Friday, November 18, 2022

How to Back Up Your Data?

Backing up computer data is a useful skill that any student can learn for their future job and for their personal information at home. There are paid services that can be used to back up computer information. But students can use USBs to back up their homework in three easy steps. First, make sure the USB is formatted even if it is a new USB. Second, name the drive of the USB or use the letter that automatically comes with the drive of the USB.

Third, make a blank folder in the USB by making a right click and highlighting on new folder. Fourth, rename the blank folder by right clicking where it says rename. Fifth add your homework, notes, and scanned items inside the folder. You can have several folders in the USB drive for your math, science, art, and other homework subjects. Make sure your USB drive has a high unit of data storage or gigabyte.

Another way is by making a folder inside your e-mail. Using your e-mail account, you can make a new folder and name the folder. In that folder you can store your homework for the week or for the month. You can make many folders in your e-mail account and rename them based on your homework subjects. Always use the two-step factor authentication in your e-mail account especially if you are backing up your homework in your e-mail.

Last you can use the cloud that is provided from your e-mail account or from another cloud service. In the cloud you can also make several folders and name each folder. Upload your homework assignments, notes, and scanned documents. What is good about saving your homework in various ways is that you will not have to worry about forgetting to bring your typed homework assignments. Always print out a hard copy of your homework assignments and save copies of your handwritten homework on the computer.

As a student you will learn basic computer skills at school or in college. However, I found it easier to back up homework by using these methods. Back up your homework in various sources especially if the cloud is not working online or there is a server error. Be careful when handling USB’s and take them out gently from the computer. Here are more resources about backing up your homework. 

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