Wednesday, November 30, 2022

National Computer Security Day (November 2022)

Every November 30th is National Computer Security Day. It is necessary to do several tasks when you are using your computer and other electronic devices. Make sure your firewall is turned on, especially after updating your devices. Review your settings to make sure certain items get blocked to prevent viruses and computer damage. Delete tracking cookies and other cookies after using the internet. 

Delete your online browsing history each time you use your computer. Also, do the same thing for your cell phone. Always do an anti-virus check for your USBs and the entire device. Defragment your computer before updating your computer. After your computer is done updating, make sure to review your security settings.

Keep your devices clean from dust and away from drinks including food crumbs. Read and learn about malware, virus news, and other topics to keep your data secure. Be alert when you are browsing websites. Block and delete spam mail, phishing mail, and other suspicious e-mails. Here are websites about computer security. 

National Computer Security Day-30th November-History and How to Celebrate this Day:

National Computer Security Day - 30th November | History and How to Celebrate this Day? (

Top 10 Secure Computing Tips-Information Security Office-Berkeley Education:

Top 10 Secure Computing Tips | Information Security Office (

How to Secure Your PC in 10 Easy Steps-CNET:

How to secure your PC in 10 easy steps - CNET

* Desktop Computer Clip Art from Clipart Panda-Free Clipart Images:

Desktop Computer Clip Art | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart Images

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Monday, November 28, 2022

How to Avoid Holiday Stress in December?

Avoiding holiday stress is inevitable but it is possible to have a less chaotic month with your family. Take some time to reduce your stress this month by setting boundaries with your family and friends. Do not feel guilty for saying no to some of the holiday invitations. Sometimes you have to say no to holiday events especially if you know you will feel uncomfortable at that gathering. It is necessary to set a limit on the events and gatherings that you can attend for you to feel relaxed. 

Additionally, you must avoid holiday burn-out to get plenty of rest and build your energy levels. Avoid overeating by limiting the portions on your dinner plate. Drink water before you eat the appetizers. Limit your caffeinated and alcoholic beverages. Have fruit instead of salty snacks. 

Listen carefully to what you say and what the people say in your gatherings. Evade any type of harsh words and criticism. Be careful with what you say. Take turns hosting the family gatherings and doing potlucks. This will reduce the stress from cooking and washing too many dishes. 

Make your home inviting for your guests. Fix any household repairs ahead of time. Wear cool-colored clothing to make you feel less anxious. Do a self-care routine before guests arrive. Repeat and say a peaceful mantra or affirmation to yourself. 

Saying mantras or peaceful affirmations will help you relax. Watch movies, play games, or have a karaoke session with your family. Keep your family and friends entertained. Maintain the same sleep schedule so you will feel less tired. Here are more websites about reducing holiday stress. 

Holiday Gatherings with Family: Tips for Holiday Stress and Anxiety-Web MD:

12 Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress-Symptoms of Mental Health Disorders-The Recovery Village:

How to Avoid Holiday Stress-Next Avenue Organization:

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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Pornography & Mental Health

Every year people get addicted to pornography due to the high adrenaline and the chemical reactions in the brain. Too much pornography is addictive, and it damages healthy relationships. Although, a little bit of pornography does enhance and make a healthy intimate relationship satisfying; It also distorts the human body and makes a different perception of intimacy.  Yet, viewing pornography twenty-four hours a day is addictive and harms your mental health. More people are getting addicted to pornography to get a temporary sense of pleasure in the brain without knowing the consequences. 

Pornography damages the relationship with your partner. It changes your mood making you feel insecure and aggressive, and a temporary feeling of gratification. In the long run, this stimulation of the brain is unhealthy. There will be a rush of spontaneous happiness and a quick feeling of sadness after viewing pornography. This will make you feel terrible, disgusted, and dirty about yourself. 

You might compare your partner's body to the actresses in the pornography movie. This will make you make bad comments toward your partner making him or her feel inadequate about themselves. These comparisons about body appearances are destructive and lower your partner's self-esteem. Additionally, you will want and ask your partner to change their appearance so they can look more like the pornography actresses. Besides that, this will make your partner no longer want to be intimate with you. 

