Tuesday, December 31, 2019

How to Stop Worrying at Night?

Worrying at night does not give the body the fundamental amount of sleep at night.  Consequently, going to work without sleep makes you less productive, have less concentration, and have less energy. Therefore, develop a routine to feel relaxed before you go to sleep. Washing your blankets, sheets, and pillowcases with soft scented laundry detergent will anticipate sleep at night.  Washing your face at night also slows down heart palpitations. 

Brushing your teeth in a slow-motion and using a different mouth wash at night prepares your body for sleep. Writing or reading at night helps you to stop worrying at night. Another way is by doing a facial massage which helps release anxiety. Using a different scented lotion at night, massage your face making sure you do not get lotion near the eyes. Establish a comfortable bedtime routine. 

Listen to soft music. Drinking passionflower tea one or two hours can reduce your anxiety. Before drinking herbal teas, consult with your primary doctor. If you are constantly worrying speak to a health professional for more options. Here are more resources about stopping yourself from worrying at night.

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Monday, December 30, 2019

Meditating with Waterfalls

Meditating with waterfall music can be very comforting and helpful before going to sleep. Listening to the sound of water changes the brain waves and calms the brain. Simply, listening to the sound of water makes you feel connected with nature. It stimulates the brain leaving you with a continuation of pleasant thoughts. Therefore, the sound of water distracts the brain from too much stress.

Another way to meditate is by closing your eyes and visualizing a waterfall. Imagining a waterfall has similar health benefits as seeing a waterfall in person. It improves your breathing, improves your mood, and makes you feel creative. Visualizing a waterfall in your mind releases body tension and emotional stress. Also, you can add water sounds to your guided meditation of waterfalls. 

Seeing waterfall pictures can help you visualize and meditate with waterfalls. Viewing landscape pictures helps you take a mini vacation without leaving your room. Observing the different colors in photos help you feel content, comfortable, and contemplative. Seek a health professional if you are having a hard time managing your stress. Here are more resources about meditating with waterfalls. 

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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Rosemary Essential Oil for Pain, Concentration, and Stress Relief

Rosemary Essential oil reduces chronic stress by reducing the levels of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that has a response mechanism when the body has too much stress. When there is too much cortisol in the body, it causes weight gain, muscle weakness, and other health issues. Therefore, when Rosemary essential oil is inhaled, it lowers the stress hormones. It lessens muscle pain, pain in the joints, and headaches.

Not only is Rosemary essential oil excellent for pain but it improves concentration. It improves memory recall and improves your mood. Rosemary essential oil has a minty woodsy scent that can be blended with other essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Clary Sage. Before using rosemary essential oil, it should be diluted before applying to the skin. Rosemary essential oil can be diluted using coconut oil, Sweet Almond oil, or Olive oil. Here are more resources about Rosemary Essential Oil. 

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Thursday, December 26, 2019

New Year Quotes in Photo Images

As the new year quickly approaches, it is a good notion to read new quotes that motivate us to start the new year. Reading quotes can inspire you to create and develop your aspirations. In addition, reading quotes can help you learn more about people from the past and learn a little bit more about yourself. Also, quotes can give you a reminder of your objectives. Additionally, it makes an interesting way to start a conversation with someone.

Feel motivated with the start of a new year with these photo quote images. There are three quotes about beginning something new. There is another quote about love and another quote about blossoms. Each photo image quote was made with my personal random photos. Like always these photo quote images are free and for your personal use.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Card Playing Day

Every year on December 28th is a day for playing card games. Playing card games such as Solitaire, Blackjack, Hearts, and other card games give a mental exercise for the brain. After playing card games for thirty minutes or more, the brain will process numerical expressions and it relaxes the nervous system. It enhances memory and it develops decision-making skills. Learning a new card game can be fun and does not require that much space to play the game.

Also, you can host a family and friends playing card game day. Make sure there is enough lighting, chairs, and snacks before the guests arrive. Ask your guests what their favorite card games are and have them bring appetizers. Play music in the background which will help everyone to relax and mingle. Here are more resources about card-playing day. 

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Saturday, December 21, 2019

National Crossword Puzzle Day

The first crossword puzzle was published on December 21, 1913, in a newspaper. Arthur Wynne created the first crossword puzzle which had diamond shapes. It was also called word cross. Later, the crossword puzzle had blank black squares to separate the words. In addition, the vertical and horizontal squares were added to the crossword puzzle. 

The crossword puzzle continues to be popular for many reasons. Mainly, it helps to build your vocabulary, it helps you to socialize better, and it helps you to relax. It is fun and you can do crossword puzzles by hand or online. It is also a great way to start your weekend in a positive aspect. Crossword puzzles make great conversation preludes. 

Crossword puzzles can be done in a group or by yourself. Children and grown-ups can solve crossword puzzles together. It is a wonderful way to have some family bonding over the weekends. Nonetheless, crossword puzzles will continue to be popular because it helps to build better language skills. Here are more resources about crossword puzzles. 

