Sunday, August 29, 2021

Calendula Oil for Your Skin

Calendula oil is often found in baby products, lotions, creams, and fragrances
. This oil is extracted from the marigold flower. Calendula oil helps with eczema, dermatitis, and diaper rash. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. Additionally, it has antibacterial properties which might help with acne. 

Like all oils for the skin, it must be diluted in a carrier oil such as Argan oil. Calendula oil makes the skin softer and makes it glow. Also, this oil can be used on the nails especially on the cuticles. It also helps the hair with dandruff and with a dry hair scalp. Here are more resources about calendula oil. 

Calendula Oil-Uses and Benefits:

Calendula Benefits-4 Major Beauty Benefits and How To Use It:

Health Benefits of Calendula:

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Saturday, August 28, 2021

DIY Monogram Painted Box

Monogram boxes are quick to paint. All you will need is a dove cream box and some paint to personalize it with a monogram. This monogram box takes a few minutes to make. After you are done painting this monogram box, you can refill the box with small paper clips or any other small items. Here is the tutorial for painting this box. 



Dove Cream Box 

Acrylic paint

Alphabet Stencil (Optional)

Clear top coat paint 

1 Color Permanent Marker

Wash and remove the labels from a dove box. Dry the box before painting it. Use a color marker and an alphabet stencil to trace the first letter of your name or last name. Paint the lid from side to side. Next, wait for the paint to dry. 

After that paint the letter with different color paint. Wait for the paint to dry. Last, use the leftover paint to make a design around the lid. Wait for the paint to dry. Paint a clear top coat paint on top of the entire design. Then, wait for the paint to dry before filling the box with paper clips. 

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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Thank You Dinner for a Friend

Have you ever invited a friend to dinner at your home and did not know what to prepare for them? Then, this recipe is for you. It is a simple chicken recipe with green beans. Green beans might not be a favorite vegetable. However, green beans are beneficial for your health. 

Green beans have vitamin K, vitamin B-6, vitamin A. It also has minerals such as potassium and iron. Adding green beans to your meal will help your immune system and cardiovascular system. This vegetable can be added as a side dish for your chicken, turkey, meat, or eggs. Also, green beans can be added to your soups. 

Like green beans, oranges have fiber. Oranges have vitamin C. It is beneficial for your immune system, cardiovascular system, and your respiratory system. The best part is that it may lower cholesterol levels.  Here is the recipe for this thank you dinner for your friend. 


1 packet of chicken breasts

1 packet of sliced bell peppers and onions

1 can of green beans or raw green beans

2 Oranges

1 lemon 

Any spice from your kitchen cabinet

Preparation and Cooking Time: 

Wash the chicken. Add spices to your chicken. I used ground cumin. Then lemon and pepper. After that slice the chicken into small pieces. 

In one skillet, add the precut bell peppers and onions with the chicken. Wash one orange and one lemon. Slice the orange and the lemon and use a juice squeezer to squeeze the juice. Add the juice of the lemon onto the chicken. Then, wait a few minutes to add the orange juice. 

Citrus fruits are natural tenderizers for meat, chicken, and pork. It makes it soft, tender, and juicy for broiled meat and broiled chicken. After that wait for the chicken to absorb the lemon and orange juice. Next, add a little bit of water after the juice evaporates. Continue cooking the chicken, bell peppers, and onions until it is soft and well done. 

Then, cook the green beans or open one can of green beans. After that wash one orange and slice it. Add the chicken, bell peppers, onions, and green beans with the orange slices. This recipe serves two people. Always ask your friend if it is okay to add green beans or oranges to their meal. Here are resources about the health benefits of oranges and green beans. 

Food Nutrition-Green Beans:

Health Benefits of Green Beans:


Benefits of Oranges:

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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Aloe Vera Gel (Review)

Aloe Vera helps your skin from seborrheic dermatitis flare-ups. Seborrheic dermatitis effects the scalp, face, chest, and back with physical characteristics of dry skin patches. It turns red in the areas that are dry and flaky. Seborrheic dermatitis affects three to ten people at a young age or at the age of fifty. Sometimes, it looks like a sunburn during the winter and summer months.

However, you can use Aloe Vera gel that is one hundred percent for treating seborrheic dermatitis. One product is from Fruit of the Earth which has no color, no fragrance, and no alcohol. It moisturizes the skin and can be used as a hair gel. However, Aloe Vera gel can also be used for shaving, blemishes, insect bites, sunburn, and for irritated dry skin. The best part is that this gel dries quickly and does not leave your skin feeling oily.

Additionally, this gel can be applied before applying your make-up, face cream, or lotion. The Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel is not tested on animals. Aloe Vera gel can be used as an additional product to treat seborrheic dermatitis. Consult with your dermatologist before using Aloe Vera for seborrheic dermatitis and other skin conditions. Below is a link for the Aloe Vera gel and other products from Fruit of the Earth. 

Fruit of the Earth:

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

DIY Monogram Hand Towel

If you like monogram towels, this embroidery tutorial is for you. Monogram towels are not difficult to do. You can make a monogram inside a circle, square, rectangle, or heart. Choose an easy font to embroider or a simple letter stencil.  Monogram towels make a good hostess gift. 

Additionally, monogram towels add an elegant look to your bathroom. Today's last embroidery tutorial for this month has to do with monogram towels and sequins. You can use one color or many colors to embroider your towels. Then, decide if you are going to embroider your family's last name or your first name. Here is the tutorial for making this monogram hand towel. 


Embroidery floss/thread

Embroidery needle


Regular thread 

Regular needle


Letter Stencil (optional)

Stencil with geometric shapes

Fabric pen/marker

First, use a clean hand towel and use a stencil to trace the square onto the center of the towel.  Next, use a stencil and a fabric pen to trace the letter onto the center of the square. In this example, I used the first letter of my name. Second, insert embroidery thread into the embroidery needle. You can begin embroidering the square or the letter onto the towel. 

Third, begin embroidering. I started by embroidering the letter with two different pink threads. After that, I embroidered the inside of the letter with blue thread.  Fourth, trim the leftover thread from the back of the hand towel. Then, I embroidered the square with lime green and aqua thread. 

After that begin sewing the sequins. Fifth, sew one sequin on each side of the towel. Then, continue sewing the sequins individually and spaced them apart. Trim the leftover threads with scissors on the back of the hand towel. Now, you can gift the hand towel or use it in your bathroom. Happy Embroidering! 

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Monday, August 23, 2021

Three Types of Bad Relationships

Bad relationships might be difficult to end. These types of relationships can also be hard to identify from the beginning of the relationship. No matter how the relationship ends, there is always a remnant of that relationship. Also,  loneliness should not prevent you from ending a bad relationship. Healing from bad relationships does take time and effort to move to a better relationship. 

One bad type of relationship is the Friends with Benefits. First, there is no commitment involved. Second, anyone can leave the relationship without any reason. Third, it might feel like a waste of time because there is no emotional connection. Additionally, when that relationship ends, you feel empty and lonely. 

The second bad relationship is when the love is only from one side of the relationship. You give your time and effort to be a part of that person's existence. No matter how hard you try, you end up losing. Most of the time it is not your fault for wanting to be loved by that person. In the end, your feelings get hurt more than the other person's.

The third type of bad relationship is someone who is possessive, jealous, and controlling. At first, it might not be identified at the beginning of the relationship. Usually, you will see the signs of a controlling person when it gets out of hand and when it is disrespectful. This type of relationship is abusive, violent, and harmful for your safety. Avoiding bad relationships is not easy to do. 

There are approximately fifteen types of bad relationships.  Each type of relationship needs to be handled in a tactful, careful, and safe manner. Therefore, seeking professional counseling should be a priority for overcoming bad relationships. Also, if you suspect you are in a bad relationship, you can contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Here are resources about the three bad relationships that were mentioned in this post. 

When to end a Friends with Benefits Relationship:

How to get out of a Controlling Relationship:

One-Sided Relationship:

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Friday, August 20, 2021

How to Deal with Certain People?

