Thursday, July 29, 2021

Lysol Laundry Sanitizer Review


The Lysol laundry sanitizer will make you worry less when you wash your clothes in a public washing machine. This laundry sanitizer contains no bleach. It does not stain your clothes. It kills bacteria and viruses while it washes your clothes, blankets, pillowcases, and other clothing items. I was so happy to see this laundry sanitizer in the laundry aisle. 

After three months of using this laundry sanitizer, I feel comfortable washing my clothes in a public washing machine. I liked the clean soft scent it has and it leaves my clothes looking like new too. Just pour the laundry sanitizer before the rinse cycle starts. You will not regret purchasing this sanitizer for the laundry. For more information about the Lysol Laundry Sanitizer, here is the link to all of the Lysol products. 


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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

DIY Embroidered Eyeglasses Case

Embroidered eyeglass cases are fun to make. It only takes about thirty minutes or less to make your eyeglass case. This embroidered eyeglass case is easy to make. It has a simple embroidered music note on the corner of the eyeglass case. The best part is that the fabric is from an old sports bra. Here is the tutorial for this embroidered eyeglass case. 


1 sport bra

Embroidery needle

Embroidery thread


First, cut the straps and the stretched-out elastic from the sports bra. Second, cut the sides of the bra. Cut it into two rectangular strips. Third, sew the rectangular fabric strips together. Sew them backward especially if you are keeping the lining of the sports bra.

After both sides are sewn, unfold the fabric. Fourth, sew on the corner end of the fabric. Leave one side of the fabric open for inserting the eyeglasses. Fold the top edges of the case and sew the edges of the fabric. After that begin embroidering your case. 

In this example, an abstract music note was embroidered onto the case. The embroidery was done on one side of the case. This sewing and embroidery project will take approximately thirty to forty minutes to do. Also, it is a good project for repurposing your stretched-out sports bra. Below the image are links to websites about making your eyeglass case with embroidery. 

Embroidered Sunglass Case:

How to Sew Machine Embroidered Sunglasses Case:

Embroidered Men's Eyeglass Case-Sewing Tutorial:

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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Embroidery with Geometric Shapes

Embroidered lingerie is becoming more popular these days. If you like embroidered undergarments, then this embroidery tutorial is for you. Using plain cotton briefs, you can embroider geometric shapes onto one side. In this tutorial, hearts, stars, and circles were embroidered in cotton briefs. Here is the tutorial for making these embroidered undergarments.


Embroidery thread/floss

Embroidery hoop (optional)

Geometric shapes stencil (optional)

4 pairs of cotton briefs

Embroidery needle

Fabric Pen/Marker

First, wash and dry the cotton briefs. Second, use one geometric shape on one panty with a stencil or draw it by hand. Then, insert an embroidery thread into an embroidery needle. Next, insert the embroidery thread and needle onto the fabric. Follow the lines and make vertical lines with the thread. 

In this example, circles were traced onto the fabric. Then, a dark blue thread was inserted into an embroidery needle. After that, the needle was inserted into the black line that was made with the pen. Then, the needle was inserted in a vertical direction to hold the thread. Continue embroidering until the pen marks do not show. 

Using the same steps, the stars and hearts were embroidered onto each panty. Besides, embroidering geometric shapes, you can embroider the days of the week onto your underwear. Also, you can embroider your initials. By personalizing your undergarments, you will find it easier to sort and organize them in your dresser drawers. Here are two links for embroidering your undergarments. 

15 Stitches Every Embroider Should Know:

DIY Days of the Week Underwear:

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Friday, July 23, 2021

DIY Pin Cushion

Repurposing old undergarments is good for the environment. It also saves you money especially if you love to sew with leftover fabric. In today's sewing tutorial, you can make a pin cushion for your needles and pins. This pin cushion is made out of one cotton underwear. Here is the sewing tutorial. 


1 cotton underwear with lace 




Leftover fabric scraps from the underwear

Rice (optional)

Use old and clean cotton underwear to make your pin cushion. First, cut the underwear from the sides and on the center bottom of the fabric. If your underwear has lace and embellishments, save it for your pin cushion. Next, fold the fabric of the underwear in half. Trace a circle with a black pen or fabric marker. 

