Sunday, November 13, 2022

Three Common Relationship Issues

Some relationships require a lot of time, attention, and making sure both of you feel safe. Also, some relationships make you want to reevaluate yourself and what brought you together as a couple. While other relationships are so complex which makes you wonder why your partner's conversations and actions do not match. Yet, you tend to blame yourself for your partner's lack of attention, lack of intimacy, or lack of respect. All of these aspects are common after being in a long relationship.

Everything has to do with good communication, trust, and appreciation for each other. If you start a relationship without trusting yourself, your partner may find it difficult to trust you. Similarly, if your partner does not trust himself and others, it will be difficult to trust you. Trust needs to be built at the beginning of the relationship. Frequently being jealous, asking too many questions about your whereabouts, and being disapproving are not going to help either one trust the other. 

Together as a couple, you must work at trusting each other and giving each other support. Another huge relationship issue is communication. Sometimes one partner will communicate more than the other. This may lead one partner to suspect that their partner is hiding something, avoiding certain topics, or being too secretive with personal information about themselves. It creates a problem because one partner feels left out, feels empty, and not knowing what their partner feels. 

You do not need to report to your partner every minute of your day. But you need to give him some details about what is bothering you and how he can help you. Even if your partner cannot help you, just having his assistance and feeling his presence is enough. Communication and correcting misunderstandings within the relationship will make it stronger. When there is a lack of communication, the relationship may get weakened. 

Additionally, your partner does not want to be bothered and does not communicate with you within a set time frame; This is a warning that something major is going on in his mind. As well as some personal problems he does not want you to know. When this occurs you feel unappreciated. Feeling unappreciated is the worst element someone can do in a relationship. Frequently doing this in a relationship is deteriorating for you and your partner.  

It may mean he has no empathy, affection, or care for you. As a partner, one must feel appreciated, loved, and cared for. When trust and communication are unsteadily making your partner not respect you; It is harder to keep the relationship. Therefore, trust, communication, and appreciation have to be continually carried out to make a relationship work. Here are links to make your relationship better.   

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