Thursday, November 29, 2018

Sweetness Meditations Gift Ideas

Once again, it is the season of making your Christmas gift list.
There are so many options for choosing gifts for your friends, family, and acquaintances that love to meditate. One of my favorite meditation tool is the mini Zen garden. The mini Zen garden can be placed in an office or in the living room. This meditation tool can be bought, or you can make your own mini Zen garden. According to small garden, the mini Zen garden helps you concentrate, focus, and use your imagination. Here are the instructions to make your own mini Zen garden:

Another meditation gift idea is a pillow that can be used for Yoga. You can make your own meditation pillow at:  Also, you can make Yoga and Meditation gift baskets such as the one that is on If you know the person’s favorite essential oil, you can include it in the basket along with sea salt scrubs, diffusers, and other spa items. In addition, you can add a few herbal teas too. Last, you can add a few adult coloring books with color pencils. Here are a few resources for meditation gift ideas. 

Zen Garden:

DIY Meditation Pillow:

Yoga Gift Basket:

Gifts for Yoga Lovers:

Homemade Holiday Gifts:

* Free Clip art:

* Free Winter Background:

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