Monday, November 21, 2022

Holiday Breakfast

During the busiest season, it is so easy to skip breakfast. But it is a bad idea not to eat anything after waking up in the morning. Using fewer ingredients you can make this holiday breakfast for yourself and your family. You can serve this breakfast with hot coffee, hot black tea, or orange juice. Here is the recipe for making this holiday breakfast. 


Half of an onion 

One bell pepper 

One or two cans of garbanzo beans 


Chicken broth or bouillon or vegetable broth 

Unsalted crackers 

Baby bell cheese 

One or two tomatoes 

Extra virgin olive oil 

Black pepper

Preparation and Cooking time: 

In one skillet add sliced tomatoes, bell peppers, and onions with olive oil. In another pot, add sliced bell peppers and onions with broth or bouillon with water. If you are using broth there is no need for water in the pot. Open one can of garbanzos and rinse the garbanzos. Then add the garbanzos to the pot. 

Stir the vegetables in the skillet and add the eggs. Continue stirring the eggs and vegetables. Once the scrambled eggs are ready, serve the eggs with the garbanzo soup. Add unsalted crackers and the baby bell cheese. Then add black pepper to the eggs. 

This simple breakfast will keep you and your family feeling good and ready to start the day. You can add ketchup to your eggs or a little bit of salt. But this is optional. After making this meal, you will not want to skip breakfast. Enjoy this holiday breakfast. 

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