Tuesday, May 8, 2018

How can Meditation help you at work?

Meditation can help you at work especially when you deal with difficult people. Sometimes, you may receive telephone calls at work with angry customers or patients. However, you may not know what the dilemma is all about and you try to remain calm to hear the person on the telephone. Therefore, you continue to stay calm even if the patient or customer is yelling at you for no reason. Meditation can help you to remain calm no matter what situation you may be in.

First, you make sure you are calm to handle angry, grouchy, or impatient customers or patients. Transfer any telephone calls to someone else if you can’t answer any questions. But, if you can’t transfer any telephone calls to another receptionist, make sure you write down all the important details or facts about the telephone conversation. Sometimes, the customer or the patient might start saying bad words and you just have to remain calm. Be compassionate to them. If not, then just wish them a good day and end the telephone call as quickly as possible. 

As an Administrative Assistant, it may be difficult to remain calm due to so much insults, complaints, and angry people. Sometimes, it may not be your fault for them to scream at you for no reason at all. I recently came across this article from Live and Dare Website. I have found it useful at work. The more you practice meditation, the better you will become in remaining calm. You will notice that your heart will race less and your blood pressure will be in control.

Happy National Meditation Month!


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