It is back to school time and with fears of your child being bullied. Cyberbullying and bullying have been getting worse at school, after-school programs, and school events. Most of the time, the bullying never ends especially when it does not get reported at the school. Yet, there are resources for preventing bullying or cyberbullying. These resources make your child aware of what is a bully and how to handle them. 

Your child will come across a variety of different personalities at their school. Some positive people will motivate them to be their best. On the other hand, your child might come in contact with negative snobs, drama queens, and haters. All of these types of personalities have one thing in common which is insecurity. Some of them might be selfish, self-centered, and mean. 

Therefore, it is important to tell your child that they should confide in you about what is happening at school especially if they are being bullied. Also, if they are being criticized by family members or friends. Next, tell your child they should ignore, stay away, and not fall into the trap of snobs, haters, bullies, and drama queens. Additionally, make the school aware of the situation about your child being bullied. Sometimes, transferring your child to another school or homeschooling is a temporary solution to bullying. 

Keep an eye on your child's behavior and look for changes in their behavior. Notice any changes in their appetite, hygiene, and their body language. Stay updated and informed about your child's grades and who are their friends. Let them know that school is fun and a learning experience. Tell them that they should not be bullied and the issue should be addressed. Here are links about dealing with snobs, haters, criticism, drama queens, and bullies. 

5 Ways to Survive Criticism from Family Members:

How to Deal with a Drama Queen:

Snobs not Allowed:

How to Deal with Haters:

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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

How to make a Cellular Phone Pouch?

Cellular phone pouches are easy to make with leftover fabric. It is a quick sewing project. You do not need a sewing machine to make these cellular phone bags. This cellular pouch can be made in thirty minutes or less. Here is the sewing tutorial for making this cellular phone pouch. 


Leftover fabric



Embroidery floss/thread (optional)

Embroidery thread (optional)



Fabric pen/marker

First, use your cellular phone to get the measurements for the pouch. Then, use the fabric pen and your cellular to trace it onto the fabric. Leave a wide space for the sides of the pouch. Second, cut the rectangular shape with a pair of scissors. Third, begin sewing the sides of the pouch. 

After all three sides have been sewn, fold the top part of the fabric. Fourth, sew the folded fabric. Continue sewing the other side of the folded fabric. Then, continue sewing the pouch. Last, unfold the pouch. 

After the cellular phone pouch has been sewn, you can sew sequins onto the top of the fabric. These fabric cellular pouches can be washed by hand and lay flat to dry. You can also make an extra cellular phone pouch. Additionally, you can use embroidery thread to make these phone bags. Have fun sewing!

Here are two links for making your cellular phone pouch. One link is a YouTube video to make the cellular pouch. The second link has a tutorial for making a cellular phone bag for traveling. Do not make the cellular phone pouch too tight while sewing it. Nonetheless, you can make several cellular phone pouches for the family. 

How to Make a Phone Pouch With Leftover Fabric:

How to Make a DIY Cell Phone Bag:

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Sunday, August 15, 2021

How to Celebrate Happiness Happens Month?

The entire month of August is dedicated to Happiness Happens. Every year in August happiness is celebrated globally. Since 2000, people have been changing their thoughts to think and feel happier. Thanks to the secret society of happy people, Happiness Happens Month began in August.  This society was founded in 1998. 

You can celebrate Happiness Happens Month by doing things you like to do for others and yourself. Your motivation for happiness might be a little bit different than your friend, relative, or spouse. Everyone's definition of happiness varies and not everyone has a set pattern for what inspires happiness. Therefore, keep in mind what makes you happy and what makes your family happy. Here is a shortlist of what you can do to feel happier. 

1. Watch your favorite comedy television show for a good laugh. 

2. Do the hula hoop in a small group of family members or friends and smile. 

3. Take an online class about your favorite hobby. 

4. Do your favorite hobby while watching your television shows. 

5. Do your favorite hobby by listening to music. 

6. Make your favorite meal or your family's favorite meal. 

7. Participate in your favorite or new charity. 

8. Do something good for others. 

9. Ask someone if they need your help with something such as washing the dishes. 

10. Help a relative with household chores. 

Your list of happiness might be full of endless possibilities. Also, you can make a happiness journal or diary. If you love to paint, you can paint your happiness. No matter what you do feel gratitude along with your happiness.  Here are links to celebrate Happiness Happens. 

