Saturday, June 4, 2022

Calla Lily (Free Coloring Pages)

Calla lilies have different meanings depending on their color. Calla lilies can be used to show gratitude, admiration, and appreciation. It also means innocence especially if the calla lily is white. Also, it is a nice gesture to congratulate someone and to give them a calla lily with wishes of good luck. Calla lilies come in pink, yellow, white, purple, and black.

Calla lilies need to have good lighting, and good soil, and need to be spaced out when you plant them in the garden. Therefore, I was inspired to draw calla lilies for this month’s free coloring pages. These coloring pages are free and for your personal use. Each coloring page has lilies in a vase or its natural surroundings. Below are links about Calla Lilies. 

Learn How to Grow and Care for Calla Lily Flowers-Gardening

Know How:

Learn How To Grow And Care For Calla Lily Flowers (

How to Care for Calla Lilies-Detailed Gardener's Guide:

How to Care for Calla Lilies: Detailed Gardener’s Guide (

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