Thursday, November 17, 2022

Three Components that Damage Relationships

Relationships require patience, time, and sharing a lot about each other. Over time some relationships tend to get damaged because of resentment, secrets, and not taking care of oneself. Other times family members meddle in a couple's relationship which makes it worse. When a person has childhood resentment and continues bringing it into their committed relationship; It makes it harder to communicate with their partner. Since there is so much anger due to bad childhood experiences, their partner does not fully understand them. 

When there are too many secrets, their partner is filled with doubts. Also, there is so much intrigue to know what their partner is hiding. This creates frustration, self-doubt, and not knowing what to do to fix it. It is alright to have one or two small secrets from your partner. However, if the secret is life-threatening, medical, or anything important it is best not to hide it from your partner. 

Always take care of yourself and have a good appearance. When one partner loses their beautiful or sensual appearance, it might make their partner lose interest. Not taking care of oneself makes it difficult to feel that attraction from your partner. Practice good hygiene habits and look beautiful. Make your partner proud to be with you. 

It hurts so much when one partner does not want to be seen in public with their partner. Furthermore, relationships can be damaged by other factors. But having resentment and secrets hurt on a deeper level which often comes with consequences. Do not let family members meddle in your relationships. Here are more websites about resentment and secrets that ruin relationships. 

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