Cut the fabric into a circle. You will have two circles. Second, sew the circles together on both sides. Leave one section of the circle open. Unfold the sewed circle and layer it with leftover fabric or rice. 

By adding rice, your pin cushion will have some weight. This pin cushion was only filled with leftover fabric from the underwear. Third, continue sewing the circle and close each side of it. Then, sew the lace on the edges. Fourth, continue sewing the lace. 

Fifth, sew any embellishments onto the lace. This project will take approximately twenty or thirty minutes if you are sewing it by hand. Also, if you use bright old underwear for this project, it will be easier to find your pin cushion.  Below are a few links with more ideas to repurpose old undergarments. Have a good time sewing!

Repurpose Overlooked Items:

11 Things To Do With Old Underwear Instead of Throwing Them Away:

15 Superb Ways of Reusing Your Old Underwear:

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Thursday, July 22, 2021

International Self-Care Day

The World Health Organization declared July 24th as a day dedicated to self-care. Since 2011, International Self-Care Day brings awareness on how to improve our health and wellness. It is a day to get the necessary programs and information to improve our mental, emotional, and physical health. Learning about the health programs that are offered through your health coverage such as exercise classes, art therapy, and other services. Self-care activities are essential for relieving your stress. 

Attending a support group or a group where you can learn new hobbies will make you feel productive. Also, joining a group where you will feel welcomed will motivate you in a good way. Taking naps when you feel tired can be part of your self-care routine.  Breaking bad habits will help you emotionally and physically. Here are links to self-care day activities.

50 Free and Healthy Ways to Practice Self-Care at Home:

Self-Care-Active Minds:

Seven Types of Self-Care Activities: 


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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

DIY Watercolor Fish Card

Once again, it is Watercolor month. Today, I have a watercolor card tutorial. This card has a fish on the center of the card. You or your child will have fun painting a card for a family member and a friend. Here is the tutorial for making this basic fish watercolor card. 


Black pen or a pencil 




Stencil (optional)

Water in small containers

First, fold a piece of paper in half. Draw a fish on the center of the paper. You can use a stencil to draw the fish. Second, dip one paintbrush in water and then paint the fish. Continue painting the plants and the fish. 

Third, paint the rest of the background. Wait for the paint to dry. Last, write your initials on the watercolor painting with a black pen. Then, write inside the card. Below are links for watercolor card ideas and watercolor techniques. 

3 Fun and Easy DIY Watercolor Cards:

5 Simple Watercolor Techniques:

Watercolor Techniques:

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Monday, July 19, 2021

Affirmations to Heal From Body Shaming

Body shaming causes pain, negative self-esteem, and feeling bad about oneself. Criticism, jokes, and negative comments about how your body looks should not be accepted. Being intimidated by how your body looks from family members and friends makes you feel self-conscious about how you look.  Therefore, removing those negative comments from your mind will help you heal inside. Here is a list of affirmations to heal from body shaming. 

1. I love my body in any outfit that I wear. 

2. I love and accept my body as is. 

3. I'm thankful for my body's uniqueness. 

4. My body is beautiful as is.

5. I love every part of my body.

6. I believe my body is content when I nourish it with food and drinks. 

7. Weight is just a number and it does not define me.

8. My husband or wife loves me for who I am and not for my body.

9. Food does not hurt my body. 

10. I accept the changes my body goes through to stay healthy.  

Healing from body-shaming is a long process. No matter who did the body shaming, learn to forgive them. Avoid or stay away from body shaming in social media. Change the subject when you hear body shaming at work or in your home. Here are links about overcoming body shame. 

6 Tips to Overcome Body Shame:

Body Shaming:

7 Strategies to Shut Down Body Shaming:

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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Garnier Full & Plush Shampoo with Pomegranate Review

Pomegranate in shampoos has a soft and sweet scent. Massaging pomegranate shampoo in your hair will stimulate blood circulation in your scalp. It leaves your hair feeling smooth and shiny. One pomegranate shampoo I like to use is Garnier Full and Plush Fortifying Shampoo. This shampoo has vitamin B3, B6, and plant extracts to make your hair feel softer and stronger.