8 Creativity Infused Ways to Celebrate Happiness Happens Month:

How to Make Happiness Happen-Work Smart & Live Smart:

Happiness Happens Month:

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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Embroidering the Seasons

Embroidering the four seasons in undergarments is easy to do. Use basic designs such as a leaf, snowflake, sun, tulip, and a butterfly to symbolize the seasons. You can use different color embroidery threads or one color for your embroidery. In this example, yellow embroidery thread was used to embroider the sun onto one brief underwear. The sun was embroidered on both sides of the underwear. 

Stencils with small shapes can make it easier to make the embroidered design onto undergarments. The stencils can be found at any arts and craft store. However, there are free stencils online that can be reduced for embroidering. I find it easier to use stencils for doing embroidery. Here is the tutorial for embroidering the sun onto one pair of briefs. 


Embroidery Thread

Embroidery Needle

Several pairs of panties


Embroidery hoop (optional)

Fabric marker/pen 

Stencil (optional)

Use one clean brief underwear and a stencil to make the sun. Draw the sun with a fabric pen and a stencil onto the brief. Repeat the same step for the other corner of the brief. Insert embroidery thread onto an embroidery needle. Then, insert the needle onto the outline of the circle. 

Follow the lines as you stitch the circle. After the circle is embroidered, follow the lines to make the rays of the sun. The rays of the sun do not have to be embroidered the same. Continue embroidering to make the rays of the sun. Repeat the same steps for the other corner of the brief. 

Like all embroidered garments, wash them inside out. Follow the instructions of the garments for the water temperature.  Make sure all of the leftover thread is cut short and not sticking out from the inside of the brief.  Nonetheless, you will enjoy wearing your cute embroidered undergarments. Have fun embroidering. 


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Friday, August 13, 2021

Kappa Coloring Book Review

If you can't decide what adult coloring book you want to color, then this coloring book by Kappa Books Publishers might be for you. This book has sixteen coloring pages front and back. Each coloring page has different designs such as giraffes, flowers, desserts, pinwheels, bells, and other random drawings. I would recommend using colored pencils to color these pages. Also, do not use too sharp color pencils because some of the pages tend to rip. 

Yet, this coloring book will last a few weeks to complete. Each coloring page might take several hours to finish coloring it especially if you have interruptions throughout the day. This coloring book can be found at your nearest dollar store. After you are done coloring the whole book, you can tear out the coloring pages. The coloring pages can be framed and can be used to decorate your preteen or child's room. 

Additionally, you can find more adult coloring pages at the Kappa Coloring website. All of the Kappa books are designer series. This book is called the Joy of Coloring. You will have a relaxing time coloring these adult Kappa coloring books. Here is the link to the Kappa coloring books and puzzles. 

Kappa Books:

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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

How to do Color Therapy?

Color therapy can help you with depression, anxiety, and other issues. It lifts your mood, helps you sleep, and helps you feel better. Additionally, color therapy can help you heal emotionally. This method is used by color therapists and psychologists. It uses light and color to help your mind to relax and change your mood.

However, you can do color therapy when you do yoga. In your yoga classes, you might learn about chakras. There are seven chakras or energy fields. Each chakra has a color to specify the organs of the body. You can use certain colors in your yoga wardrobe to help you relax, feel energetic, and focused. 

If you do not practice yoga, you can still use color therapy in your wardrobe. If you are depressed, it is not recommended to wear too many black clothes. Certain colors can make you feel more depressed such as gray, black, and purple. Also, if you are too anxious it is not recommended to wear too much orange and red. Color therapy can also be applied to interior design, gemstone jewelry, and art therapy. 

Nevertheless, more research needs to be done regarding color therapy. Color therapy might not be for everyone. Consult with a psychologist if color therapy might help your anxiety, depression, or other issues. Color therapy does have a promising outlook as an alternative approach for emotional healing.  Here are links about the benefits of color therapy. 

