the next level, communicate it to your friend. Do not fall into the trap of friends plus relationships. Discuss your fears and your reasons for wanting to be in a committed relationship. If he or she prefers friends plus relationships, it is best to move on and not pressure your friend. To be in a committed relationship, one must be able to settle down with one person. 

One must accept each other and be serious about being devoted. Most of the time, a person who is in a  friend plus relationship has low self-esteem. He or she has no self-confidence. He or she might not feel capable of handling a serious relationship. Therefore, it is not favorable to be in this type of relationship. Here are links about not being in this type of relationship.  

What does friends with benefits mean:

The Science of Why Friends with Benefits Doesn't Work:

Friends with Benefits-Psychology:

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Friday, October 15, 2021

Free Coloring Pages of Sulphur Cinquefoil

Sulphur cinquefoil flowers gets its name from its yellow hue. These wildflowers grow in autumn and in spring. Today, I have created three coloring pages of sulphur cinquefoil flowers. These coloring pages are free and for your personal use. Enjoy!

Exotic Species-Sulfur Cinquefoil:

Exotic Species: Sulfur Cinquefoil (U.S. National Park Service) (

Potentilla Recta (Sulphur Cinquefoil):

Potentilla recta (sulphur cinquefoil): Go Botany (

What is Cinquefoil?

What is Cinquefoil? - Alternative Nature Online Herbal (

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Tips for Online Dating

Since the pandemic, more people have been doing online dating. Online dating can be fun, interesting, and hopeful in finding the correct person for yourself. You might have some things in common and enjoy chatting with each other. But, you might come across a few topics that will make you have doubts about meeting that new person. Yet, those doubts might turn into fear. 

Before you meet the new person, ask yourself questions if this is the person you want to meet. Look for warning signs in your conversations. A few warning signs are criticism, bad comments, disrespect, and getting offended. As well as scams such as asking for money, borrowing items, social security numbers, and other personal information. Besides asking you for indecent proposals that include sexual favors. 

As a woman, it is difficult to find the best person online. There are so many dangers such as online stalking and not knowing if the man is sincere. If you are a man, you might think the woman might be lying to you. You might think the woman is possessive, insecure, and wants to hook you up for marriage. Sadly, men and women might give up searching for a good relationship online. 

First, take things slowly and do not rush in meeting the new person online. Second, discuss general topics no matter how boring they might seem to you. Third, avoid controversial topics and personal topics. Some personal topics are family issues, health issues, and past relationships. Additionally, do not get emotionally attached to the first person you chat with online. 

Ask questions to the person but not all at once. Begin a friendship with the person. Do not do something you might regret. Also, do not feel pressured in meeting the new person. Make sure the online website or online application has a background check. 

Report anything that bothers you or makes you feel uncomfortable. If you see pornographic or inappropriate images in their profile, report them immediately. Do not link your dating profile to Facebook, Instagram, or other social media websites. Stay positive while searching for the person you want to date and meet. Search seriously and not out of boredom. 

There are a few bad online applications that are free for dating people. Research before signing up for online dating. Be careful with people that send nude pictures of themselves. Make sure it is a healthy relationship for you and not a negative one. Here are links for online dating tips to stay safe. 

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