Additionally, pomegranate helps you grow your hair to a longer length. It nourishes and cleans your hair. It might help against dandruff. Your hair might have less breakage after using this shampoo. I like the scent and how clean it leaves my hair.

If you have fine, flat, and oily hair, this pomegranate shampoo might work for you. Every other day, you can wash your hair with this shampoo. Your hair will have some volume and it makes it easier to style your hair. The plastic bottles come in recycled plastic except for the caps. For more information about the hair care products and the health benefits of pomegranate for your hair, please see the links below. 

Pomegranate, The Scalp & Skin Superfood:

Benefits of Pomegranate for Skin, Hair, and Health:

Hair Care, Hair Styling, Hair Color & Skin Care Products Garnier:

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Friday, July 16, 2021

Watercress Sandwich for Your Health

Watercress sandwiches are quick and easy to make during the summer months. It is beneficial for your bones and eyes. Watercress has vitamin K, potassium, and magnesium. It helps your heart stay healthy and lowers your blood pressure. Also, it has antioxidants that may prevent certain cancers and chronic diseases.

The watercress has a peppery and mint taste. You can add watercress to your sandwiches, salads, dips, and soups. Watercress is usually made in sandwiches to accompany your afternoon tea. Below are links about the healthy benefits of watercress. Here is the recipe for making these watercress sandwiches. 



1 Tomato

1 Cucumber

Original Cream Cheese


First, toast two slices of bread. Second, spread cream cheese on the two slices of toast. Third, peel and wash one cucumber. Then, thinly slice the cucumber. Fourth, wash and slice one tomato. 

After that wash the watercress and remove the excess water with paper towels. Fifth, add the cucumber and tomato slices to the toasted bread. Remove the watercress leaves from the stems. Then, add the leaves to the toasted bread. This recipe is for two people.  

Watercress Nutrition:

Watercress Recipes:

Watercress Benefits:

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Thursday, July 15, 2021

How to do Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating makes you eat slower and like the assorted flavors of your meals. Also, it makes you drink slower and use your senses to appreciate the aromas of your drinks. By doing mindful eating you might lose weight, feel healthier, and will be aware of what you consume. Mindful eating changes your thoughts about food. You will be more conscious about what your body needs to stay healthy.

Before you begin mindful eating, you should write down the reasons for changing your eating habits. Next, you can do some research about the Mediterranean diet, Dash diet, or a diet that can help you eat healthier. In addition, you can slowly add more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, or protein to your diet. For example, if your motivation is to give up foods with too much sugar; You might want to do a combination of the Mediterranean, Dash, and Diabetes Diet. Find the right meal plans that suit your health needs. 

Although you do not need a diet to begin Mindful eating, it will help you change your eating habits for the better. Once you find your motivation, you can begin making your meals for yourself and your family. Set your dining table at home with a comfortable atmosphere for eating slowly. Silence your cell phone for thirty minutes or an hour. Eliminate any distractions you might have. 

Do not eat in front of the television or the computer. Also, do not have your cell phone next to you while you eat in your dining room at home. Appreciate the silence or listen to your family while you eat slower. Use your senses of taste and smell with every bite or with every sip.  Below are more resources about mindful eating. 

How to Start Mindful Eating:

Mindful Eating:

Mindful Eating Guide:

* Free Clip Art of Girl Eating: 

* Free People Eating Clip Art:

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Tips for Organizing Your Refrigerator

Cleaning out the refrigerator is so time-consuming especially if you do not clean it that often. It is recommended to deep clean the refrigerator every three to four months. Keeping the refrigerator clean and organized can be a challenge. Eliminating bad food odor smells is another challenge. Yet, having four kitchen bin sets will keep your refrigerator organized. 