Color Therapy-Benefits for Mood and More (Plus How to do it)-Dr. Axe:

Color Psychology-Does it Affect How You Feel:

How Does The Color of Your Clothes Affect Your Mood:

The Mood-Boosting Benefits of Color Therapy:

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Monday, August 9, 2021

DIY Hand Embroidered Hand Towel (Shooting Stars)

Embroidery has become one of my favorite hobbies. It also has a relaxing effect. It is similar to coloring except you are coloring fabric with color thread. This hand towel tutorial is about embroidering shooting stars. It is a continuation of the previous embroidery tutorial of embroidering a hand towel. 


Embroidery floss/thread 

Embroidery needle 


Hand Towel 

Embroidery hoop (optional) 

Stencil (optional)

Fabric pen/marker

Regular thread

Regular needle

Use a clean washed hand towel. Then, use a black pen or fabric pen to trace the stars onto the towel with a stencil. You can also draw the shooting stars by hand. Insert embroidery thread onto an embroidery needle and begin embroidering the stars. Fill in the stars with a different color thread. 

Next, use different color threads to embroider the bolts of light from the shooting stars. After you are done embroidering the stars, sew buttons onto the towel. This hand embroidery project will take about two or three days to do. It makes a fun decorating accent for your children's bathroom, guest bathroom, or for your bathroom. Additionally, it makes a good hostess gift if you know someone who likes handmade gifts. 

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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Tuna Salad for the Summer

Tuna salads make quick appetizers and as a side dish. This tuna salad has vegetables, lettuce, and tuna. If you are trying to cut down on bread, then this recipe is for you. No salad dressing is required. Here is the recipe for this tuna salad. 

Ingredients for tuna:

1 tuna can

1/2 of onions

1 to 4 celery sticks



1 Lemon

1 Tomato on a vine 

Ingredients for the salad: 


Baby Carrots

Sugar snap peas


Begin by making the tuna. Wash and slice four celery sticks. Then, slice half of an onion into cubes. After that wash and slice one tomato. Open one can of tuna.

Mix all of the ingredients in one bowl and add the tuna. Then add two or three spoons of mayonnaise. Mix the mayonnaise, tuna, and vegetables in the bowl. Wash one lemon and slice it in half. Use a juice squeezer to squeeze the lemon juice. 

Pour the lemon juice onto the tuna. Mix everything. Get one salad bowl and add the prewashed lettuce. Wash the sugar snap peas and baby carrots. Dry off the excess water with paper towels. 

Add the sugar snap peas and baby carrots on top of the lettuce. Last, add the tuna onto the lettuce, baby carrots, and sugar snap peas. Serve immediately. This tuna salad is for one or two people. You can accompany this tuna salad with lemonade or ice tea. Enjoy! 

Friday, August 6, 2021

How to do Restorative Yoga?

Restorative Yoga helps you sleep and have less pain. Each pose lasts longer before moving to the next pose. Before you begin restorative yoga, you will need bolsters, yoga blocks, cushions, and pillows. You can use rolled-up towels for your head, feet, and back. Also, you can roll up blankets to do restorative yoga. 

Some poses for this type of yoga might require an eye pillow such as the corpse pose. The eye pillow can be filled with aromatherapy to increase relaxation.  While doing the corpse pose, you can focus on your breathing. Another yoga pose is called the supine twist. The supine twist makes your hips, back, and shoulders more flexible.

You can also do the happy baby pose. Bend your legs and touch your feet. This pose opens your hips and stretches your thighs. You can do each pose slowly and keep them ten minutes apart. Here are more resources about restorative yoga. 

Restorative Yoga-Healing Through Stillness:

Restorative Yoga Poses:

What is Restorative Yoga?

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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Arugula Smoothie

Drinking an Arugula smoothie will provide vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, and potassium. Arugula also has folate. It has a pepper earthy taste. This smoothie with arugula was made with aloe vera juice. Aloe vera juice has vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin B,  potassium, and magnesium. 

Additionally, aloe vera juice has antioxidants. Aloe vera juice keeps you hydrated and is good for the liver. Consult your primary doctor before adding arugula and aloe vera juice to your diet. Arugula and aloe vera juice acts like blood thinners. Here is the recipe for making this arugula smoothie. 



