Monday, August 3, 2020

Know the Warning Signs (Domestic Violence)

Domestic violence has increased due to too much stress at home or at work. Losing a job, not having enough to eat, and not feeling loved are a few reasons that domestic violence occurs at home. However, knowing the warning signs of abuse and domestic violence may prevent it from happening. Domestic violence leaves emotional and physical scars to the man or woman. One of the warning signs is the physical evidence on the body such as bruises on the face and other areas of the body.

Yet, there are times when the abuser physically attacks and leaves bruises in areas that can be hidden with clothes. The second warning sign is when the abuser starts controlling their partner's way of dressing. The abuser makes their partner dress more conservative in public and to dress more provocatively at home. The third sign is when the abuser sets a schedule, gives them an allowance. Often times, following their partner's whereabouts. The stalker syndrome makes the abuser feel more in control and manipulative.  The abuser feels more powerful towards their partner.

The need of having control over their partner can be caused by being insecure, being abused themselves, or by thinking of their own needs. The fourth warning sign is when the abuser verbally abuses their partner and making their partner feel worthless. Most of the time, the abuser takes their partner for granted and has no empathy for their feelings. Sometimes, the warning signs are ignored thinking their partner will change. Yet, an abuser does not change and gets worse in the relationship. But, knowing the warning signs of domestic violence can help someone that is already in an abusive relationship. Here are more resources about the warning signs of domestic violence.

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