Your kitchen bins should be clear and make it easier to grab.  Use food labels for saving leftover food. Make sure your food storage containers are clear so it is easier to see your leftovers. In this way, you will save money and waste less food. Use lemon, baking soda, or coffee grounds in a small bowl to eliminate odors in your refrigerator. 

Another area to eliminate bad odors is from ice trays. Make a solution with one-half white vinegar and one-half water to remove bad smells from ice trays. If it does not work, use one-half of vinegar and one-half of lemon juice to clean the ice trays. Having a clean refrigerator will make it easier to prepare your meals and make your grocery shopping list. Here are links for cleaning and organizing your refrigerator. 

5 Natural Ways to Deodorize Your Refrigerator:

How to Organize Your Refrigerator in 12 Simple Steps:

How to Organize the Refrigerator-Best Food Storage Tips:

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Monday, July 12, 2021

Internet Safety for Seniors

Being online as a senior can be so exciting and entertaining to read the information that is important to you. However, you must be cautious about e-mail scams. Since the pandemic e-mail scams have increased. Also, more spam e-mails have been accumulating. More scammers have been targeting seniors, minors, and young adults. Here is a shortlist of things to do when using the Internet: 

1. Use the default settings of your computer firewall. 

2. Do not open e-mails from people and companies you do not know.

3. Always check the e-mail address of the company before opening e-mails. 

4. Make sure there are no misspelled words in the subject line of the e-mail.

5. Block e-mails with no subject lines, misspelled words, and look suspicious to you. 

6. Do not give out bank account numbers, your home address, social security number, and other personal information online or on the telephone.

7. Block e-mails from people who ask you for money, inheritance, or bank transfers.

8. Use a spam filter and learn about using filters with your e-mail address. 

9. Be careful in sharing pictures of your grandchildren, your children, and personal pictures on social media and in e-mails.

10. Always update your computer and internet browser. 

11. Take advantage of taking free computer classes at your local library or senior center. 

12. Have a colorful notebook to keep your passwords written and keep in a safe place. 

When in doubt about using the internet, you can read websites that are specifically written for seniors. If you have AARP, you can read about internet safety and sign up for their e-mail newsletters. These newsletters will have information about the new online scams that are after information from seniors. Always view one website at a time and always log out from websites that have your information.  Below are links for online safety. 

Connect Safely:

Protect Seniors Online:

Best Websites for Seniors

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Sunday, July 11, 2021

DIY Embroidery for a Hand Towel


Embroidered bathroom hand towels always bring a classic style in interior design. Your guests will like these embroidered bathroom hand towels and might ask you where you purchased them. This embroidered hand towel has two different colors of blue thread. Blue work embroidery began in 1910 when the dark blue threads were available.  In today's embroidery tutorial, you can make a simple star embroidery for your hand towels. 


2 colors of embroidery floss/thread

Embroidery needle

Plain Hand Towels already washed 


Star Stencil (Optional)

Black Pen or Fabric Pen


Regular needle and thread

First, use a stencil and a pen to outline the star shapes onto a clean hand towel. Second, insert blue embroidery thread into an embroidery needle. Third, insert the embroidery needle and follow the lines to make the stars. This hand towel has five blue embroidered stars. Fourth, use a different color of blue thread to fill in the stars. 

After each star has been embroidered, you can sew buttons to fill the empty spaces of the hand towel. The buttons can be any color to contrast with the embroidered stars. These embroidered hand towels can be used for your guest bathroom, a handmade gift, or for yourself.  Blue work embroidery is a popular vintage style that can be used to decorate kitchen and bathroom towels. Have a calming time embroidering.

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Friday, July 9, 2021

Plastic Free Challenge in July


Courtesy Badge Image at Plastic Free July Organization

The entire month of July is dedicated to using less plastic. Plastic items are seen everywhere in the streets, the beaches, and parks. Moreover, plastic is also found in our homes such as plastic water bottles, soap dispensers, frozen television dinners, and other items. Some items can be recycled and other items can be re-used. Re-using plastic items can be fun for your children and functional for decorating your home.  