1 Green apple

1 Cucumber

1 or 2 lemons

1/2 cup of Aloe Vera juice

1/2 cup of water 

In one blender, add arugula. Wash, peel, and slice one cucumber. Add the slices of cucumber. Cut one or two lemons and use a juice squeezer to get the lemon juice. Pour lemon juice, aloe vera juice, and water into the blender. 

Blend all the ingredients. This recipe is for one person. This smoothie can fill one 16 ounce bottle. It is a refreshing drink. Here are links about the benefits of arugula and aloe vera juice. 

Arugula Benefits and Nutrition:

11 Powerful Health Benefits of Arugula:

Arugula Benefits, Nutrition, and Salad Recipes-Dr. Axe:

Aloe Vera Juice Benefits:

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Monday, August 2, 2021

Good Habits for Wellness Month

It is National Wellness Month! Breaking unhealthy habits will improve your overall wellness. If you do not have a wellness plan, you can slowly incorporate good habits into your daily routine. Since the start of the pandemic, our health has been a top priority as well as the health of family members. Most people have changed their eating habits and are trying to eat healthier these days.

If you are like me, you started looking up recipes as inspiration and are trying to make your meals healthier for your family. Also, you started exercising more with your family. However, you might have noticed bad eating habits that you did not notice before. Therefore, breaking bad eating habits should be part of your wellness plan. Keep a food journal and write down what you eat throughout the day.

Another bad habit is not getting enough sleep. Recently, I started eating almonds to help me sleep better. Learning what types of foods to eat and not to eat before going to sleep will restore and improve your health. Additionally, you can use your food journal before you go to sleep which will help you notice any changes in how you feel after eating. You can make a list of the unhealthy habits that you want to break and make a wellness plan.

For example, you can write down a specific time to go to sleep at night and make it a routine schedule every day and on the weekends. You can make a list or have a specific notebook for your wellness plan. A wellness plan should include your nutrition, physical, and emotional health. It sounds difficult but having the right tools will make your wellness plan a success. Here is a list of unhealthy habits and solutions for your wellness plan.

1.  Eating late snacks when not hungry- Replace this habit by reading or by doing meditation.

2. Cracking your knuckles/nail-biting- Listen to music, drink water, or do counting meditation.

3. Lack of exercise- Clean your kitchen, take a walk, or do stretches.

4. Going to sleep at midnight- Start a sleep routine so you can go to sleep early.

5. Hurt feelings due to ungrateful people- Practice forgiveness and gratitude.

6. Too much junk food- Prepare your meals ahead of time before going out.

7. Drinking too many sodas- Drink water, tea, coffee, milk, or half a cup of juice to give up sodas.

8. Watching television past midnight- Set a television schedule, read, and meditate to sleep earlier. 

9. Sitting for many hours- Take a break from electronics and exercise.

10. Too many salty snacks- Replace your snacks with fruit, vegetables, or unsalted nuts.

Gradually, make a wellness plan to fit your lifestyle, work, and family. You can join a wellness program is offered through your health plan. Do not compare your wellness plan with your friends or family members. Nonetheless, make your wellness plan personalized to your own needs. Here are more resources about adding good habits to your wellness plan. 

The Best Foods to Help You Sleep-Sleep Foundation:

10 Health & Wellness Habits to Help Structure Your Life:

10 Wellness Habits Everyone Should Practice-Well & Good:

11 Life-Changing Wellness Habits to Start in the New Year:

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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Dove Nourishing Body Care Cream Review


If you need a deep intense moisturizer for your dry skin, the Dove Nourishing Body Care Cream might be for you. Recently, I tried the Dove Nourishing Body Care rich nourishment cream for my hands. This cream has a light scent when applied to your hands. You can apply this cream during the day or night. However, I prefer using this cream at night with a pair of gloves or mittens. 

Also, I liked applying this cream on my feet with a pair of socks. After applying this cream for two days, my skin felt smooth. I would recommend applying a small amount of this cream because it might feel a little bit oily. This Dove cream is not tested on animals. It makes a good cream to treat dry skin because it has water to moisturize your skin. Below is a link to the Dove Body Care Cream. 

Dove Body Care Cream:

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