Pornography changes your perceptions and makes you want to live in that fantasy world. This misinterprets your reality and makes you feel obsessed with sexual intimacy. When a child is exposed to pornography at an early age it makes them believe that is what sexual intimacy is all about. It also makes them feel withdrawn from their friends and makes them feel depressed. As this cycle of pornography continues, a teenager loses respect for young women. 

It makes them believe that is the only technique to get a girlfriend. This makes them avoid the feeling of loneliness, boredom, and lack of socializing. If this is not treated, the adult becomes anxious and unable to sleep if he or she is not exposed to pornography. It makes him or her believe that pornographic comments are acceptable, and it is the only form of flirting. Furthermore, pornography may lead to other addictions such as alcoholism and substance abuse. 

When women are exposed to pornography, they become more self-conscious about their bodies. They may feel that their body is not attractive enough for their partners. It makes them negatively compare their partner's body. Also, it makes them see a man's body as a sexual object. But most of all it makes a woman lose respect for a man and makes them obsessed with looks.

Pornography challenges healthy relationships and each other's mental state. It makes your partner treat you with less passion and treat you as a sexual machine. As well as influencing your partner to treat you less than him. Pornography must be discontinued. These days pornography is easily found online for free, e-mail scams, advertisements, and other digital media. 

Pornography uses a person's body and mind in a negative aspect. It is time-consuming to block and delete those e-mails, but it is necessary for your mental health. Children should not be exposed to pornography. It is harmful to their developing brains and their behavior. If you or your partner want to quit pornography, here is more information. 

How to Quit Porn:

End Sexual Exploitation Organization-Issues about Pornography: 

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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Reading & Mindfulness


Reading is a simple way to practice mindfulness and meditation. Begin by selecting a short book that you would like to read in the afternoon or before going to sleep. You can choose a book of poetry, a short romance novel, or a book that grabs your attention to read it. When you have selected a book, find a quiet place to read it aloud. Feel comfortable while sitting or lying down before you start to read.

Add extra pillows if needed to feel comfortable. Carefully open the first page of the book and read slowly. Do not rush into it. Take slow breaths while you read aloud. Visualize and imagine the place, the sounds, the social environment, and other themes that might appear in the novel.

If you are reading a poem, visualize what the poet is trying to convey and how it makes you feel. Practice reading five pages per day to get in the habit of applying mindfulness to your routine. Reading relaxes the mind and the body. Feel inspired by what you read while you meditate on the words that are in the book. Make sure you read a book that is uplifting, motivational, and makes you feel positive.

If there are words you do not understand from the book, you can look up the definition of the words to help you know what the writer was trying to say. Reading builds your vocabulary. Nonetheless, you will feel less anxious and temporarily block your fears. It stimulates the brain to be creative and reduces stress. Reading makes you socialize more and feel more confident when you are speaking to someone.

Reading is a great hobby to do without making it into a chore. You can also read the words of music lyrics if you like to read something in five or ten minutes. If the room is too quiet while you read aloud, you can play soft instrumental music in the background. Reading also helps you to fall asleep quicker and to relax. Here are more resources about reading and mindfulness. 

Is Reading a Form of Meditation-Thrive:

Is reading a form of meditation? |

7 Reasons Why Reading is the Same as Meditation-My Reading World:

7 Reasons Why Reading is the Same as Meditation – MyReadingWorld

How Reading Aloud can be a Mindfulness Practice-Mindful:

How Reading Aloud Can Be a Mindfulness Practice - Mindful

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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Snow Globe Coloring Pages 2022


Since 1878 snow globes were made and were sold in 1879 throughout Europe. Now, snow globes are sold all over the world and it makes a beautiful decoration in your home. Snow globes continue to sell throughout the many seasons and holidays with nostalgic themes. Also snow globes can be made using your family’s picture to display in the living room. Additionally, snow globe coloring pages are still popular to get prepared for Christmas.

Today, I have created three coloring pages of snow globes. There is a coloring page of a winter home. The other two coloring pages is a snow woman and a snow man. These coloring pages are free and for your personal use. Thank you for following, commenting, and reading my blog. 

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Monday, November 21, 2022

Holiday Breakfast

During the busiest season, it is so easy to skip breakfast. But it is a bad idea not to eat anything after waking up in the morning. Using fewer ingredients you can make this holiday breakfast for yourself and your family. You can serve this breakfast with hot coffee, hot black tea, or orange juice. Here is the recipe for making this holiday breakfast. 