If your children like to paint, some of the plastic items can be used for painting. Plastic containers, plastic lids, and plastic bottles can be used for mixing paint and for cleaning paintbrushes. While other plastic items can be used in your garden or for placing your plants for decorating purposes. For example, cutting a water bottle in half and adding dirt with plant seeds will make it easier for planting. Also, you can reuse plastic containers for your everyday jewelry. 

This year you can participate in a Plastic Free Challenge.  You can come up with creative ways to use less plastic. Furthermore, you can share your plastic-free ideas on Instagram, Pinterest, or social media. You can also continue recycling and use less plastic throughout the year.  Here are resources for Plastic Free Month. 

5 DIY Painters Palettes:

Plastic Free July:

7 Things You Didn't Know About Plastic and Recycling:

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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

How to Celebrate National Simplicity Day?

What is National Simplicity Day mean to you? July 12th is a day dedicated in living in an uncomplicated life which is what Henry David Thoreau believed. He was a philosopher, poet, naturalist, and authored essays. It might seem difficult to live a simple life, especially in these modern times. Yet, it is possible to live a less complicated life.

According to Marisa Peer, “People should not be lonely, alone, broken, and vulnerable.” Instead, there is a reason for all of us to be here on this Earth. Maria Peer is a therapist in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. She created a movement called; I Am Enough-Mark Your Mirror to Change Your Life. Maria Peer has free exercises for self-improvement.

Also, you can read quotes from the writings of Henry David Thoreau to inspire you to enjoy nature and the simple things in life. One of my favorite quotes from Thoreau is “Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” Plus, you can declutter your closet, cabinets, and other areas that need organization in your home. Below are links about National Simplicity Day. Here is my brief list of how to live a simple life.

1. Clean your closet and give away clothes you have not worn in ten years.

2. Clean and organize your kitchen cabinets to make it easier to find your cooking utensils, spices, and other cooking items.

3. Take a walk outside in your backyard, park, or an area that makes you feel peace.

4. Make a meditation room, meditation garden, or a small area in your home where you can relax for fifteen minutes each day of the week.

5. Make a meal with less ingredients and have your dining room table with a basic centerpiece.

6. Clean your jewelry box, toolbox, and other boxed items that you have not worn for ten years.

7. Give away items that you no longer use or repurpose them so you can use the items.

8. Eat slowly and drink slowly without rushing.

9. Use your electronics for less than two hours a day and write in a journal while being outside.

10. Do Maria Peer’s exercises to get rid of negative self-talk.

Links for National Simplicity Day: 

Compliment Your Mirror Day-Mark Your Mirror:

Henry David Thoreau:

National Simplicity Day:

National Simplicity Day:

National Simplicity Day-History, Meaning, and Significance:

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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

World Chocolate Day (2021)

Did you know July 7th is World Chocolate Day? There are so many ways to consume chocolate such as chocolate bars, in coffee, as a dessert, and in smoothies. Each chocolate varies in taste and texture. For example, dark chocolate has a bitter taste which has the most antioxidants. The recommendation is to consume dark chocolate for diabetes because it helps manage the insulin the body needs to function.

Whereas white chocolate does not have cocoa at all. Instead, it has too much sugar. Regardless of what type of chocolate you consume, make sure it is in moderation. A simple cup of hot cocoa will warm you up, make you feel calm, and might make you remember your childhood carefree days. Below are resources about how to celebrate World Chocolate Day. 

Cocoa Powder-Health Benefits, Nutrients per Serving, and Preparation:

11 Health and Nutrition Benefits of Cocoa Powder:

7 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate:

World Chocolate Day:

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Monday, July 5, 2021

Help Protect Your Family and Yourself

Free Courtesy Image from CDC

There are so many reasons to get a Covid-19 vaccine. The main reason why I got the Covid-19 shot is that I could spend more time with family and friends. Also, I could do more outdoor activities without worrying too much. Yet, your reasons for getting the Covid-19 vaccine might be different than mine. Do not be afraid to get your first shot or second shot. 

