Friday, November 11, 2022

Holiday Beef Dinner

Preparing a holiday dinner can be stressful but it is simple if you have all the ingredients ready ahead of time. Sometimes all you need is a few spices to give meat or chicken a savory flavor. Holiday dinners should not be complicated as long as you know a few basic cooking skills. First decide if you are going to have seafood, beef, or a chicken meal for your holiday dinner. Second, gather all your ingredients and spices before you begin cooking your meal.

In this example, this beef holiday dinner does take about one or two hours to prepare, especially if you are cooking it all by yourself without any help. However, this holiday dinner will amaze your family members and friends. You and your entire family will enjoy this holiday beef dinner. You can serve this dinner with hot tea, caffeine-free coffee, or with hot apple cider. Here is the recipe for making this beef holiday dinner.

Ingredients for Holiday Beef Dinner:


Lemon and pepper

Saffron powder

Ground cumin

Cayenne Pepper



One packet of beef tenderloin steak



Mixed salad greens

Roasted peanuts (optional)


Italian salad dressing or Balsamic vinaigrette

One can of lentils

One onion

One bell pepper 


Salt (Optional)

One lemon

Extra virgin olive oil (optional)

Preparation and Cooking Time:

Begin by slicing one bell pepper. Add water with sliced bell peppers into a skillet. Prepare the beef tenderloin steak with spices and place it in the skillet with the bell peppers. Cook the meat in water until it is well done. While the meat is cooking add lemon juice and prepare the lentils. 

Wash and slice the celery into small pieces. Open one can of lentils and add into a pot. Add half of the sliced celery to the pot with lentils. Then the other half of the celery is used for the salad. Slice radishes and tomatoes for the salad. 

Toss the salad with the celery, radishes, and tomatoes with the salad dressing. Add roasted peanuts to the salad. The roasted peanuts are optional for the salad. Slice onions for the meat and the lentils. Add the sliced onions to the lentils. 

Remove the meat from the skillet. Slice the meat into small pieces. Then you can add sliced onions to a skillet with extra olive oil and the sliced meat. Add the bell peppers while the meat gets grilled with the onions. Serve the meat with onions and bell peppers. 

Add the salad on the side with a small bowl of lentils. This meal can serve two or three people depending on their appetite. This simple delicious meal can also be paired with nonalcoholic sparkling apple cider.  You can add salt to the meat which is optional. Enjoy your holiday beef dinner. Thank you, Veterans!

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