Half of an onion 

One bell pepper 

One or two cans of garbanzo beans 


Chicken broth or bouillon or vegetable broth 

Unsalted crackers 

Baby bell cheese 

One or two tomatoes 

Extra virgin olive oil 

Black pepper

Preparation and Cooking time: 

In one skillet add sliced tomatoes, bell peppers, and onions with olive oil. In another pot, add sliced bell peppers and onions with broth or bouillon with water. If you are using broth there is no need for water in the pot. Open one can of garbanzos and rinse the garbanzos. Then add the garbanzos to the pot. 

Stir the vegetables in the skillet and add the eggs. Continue stirring the eggs and vegetables. Once the scrambled eggs are ready, serve the eggs with the garbanzo soup. Add unsalted crackers and the baby bell cheese. Then add black pepper to the eggs. 

This simple breakfast will keep you and your family feeling good and ready to start the day. You can add ketchup to your eggs or a little bit of salt. But this is optional. After making this meal, you will not want to skip breakfast. Enjoy this holiday breakfast. 

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Sunday, November 20, 2022

World Hello Day 2022

Saying Hello can be said in many languages, and it is always a friendly greeting to say to anyone. World Hello Day is observed every November 21st. Although it is not an official holiday to celebrate,  it is a good way to practice kindness to others. Sometimes saying hello is enough to cheer someone and make them in a good mood. More than one hundred and eighty countries bring the awareness of saying hello and promoting peace. 

Some people make an effort to say hello to ten people. This can be done in person or on social media. While others learn to say hello in different languages through the Babbel or another language application. Also, kids can make a drawing using the word, hello to greet their parents. Saying hello is so easy to do but not everyone takes the time to say it to someone. 

When you use the word hello, others get the impression that you are friendly and ready to socialize with them. It also shows you have good manners. Teenagers should practice saying hello to their teachers, parents, and others. It is a good habit to do. Even if not everyone will return your hello, it is a nice way to start your day. 

You can also write a note, a letter, or a card to someone with a brief message and a hello. World Hello Day is a sociable day to practice acts of kindness. Try saying hello to someone and you might make a new friend. Do not be shy to say hello to someone. Here is a website about World Hello Day. 

World Hello Day Sends Thousands of Greetings Around the World:

World Hello Day sends thousands of greetings around the world.

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Friday, November 18, 2022

How to Back Up Your Data?

Backing up computer data is a useful skill that any student can learn for their future job and for their personal information at home. There are paid services that can be used to back up computer information. But students can use USBs to back up their homework in three easy steps. First, make sure the USB is formatted even if it is a new USB. Second, name the drive of the USB or use the letter that automatically comes with the drive of the USB.

Third, make a blank folder in the USB by making a right click and highlighting on new folder. Fourth, rename the blank folder by right clicking where it says rename. Fifth add your homework, notes, and scanned items inside the folder. You can have several folders in the USB drive for your math, science, art, and other homework subjects. Make sure your USB drive has a high unit of data storage or gigabyte.

Another way is by making a folder inside your e-mail. Using your e-mail account, you can make a new folder and name the folder. In that folder you can store your homework for the week or for the month. You can make many folders in your e-mail account and rename them based on your homework subjects. Always use the two-step factor authentication in your e-mail account especially if you are backing up your homework in your e-mail.

Last you can use the cloud that is provided from your e-mail account or from another cloud service. In the cloud you can also make several folders and name each folder. Upload your homework assignments, notes, and scanned documents. What is good about saving your homework in various ways is that you will not have to worry about forgetting to bring your typed homework assignments. Always print out a hard copy of your homework assignments and save copies of your handwritten homework on the computer.

As a student you will learn basic computer skills at school or in college. However, I found it easier to back up homework by using these methods. Back up your homework in various sources especially if the cloud is not working online or there is a server error. Be careful when handling USB’s and take them out gently from the computer. Here are more resources about backing up your homework. 

5 Ways to Back up Your Data and Keep it Safe-Life Wire: 

5 Ways to Back up Your Data and Keep It Safe (

How Students Can Back Up Their Data in 2022-Best Free Paid Options Infographic:

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*Black USB clip art png:

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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Three Components that Damage Relationships

Relationships require patience, time, and sharing a lot about each other. Over time some relationships tend to get damaged because of resentment, secrets, and not taking care of oneself. Other times family members meddle in a couple's relationship which makes it worse. When a person has childhood resentment and continues bringing it into their committed relationship; It makes it harder to communicate with their partner. Since there is so much anger due to bad childhood experiences, their partner does not fully understand them. 

