Saturday, November 26, 2022

Reading & Mindfulness


Reading is a simple way to practice mindfulness and meditation. Begin by selecting a short book that you would like to read in the afternoon or before going to sleep. You can choose a book of poetry, a short romance novel, or a book that grabs your attention to read it. When you have selected a book, find a quiet place to read it aloud. Feel comfortable while sitting or lying down before you start to read.

Add extra pillows if needed to feel comfortable. Carefully open the first page of the book and read slowly. Do not rush into it. Take slow breaths while you read aloud. Visualize and imagine the place, the sounds, the social environment, and other themes that might appear in the novel.

If you are reading a poem, visualize what the poet is trying to convey and how it makes you feel. Practice reading five pages per day to get in the habit of applying mindfulness to your routine. Reading relaxes the mind and the body. Feel inspired by what you read while you meditate on the words that are in the book. Make sure you read a book that is uplifting, motivational, and makes you feel positive.

If there are words you do not understand from the book, you can look up the definition of the words to help you know what the writer was trying to say. Reading builds your vocabulary. Nonetheless, you will feel less anxious and temporarily block your fears. It stimulates the brain to be creative and reduces stress. Reading makes you socialize more and feel more confident when you are speaking to someone.

Reading is a great hobby to do without making it into a chore. You can also read the words of music lyrics if you like to read something in five or ten minutes. If the room is too quiet while you read aloud, you can play soft instrumental music in the background. Reading also helps you to fall asleep quicker and to relax. Here are more resources about reading and mindfulness. 

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