The symptoms of the vaccines vary from pain on the injection site, fever, or headaches. You might feel chills, exhaustion, or no side effects. But, all of the vaccines have been safe and have been effective since their release. You can get the vaccine if you are twelve years and older. If you have any questions and would like to know more about the vaccines; Do not hesitate in reading the information from CDC. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Covid-19 Vaccine Image Courtesy of CDC

* Free Resources at CDC 

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Kale Salad for the Summer

Kale has vitamin K, vitamin C, and vitamin A. It can be incorporated into smoothies, salads,  or as a side dish by itself. This leafy green vegetable has fiber and potassium. If you need to manage your blood pressure, you can add kale to your diet. It may prevent cancer and diabetes. 

By adding kale to your meals, you will be strengthening your bones and protecting your eyes. Kale can help you lose weight. Also, it will keep you full. Consult your doctor before consuming kale because it might affect certain medications. Here is the recipe for this summer kale salad. 


1 to 2 Celery sticks
2 to 3 Radishes
1 Avocado
3 to 5 Green Olives with Pimentos
Sugar Snap Peas

Wash and rinse all the vegetables. Slice the celery sticks, radishes, and tomatoes. Then, slice one avocado. Remove the seed and peel the skin of the avocado. After that slice the avocado into small pieces. 

In one bowl, add the spinach and kale. Add the sliced celery, tomatoes, and radishes into the bowl. Then, add the avocado and olives with pimentos. Do not forget the sugar snap peas. You can add your favorite salad dressing. I used vinegar and olive oil as a salad dressing. Below are links about the healthy benefits of kale. Have a safe 4th of July!

Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Kale:

Kale-Health Benefits, Nutrition, Diet, and Risks:

10 Proven Benefits of  Kale:

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Friday, July 2, 2021

Tips for Your Pedicures at Home

Before you paint your toenails at home, wash your feet with soap and water. You can use foot bath basins and fill them with water. Do not use hot water on your feet. Instead, use warm water. You can use Epsom salt, a bath bomb, or a body wash in the foot bath basin. 

Have someone to throw away the warm water in the bathtub. After that rinse your feet with cold water in the foot bath basin. Use a pumice stone to remove the dry skin from your feet. Use a toenail clipper to cut your nails. Then, use nail polish remover to remove your previous nail polish and to remove oil from your nails. 

Rinse your feet with cold water in the foot bath basin. Dry your feet. Apply cotton balls or toe separators to paint your toenails. Paint your toenails in one color. Wait for the nail polish to dry before applying a different color nail polish. 

Then, wait for the nail polish to dry. Use q tips to paint dots on the big toes of your feet. Dip the q tip in nail polish to make dots. Wait for the nail polish to dry before putting on your sandals or open-toe shoes. At night, apply foot lotion to your feet and not on your painted toenails. Below are more tips for taking care of your nails and making pedicures at home. 

8 Nail Care Tips for Healthy, Strong, Beautiful Nails:

How to Do a DIY Pedicure at Home:

DIY Pedicure at Home:

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Thursday, July 1, 2021

DIY Scarf Hair Tie

If you like scarf hair ties, then this sewing tutorial is for you. This scarf hair tie was made out of an old sports bra. If you have stretched out your sports bra, you can make this scarf hair tie in a few minutes.  It is a great way to reuse your old sports bra. Below are the instructions for making your scarf hair tie. 


1 Sport Bra




1 Elastic or Ribbon Hair Tie

Begin by cutting the straps, elastic, and the extra material of the sports bra. Next, make two rectangular strips of fabric. Do not worry if the rectangular strips of fabric are in different lengths. After that sew the two pieces of fabric by hand or with a sewing machine. This scarf hair tie was sewn by hand. 

Continue sewing both sides of the fabric. Once that is finished, fold the fabric strip in half. Cut the edges of the fabric strip at an angle. Sew the edges on one side of the fabric strip. Continue sewing the other side of the fabric strip. 

Get one elastic or ribbon hair tie. Insert the fabric strip in the center of the hair tie. Make a knot with the fabric strip and the hair elastic. Now, you can wear your scarf hair tie with a bun, braid, or a hair ponytail. Have fun sewing!

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