When there are too many secrets, their partner is filled with doubts. Also, there is so much intrigue to know what their partner is hiding. This creates frustration, self-doubt, and not knowing what to do to fix it. It is alright to have one or two small secrets from your partner. However, if the secret is life-threatening, medical, or anything important it is best not to hide it from your partner. 

Always take care of yourself and have a good appearance. When one partner loses their beautiful or sensual appearance, it might make their partner lose interest. Not taking care of oneself makes it difficult to feel that attraction from your partner. Practice good hygiene habits and look beautiful. Make your partner proud to be with you. 

It hurts so much when one partner does not want to be seen in public with their partner. Furthermore, relationships can be damaged by other factors. But having resentment and secrets hurt on a deeper level which often comes with consequences. Do not let family members meddle in your relationships. Here are more websites about resentment and secrets that ruin relationships. 

Can a Relationship Recover from Resentment-Psychology Today:

Can a Relationship Recover From Resentment? | Psychology Today

Why Secrets Can Ruin Relationships-Psychology Today:

Why Secrets Can Ruin Relationships | Psychology Today

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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Dandruff and Natural Treatments for the Hair

Dandruff can appear anytime throughout the year. It feels embarrassing and frustrating to have dandruff in your hair. Using dandruff shampoo might not be enough for moisturizing your hair. Sometimes getting a haircut helps with controlling dandruff. But other products can help you manage and minimize dandruff on your hair. 

These products can be found in your kitchen. Other products need to be purchased to mix with vinegar, water, or olive oil. Also, you will need an empty spray bottle, traveling shampoo bottles, and traveling conditioner bottles to mix the natural ingredients. Additional items such as towels, a hair comb, and time to wash your hair. You can do this in the morning or at night. 

Reserve some time for taking care of your hair needs. You can use one egg yolk and extra virgin olive oil on your scalp. Egg hair masks nourish your hair and make a natural shiny look on your hair. Leave the egg mask for about thirty minutes. Completely rinse your hair especially if you have naturally oily hair.

Another way is using apple cider vinegar or distilled white vinegar with essential oils. You can use lavender, mint, eucalyptus, or tea tree oil to mix in a spray bottle with vinegar. Wet your hair and spray a mixture of essential oil with vinegar. Avoid spraying this near your eyes. Then massage it in your hair for about twenty minutes. 

After that apply shampoo and massage your hair. Rinse it out. There is no need to use a conditioner when using vinegar. Vinegar also makes your hair look shiny and healthy. Do not do this every day because vinegar may dry your hair too much. 

Essential oils can also be diluted with extra virgin olive oil and massaged on your scalp. Make sure you leave it on for about thirty minutes before rinsing your hair. Then use shampoo to rinse the leftover oils. Baking soda can also be used by mixing it with water. Leave on your hair and rinse it out. 

Coconut oil can also be used to moisturize your scalp. Aloe vera has also been beneficial for minimizing the amount of dandruff. Lemon juice can be sprayed onto your hair with vinegar. Lemon creates natural highlights on your hair and may help in treating dandruff. Always make sure you rinse your hair well after using these ingredients. 

Taking care of your hair is necessary to keep it looking healthy and glossy. Keep in mind that some natural ingredients might dry your hair too much. It is recommended to do these treatments once or twice a week. Sometimes doing these treatments once a month may also prevent drying your hair in excess. Here are resources for natural treatments for dandruff. 


Eucalyptus Oil for Dandruff-Benefits and How to Use-Useful Essential Oils:

How to Get Rid of Dandruff-9 Home Remedies-Healthline:

How to Get Rid of Dandruff-10 Natural Remedies-Dr. Axe:

How to Get Rid of Dandruff Using Natural Treatments-Reader's Digest:

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Monday, November 14, 2022

Salad with Pumpkin Seeds (World Diabetes Day)

Every November 14th is World Diabetes Day. Eating healthier has become a priority since the Covid-19 pandemic. More people have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes during the pandemic. Diabetes has significantly increased and it is somewhat disturbing. In addition to eating healthier, exercise must be incorporated into the day to use some of the sugar and to prevent further damage.