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Friday, December 20, 2019

What is World Peace Meditation Day?

Since 1986 World Peace Meditation Day began to bring awareness of peace. More than 500 million people gathered in Greenwich to meditate on peace, forgiveness, and love. John Randolph Price and Quartus Foundation founded World Peace Meditation Day. On December 31st, people began to meditate in groups and meditated on forgiveness, love, understanding, and peace. They meditated for one hour. 

World Peace Meditation Day can be celebrated by doing random acts of kindness. Also, by practicing loving-kindness meditation. You can meditate with a group, read quotes about peace, and listen to music. Reflect, forgive, and walk for one hour. Here are more resources about World Peace Meditation Day.

John Randolph Price:

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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Winter Poetry in Photo Images

Today, I've written two poems about the winter season. The first poem is about snowflakes. The second poem is about pinecones. Each poem is written in the form of a cinquain. Nonetheless, have a cheerful winter season. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Curry Green Plantain Vegetable Soup

This vegetable soup is semi-sweet in its taste. Green plantains are less sweet than the yellow plantains. The Green plantains have potassium, magnesium, fiber, and antioxidants. It has vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. In addition, green plantains are excellent for digestion, constipation, and for cardiovascular health. Here are the instructions for making this curry green plantain vegetable soup.


2 Green Plantains 
2 Yucca Root
2 Corn on the Cobs with the husks
1 Green Cabbage
9 Carrots or 1 Bag of Carrots
1 Bunch of Cilantro
1 Teaspoon of Curry
2 Cube Chicken Bouillon
1 Big cooking pot
1 Small cooking pot

First, wash and peel nine carrots. Then, slice the carrots. Second, wash one cabbage. Chop the cabbage into small pieces. Third, wash and peel the yucca root. Next, slice the yucca root.

Then, in one pot with water, add the carrots and the cabbage. In another pot of water add the yucca root. After everything has been cooking for a while, add the yucca root with the carrots and the cabbage. Next, wash the corn with the cobs and remove the corn husks. Chop the two corn on the cobs in half. Add the corn with the cobs inside the pot with the yucca root, carrots, and the cabbage.

Fourth, wash and peel two green plantains. Slice the green plantains and cook them in a smaller pot of water. Fifth, wash the cilantro and add the cilantro leaves inside the pot with the yucca root, carrots, cabbage, and the corn with the cobs. Then, add one teaspoon of curry and two chicken bouillon cubes inside the pot with the vegetables. Continue adding water if needed. Last, rinse the green plantains. Slowly, add the green plantains inside the pot with the rest of the vegetables. Let it cook for a few more minutes. As soon as all the vegetables are ready, serve it immediately. Garnish each bowl with one or two pieces of cilantro.

Green plantains have less sugar. It keeps you full and manages your weight. Incorporating curry powder to your meals can reduce inflammation and helps with digestion. It removes toxins from the body, and it helps to have healthy bones. Below are more resources about curry powder and the health benefits of green plantains.  

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Monday, December 16, 2019

How to Meditate while Cleaning in the Winter?

The winter season is the best time to organize the drawers, to organize the kitchen cabinets, and to organize an entire room. It is also a great time to clean the windows, clean the kitchen wastebasket, and to clean the refrigerator. While you clean in the winter, you can slow down and meditate. During these busy winter months, it might seem impossible to relax. However, meditating in the winter can give you a physical and mental boost.

Cleaning makes you be healthier, more productive, and calmer. Additionally, cleaning, organizing, and getting rid of items can be therapeutic. The simple act of cleaning a window can make you focus more. Furthermore, it will bring in some natural light in the rooms during the winter. Getting rid of gently used clothes, jewelry, and shoes can make a difference in your emotional health. 

Cleaning without complaining for thirty minutes can brighten your mood. Smelling pine, lavender, or citrus scents while you clean can ease your stress levels. A clean bedroom can help you sleep better. After cleaning, you will feel accomplished. Here are more resources about cleaning in the winter. 

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* Window Cleaning Clip Art:

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Sunday, December 15, 2019

National Thank You Note Day & Handmade Thank You Card

Every year on December 26th is a day for giving thanks to the people that gave you gifts. Even if you don't receive a gift from someone, you can still thank them for being a part of your life. An easy way to celebrate National Thank You Note Day is by making a handmade thank you card out of construction paper. Here are the instructions in making this thank you card.


Construction Paper
4 X 6 Photo Paper
Floral Stationery Paper
Glue Stick
1 Fine Point Pen
1 Pencil

First, glue the photo paper onto one page of construction paper. Then, cut the edges of the photo paper. Second, glue another construction paper onto the photo paper card. After that cut the edges of the photo paper. Third, fold the 4 X 6 photo paper with the construction paper already glued on the photo paper.

Fourth, cut two small squares out of construction paper. Then cut two vertical strips of construction paper. Also, cut the flowers from the floral paper. Glue the square paper on the center of the card. Afterward, glue the vertical strips onto the square. 

Last glue the flowers on top of the square and on the sides of the square. On the back of the card, glue one square on the center of the card. Then on the square, write down " Made by" along with your name. Inside the card, you could write a thoughtful note about how much you liked the gift if the person gave you a gift. Here are more resources about National Thank You Note Day.   

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Thank You Note Day ( Every December 26th) Days of the Year

Saturday, December 14, 2019

New Year Positive Affirmations & Quotes

Are you looking for positive affirmations to start the New Year? Reading and writing positive affirmations can give you the vigor, determination, and motivation to begin the new year. It can be difficult to let go of the unpleasant moments that you experienced throughout the years. Sometimes, you carry on those awful experiences in the new year. The negative emotions get built up and you tend to hold onto those negative emotions. 

Therefore, letting go of those negative emotions of remorse, anger, frustration is the key to begin a healthy positive new year. No matter how painful the experiences were in the previous year, you must have hope to continue the new year with optimism. Also, you must forgive and move on in order to complete your goals. By saying positive affirmations throughout the year, you will be more at peace with yourself and with others. Here is a list of affirmations that can be used throughout the new year:

1. I love my job and feel accomplished.
2. I enjoy the things that I do as I learn to understand myself.
3. I am grateful for what I have learned in my past experiences.
4. I look forward to beginning a new year with a smile.
5. I ignore negative comments from hurting me. 
6. I am not changing my goals, but I will be successful in the new year.
7. I have learned from my past and my past will not make me pout.
8. I am an optimistic person.
9. I am beautiful, content, and loved.
10. I am an amazing person.

It will take some time to let go of those negative emotions. However, by keeping those negative emotions inside, you will be hurting yourself. Simply smile at everything and don't let people make you feel bad about yourself. Nonetheless, thinking positive makes you feel good and appreciate your life. Here are more resources about positive affirmations and quotes for the new year. 

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Free Christmas Coloring Ornament Cards

Today, I have created four Christmas coloring ornament cards. Three of the cards have blank spaces to add any word, greeting, phrase, or a person's name onto the card. Each ornament card is hand-drawn and has exquisite design elements. Also, these cards are ready to be printed and colored. These cards are free and for personal use. Merry Christmas in advance! 

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Basic Yoga Equipment for Beginners

Are you ready to start yoga for the first time? Do you feel stressed out when you are shopping for your first Yoga equipment? There are a few items that are necessary to start practicing yoga. The first item is a yoga mat. Choose a yoga mat that has recycled material.

Make sure the yoga mat is hard and has some cushion. Also, make sure the yoga mat is easy to roll and to put inside a yoga bag. Yoga mats come in different sizes and in different colors. Notice the thickness of the yoga mat. A thicker yoga mat will be a better choice for hardwood floors. In contrast, a thinner mat works better on carpet floors.

The second item is the Zafu cushion pillow to give support to your spine, posture, and to sit comfortably while meditating and for sitting in a lotus pose. The Zafu cushion pillow can be handmade or bought at a store. The third item is a yoga blanket which is also used to support your spine and for positioning. Yoga blankets also come in different colors and in recycled material with organic cotton. Last a pair of dumbbells, a yoga ball, and yoga belt straps can be bought to do different variations of the yoga poses. 

Choose dumbbells that are five to ten pounds. Depending on your height, the yoga ball size will range from 30 centimeters to 75 centimeters. Yoga belt straps can be bought for stretching your body and for support. Always bring water and towels to your yoga sessions. Here are more resources about yoga equipment for beginners. 

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Monday, December 9, 2019

Writing to a Friend Month

The whole month of December is dedicated to writing to a friend. Writing handwritten letters to a friend will make your friend feel appreciative of having you as a friend. It will show how much you care for your friend and how much you value your friendship. Although, some friendships might be too difficult to understand; Friendships should be nourished with lots of patience, comprehension, and putting yourself in the other person's shoes. Writing letters to a friend gives you a healthy boost of happiness.

Once, you have found a good friend that you can confide in and have a good time; A handwritten letter can make your friendship stronger. You might think a handwritten letter might feel meaningless, awkward, or old fashioned. Yet, if your friend values your friendship as you do, a handwritten letter will be treasured. You can write a letter to a new friend, an old friend, or a friend you haven't spoken in months. Think of what you want to tell your friend in a handwritten letter.

Next,  find a pretty card, postcard, or stationary paper to write the letter. Don't worry if you have bad penmanship, your friend will only care about the content in the letter. Third, adding a personal quote, joke, or a phrase will make them smile. Writing exactly how you feel about your friendship with them will build a  greater bond. Here are more resources about writing to a friend month.

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