Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Kiwi Parfait

Kiwis has antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber. It helps your blood pressure, asthma, and skin. Additionally, it helps your digestion. Eating kiwis protects your eyes and immune system. If you like parfaits, here is a recipe using kiwis. 




Whipped topping


In a small glass cup, add sliced peaches. Next, add a few spoons of yogurt. Then, add slices of kiwi without the skin. Continue layering it with yogurt, whipped topping, fruit, and walnuts. Below are links about the health benefits of kiwis. 

7 Best Things about Kiwi:

Kiwi-Health Benefits, Nutrients, Preparation Information:

Kiwifruit-Health Benefits and Nutritional Information:

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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

DIY Floating Locket Choker

Lockets have become popular over the years. Floating lockets are clear lockets with charms, beads, and other items. Each item moves inside the locket. Therefore, floating lockets are a new way to wear lockets. It does not require glue or expensive materials. 

Make sure you have a theme to make your floating locket. In this tutorial, a keychain with a floating locket was the main item to make a floating locket choker. Converting a keychain with a floating locket into a necklace takes about ten or fifteen minutes to do. It will create a fun and romantic fashion statement. Here is the tutorial for making this floating locket choker. 



Jewelry Pliers 

Floating Locket with a key chain


1 Charm

One premade choker 

Memory Wire Cutters

Remove the floating locket from the keychain with a memory wire cutter. Keep the jump ring intact when you are carefully removing the key chain and the locket. After that choose a charm for your locket. In this example, the Eiffel Tower charm is the main focal point of the necklace. Remove the jump ring of the charm. Next, open the locket and gently place the sequins inside.

Last, insert the charm in the center of the locket. The charm will continue moving inside the locket with the sequins. Open the jump ring and insert the choker. Close the jump ring with a pair of jewelry pliers. Now, you can wear your floating locket choker. Below are links about the history of lockets and ideas for making your floating locket. 

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Tips to Deal with Mental Health

Mental Health can take a toll on your physical and emotional wellbeing. It might take days, weeks, or even a month until you notice the changes in your health. Taking care of your mental health should be a priority. Sometimes, watching cartoons on television might take away your feelings of sadness. Other times, watching television shows about superheroes can make you feel better. 

By laughing for a few minutes, you might forget what was making you feel sad, resentment, or other negative emotion. Talking to yourself in a kind manner without comparing yourself to others. Avoiding toxic people near you. Listening to music, gardening, or any hobby that keeps your mind busy. Here are more resources about taking care of your mental health. 

31 Tips to Boost Your Mental Health:

Building Better Mental Health-Help Guide:

How to Look After Your Mental Health-Mental Health Foundation:

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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Free Quote Coloring Pages


Quote coloring pages make a fun way to decorate your office or any other room in your home. You can color them with color pencils, watercolors, or markers before you frame it. Today, I have created three coloring pages with quotes already typed for you. Each coloring page has hand-drawn flowers and a quote in the center of the page. These coloring pages are free and for your personal use. Enjoy! 

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* Quotes from Good Reads

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

How to Begin Meditation as an Older Adult?

It is Meditation month! May is considered the month for meditating. Meditation can be a supplementary resource for high blood pressure and for depression in older adults. Meditation as an older adult should not be a difficult task to do. It can be done lying down, sitting on a chair, or in the form of walking.

Additionally, Yoga can be done with a chair by doing slow movements. Meditating lowers your blood pressure and makes you have a good mood too! As adults get older, the number one complaint is lack of sleep. Therefore, meditating will improve your sleep or make you relax enough to promote sleep. Also, meditation can make you feel alert if you have a journal, coloring book, or by walking. Last, Mindfulness is a great way to practice ways to relax at home or in your garden. Here are more resources about meditating as an older adult. 

Meditation for Older Adults-Extra Mile the Hartford:

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The Benefits of Mindful Meditation for Older Adults:

25 Mindfulness Activities for Healthy Aging-A Place for Mom:

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Monday, May 3, 2021

Aquaphor Itch Relief Ointment (Review)

It is that season again when you get bug bites. Recently, I received a free sample from Influenster in a Vox Box. It was the first time that I have used an Aquaphor product. This product helped me relieve the itch caused by bug bites. It has no scent.

The Aquaphor itch relief ointment lasted for several hours. My skin felt better after applying this ointment for bug bites. It can also be used when you get an allergy reaction from wearing certain jewelry metals. This product contains hydrocortisone which might not be suitable for people who are sensitive to this active ingredient.  Before, using this product consult with your doctor or dermatologist.

The best part about the Aquaphor itch relief ointment is that it has no parabens. It does not irritate the skin. Also, you can use this ointment if you have Psoriasis, Eczema, Seborrheic Dermatitis, and skin rashes. This ointment can be found at your nearest Target store, pharmacies, and online. I will recommend this ointment to my family and friends the next time they get a bug bite. Below is a link to learn more about the Aquaphor products.


Aquaphorus Products:


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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Free Orchid Coloring Bookmarks

Moth orchids are easy to grow and can last for many months. Orchids come in a variety of colors such as gray mixed with purple, pink mixed with purple, and red mixed with purple. Also, in white and in blue. Today, I have created four bookmarks. Each flower is hand-drawn. There are blank spaces to write your name, phrases, and quotes too. These bookmarks are free and for your personal use. Have fun coloring these orchid bookmarks. I have also provided a link below this post about growing orchids in your garden. 

Getting Moth Orchids to Bloom: