Sunday, November 20, 2022

World Hello Day 2022

Saying Hello can be said in many languages, and it is always a friendly greeting to say to anyone. World Hello Day is observed every November 21st. Although it is not an official holiday to celebrate,  it is a good way to practice kindness to others. Sometimes saying hello is enough to cheer someone and make them in a good mood. More than one hundred and eighty countries bring the awareness of saying hello and promoting peace. 

Some people make an effort to say hello to ten people. This can be done in person or on social media. While others learn to say hello in different languages through the Babbel or another language application. Also, kids can make a drawing using the word, hello to greet their parents. Saying hello is so easy to do but not everyone takes the time to say it to someone. 

When you use the word hello, others get the impression that you are friendly and ready to socialize with them. It also shows you have good manners. Teenagers should practice saying hello to their teachers, parents, and others. It is a good habit to do. Even if not everyone will return your hello, it is a nice way to start your day. 

You can also write a note, a letter, or a card to someone with a brief message and a hello. World Hello Day is a sociable day to practice acts of kindness. Try saying hello to someone and you might make a new friend. Do not be shy to say hello to someone. Here is a website about World Hello Day. 

World Hello Day Sends Thousands of Greetings Around the World:

World Hello Day sends thousands of greetings around the world.

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