Diabetes causes complications in the heart and other organs when the high sugar levels are not taken care of. This disease may be due to stress, genetics, and environmental factors. Diabetes type 2 is different than Diabetes type 1. Regardless of what type of diabetes you have, it is necessary to make some dietary changes and add exercise, and relaxing techniques to keep sugar levels in control. Also knowing what types of foods can help lower your high sugar levels in addition to exercise. 

This does not take the place of insulin or medication for diabetes. Monitoring your sugar levels twice or three times a day will help you understand your diabetes. Keep in mind that your sugar can be high or low before going to sleep. It is recommended to have snacks in between your meals and before going to sleep. Always consult with your primary doctor before adding or eliminating certain food items. 

Consuming pumpkin seeds may help with high blood pressure and with diabetes. A small portion of pumpkin seeds has magnesium, iron, potassium, copper, vitamin K, fiber, and zinc. It may help with anxiety and improve sleep issues as well as having anti-cancer properties. Pumpkin seeds may help with cholesterol. Here is a basic side salad recipe. 


Mixed salad greens 

One cucumber

One tomato


One hard-boiled egg 

Baby corn in a jar


Pumpkin seeds

Italian or Balsamic vinaigrette 

Preparation and Cooking Time: 

Boil one egg in a pot with water. While the egg is cooking, wash and peel a cucumber. Slice one cucumber. Wash and slice one tomato. Wash three or four radishes. 

Slice the baby corn and radishes. Add the mixed salad greens to a bowl. Then mix the salad greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, and baby corn with the vinaigrette. Peel one hard-boiled egg and slice it. Last, add the pumpkin seeds.

This salad serves one person. But you need to add more vegetables, mixed salad greens, and hard-boiled eggs if you are serving this salad to more people. Also, this salad will help you if you have digestive issues. Make sure you mix the pumpkin seeds in the vinaigrette because it will make it easier to chew. It is a crunchy and delicious salad. 

Pumpkin seeds make a good snack for the afternoon. It is also beneficial for men's fertility and ED. Women may benefit from eating pumpkin seeds because they may help with fertility. Additionally with an overactive bladder and urinary issues. Here are more websites about the health benefits of pumpkin seeds.


Pumpkin Seeds-Health Benefits, Nutrients per Serving, Preparation Information, and More-Web MD:

Pumpkin Seeds: Health Benefits, Nutrients per Serving, Preparation Information, and More (

Top 11 Science-Based Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds-Healthline:

Top 11 Science-Based Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds (

Science-Based Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds-Entirely Health:

Science-Based Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds – Entirely Health

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Sunday, November 13, 2022

Three Common Relationship Issues

Some relationships require a lot of time, attention, and making sure both of you feel safe. Also, some relationships make you want to reevaluate yourself and what brought you together as a couple. While other relationships are so complex which makes you wonder why your partner's conversations and actions do not match. Yet, you tend to blame yourself for your partner's lack of attention, lack of intimacy, or lack of respect. All of these aspects are common after being in a long relationship.

Everything has to do with good communication, trust, and appreciation for each other. If you start a relationship without trusting yourself, your partner may find it difficult to trust you. Similarly, if your partner does not trust himself and others, it will be difficult to trust you. Trust needs to be built at the beginning of the relationship. Frequently being jealous, asking too many questions about your whereabouts, and being disapproving are not going to help either one trust the other. 

Together as a couple, you must work at trusting each other and giving each other support. Another huge relationship issue is communication. Sometimes one partner will communicate more than the other. This may lead one partner to suspect that their partner is hiding something, avoiding certain topics, or being too secretive with personal information about themselves. It creates a problem because one partner feels left out, feels empty, and not knowing what their partner feels. 

You do not need to report to your partner every minute of your day. But you need to give him some details about what is bothering you and how he can help you. Even if your partner cannot help you, just having his assistance and feeling his presence is enough. Communication and correcting misunderstandings within the relationship will make it stronger. When there is a lack of communication, the relationship may get weakened. 

Additionally, your partner does not want to be bothered and does not communicate with you within a set time frame; This is a warning that something major is going on in his mind. As well as some personal problems he does not want you to know. When this occurs you feel unappreciated. Feeling unappreciated is the worst element someone can do in a relationship. Frequently doing this in a relationship is deteriorating for you and your partner.  

