Thursday, January 17, 2019

Tai Chi for Back Pain

Tai Chi can help you relieve from lower back pain. A few Tai Chi exercises that you can do such as the Back Twist, Hands Waving Clouds, and Tai Chi Bowing. All these movements will help you have more strength, flexibility, and have less tension. Tai Chi can be practiced anytime of the day. It is important to breathe slowly while you do Tai Chi and meditate as you do every movement. 

The Back Twist strengthens the muscles in the spine. Anyone can do the Back Twist. This exercise is done standing up and it is considered a warmup exercise. It awakens any muscle that has not been used in a while and it releases any tension that is causing pain. The Back Twist can be done for eight or twelve minutes. 

Another Tai Chi exercise is the Hands Waving Clouds.  The Hands Waving Clouds exercise keeps your back straight. Also, this exercise will help you stay calm. Last, the Tai Chi Bowing exercise helps strengthen the lumbar area of the back. Tai Chi helps you have better posture and reduces back pain. Here are more resources about Tai Chi and more lower back pain Tai Chi exercises.

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