It may mean he has no empathy, affection, or care for you. As a partner, one must feel appreciated, loved, and cared for. When trust and communication are unsteadily making your partner not respect you; It is harder to keep the relationship. Therefore, trust, communication, and appreciation have to be continually carried out to make a relationship work. Here are links to make your relationship better.   

How Lack of Communication can Ruin Relationships & How to Fix it-Mind Body Green:

How Lack Of Communication Can Ruin Relationships & How To Fix It | mindbodygreen

10 Things to Do if you are Feeling Unappreciated in Your Relationship-Bonobology:

10 Things To Do If You Are Feeling Unappreciated In Your Relationship (

Trust in a Relationship-Why It's Important-and How to Build It-The Healthy:

Trust in a Relationship: Why It's Important—and How to Build It (

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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Does the Ideal Skinny Body Exist?

The ideal skinny body does not exist. But what does exist are eating disorders, addictions, cosmetic surgeries, and the desire for perfect beauty. The need for perfectionism can be caused by a lack of self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, insecurities, and too many rejections. It makes anyone feel that if they change their appearance that they might attract someone. However, it is devasting and painful to go through so many changes in the pursuit of dating someone.

A woman with a lack of self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, and a lack of body positivity, and a lack of self-love will want to pursue the idea of having the ideal body. She might want to lose too much weight, exercise too much, and update her clothes to attract that person. Yet, with all those changes she may resort to cosmetic surgery because of body dissatisfaction. If she is a teenager, it hurts the family more to see this young person change her appearance. Also, too much influence from social media will make anyone feel bad about themselves.

Their mental health suffers because of the strong yearning of having the ideal skinny body. Teenagers must realize that their bodies will continue changing as they get older. They must realize that what their boyfriend or girlfriend says might not always be good advice when it comes to their appearance. When a teenager is relying on their appearances to attract someone, their self-esteem and their self-confidence get reduced. It is crucial to let them know that looks are not everything in attracting someone.

He or she should know their real self and implement self-love at an early age. In addition, having body positivity is a valuable resource for creating strong self-esteem and self-confidence for the younger generations. Teenagers and women should not look for the ideal skinny body instead they should embrace the body that they have. As well as leaving prejudices, bad comments, and negativity out the door when it comes to one’s appearance. Comparisons of one’s body must end to feel good about being a teenager or a woman. 

Often being influenced by a friend, a family member, or a boyfriend can make her be influenced easily. This influence makes her feel, act, think, and look at themselves differently. When their boyfriend has low self-esteem and no self-confidence, he might mirror that aspect into his girlfriend making her feel shame. Similarly, when her female friend tells her that she looks overweight and not skinny; She needs to realize that is not a friend. Teenagers and women must let go of unrealistic views about how their bodies should look.

It is not surprising that more women seek to have the ideal skinny body. Most women may deny that they once did drastic changes to fulfill their boyfriend or girlfriend's perception of their ideal skinny body. Yet, they do not feel happiness towards themselves. Therefore, eliminate those unrealistic judgments and take care of your body. Practice realistically seeing your body without harsh criticism of how it looks. 

A good friend or your significant partner will love you no matter if you are overweight or slim. He or she will not make you compare yourself to other women that they admire. Acknowledge the fact that everyone sees the female anatomy from different perspectives. Be receptive to how people make you feel when they speak negatively about your body. Understand that there will be boyfriends and girlfriends who evaluate your body in a pessimistic manner.

Although not every boyfriend or girlfriend would do this, try to view your body in a good way. Nourish your body with food, exercise, and with care. If the ideal body did exist, every woman and man would look the same. There would not be a variation in body types that makes everyone unique. Remember that you will attract the appropriate person for you to love without body shaming you.

The ideal skinny body is a fantasy created in the mind. It does not characterize a woman's emotions and attitude. Furthermore, every woman must feel satisfied with herself. Removing the dream of the ideal skinny body will make any woman feel better about herself. Here are websites on this topic.


Social Media, Thin-Ideal, Body Dissatisfaction and Disordered Eating Attitudes-An Exploratory Analysis:

Social Media, Thin-Ideal, Body Dissatisfaction, and Disordered Eating Attitudes: An Exploratory Analysis - PMC (

Why Our Culture is Obsessed with Thinness-Next Avenue:

Why Our Culture Is Obsessed With Thinness – Next Avenue

The Right Weight to Be Attractive-Psychology Today:

The Right Weight to Be Attractive | Psychology Today

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Friday, November 11, 2022

Holiday Beef Dinner

Preparing a holiday dinner can be stressful but it is simple if you have all the ingredients ready ahead of time. Sometimes all you need is a few spices to give meat or chicken a savory flavor. Holiday dinners should not be complicated as long as you know a few basic cooking skills. First decide if you are going to have seafood, beef, or a chicken meal for your holiday dinner. Second, gather all your ingredients and spices before you begin cooking your meal.

In this example, this beef holiday dinner does take about one or two hours to prepare, especially if you are cooking it all by yourself without any help. However, this holiday dinner will amaze your family members and friends. You and your entire family will enjoy this holiday beef dinner. You can serve this dinner with hot tea, caffeine-free coffee, or with hot apple cider. Here is the recipe for making this beef holiday dinner.

Ingredients for Holiday Beef Dinner:


Lemon and pepper

Saffron powder

Ground cumin

Cayenne Pepper



One packet of beef tenderloin steak



Mixed salad greens

Roasted peanuts (optional)


Italian salad dressing or Balsamic vinaigrette

One can of lentils

One onion

One bell pepper 


Salt (Optional)

One lemon

Extra virgin olive oil (optional)

Preparation and Cooking Time:

Begin by slicing one bell pepper. Add water with sliced bell peppers into a skillet. Prepare the beef tenderloin steak with spices and place it in the skillet with the bell peppers. Cook the meat in water until it is well done. While the meat is cooking add lemon juice and prepare the lentils. 

Wash and slice the celery into small pieces. Open one can of lentils and add into a pot. Add half of the sliced celery to the pot with lentils. Then the other half of the celery is used for the salad. Slice radishes and tomatoes for the salad. 

Toss the salad with the celery, radishes, and tomatoes with the salad dressing. Add roasted peanuts to the salad. The roasted peanuts are optional for the salad. Slice onions for the meat and the lentils. Add the sliced onions to the lentils. 

Remove the meat from the skillet. Slice the meat into small pieces. Then you can add sliced onions to a skillet with extra olive oil and the sliced meat. Add the bell peppers while the meat gets grilled with the onions. Serve the meat with onions and bell peppers. 

Add the salad on the side with a small bowl of lentils. This meal can serve two or three people depending on their appetite. This simple delicious meal can also be paired with nonalcoholic sparkling apple cider.  You can add salt to the meat which is optional. Enjoy your holiday beef dinner. Thank you, Veterans!

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Thursday, November 10, 2022

The Importance of Meditation and Diabetes

Anyone can practice meditation by having the right mindset and attitude. It takes practice to stand still, lie down quietly, and focus on your breathing.  But if you are new at meditating and are diabetic, you can do meditation with some preparation. Eat a small snack or a small meal before doing mindfulness, guided Meditation, yoga, walking meditation, or any other form of meditation.  Carry a water bottle, a small juice box, or a fruit cup if you are going to walk for two hours. 

Prepare your room or a small corner with a mat, bolsters, cushions, or a small pillow for doing Yoga. Make sure the floor is not slippery if you are going to do Tai Chi or movement meditation. Begin slowly with your movements and when you do stretches. Do not force yourself too much when you are flexing your muscles. Play music or listen to guided Meditations while laying down. 

Meditation is important if you are diabetic because it helps lower your blood pressure. It helps you calm down while your cardiovascular system also relaxes. Your brain fog and fatigue also improve by learning to relax. Additionally, your sleeping routine improves. Always monitor your sugar levels especially if you meditate for one hour. 

Meditation reduces your sugar levels. It brings awareness of the self and improves your behavior. Meditating improves your eating habits by making healthier choices. Also, it may lessen body aches and pain. You will be attentive to your emotions. 

Begin to meditate for ten minutes and gradually meditate for more minutes. Start your day or night by meditating. Use a meditation application to practice breathing slowly. Consult with your primary doctor before you meditate, do walking meditation, do Yoga, or do any other type of meditation. Here are websites about meditation and diabetes.


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