Sunday, July 31, 2022

Negative Body Image & Relationships


A  negative body image affects your relationships physically, emotionally, and socially. Insecurities, no self-confidence, and no self-esteem contribute to a negative body image. This creates problematic decisions when choosing your partner. Often women do not see themselves as beautiful. However, their partner sees them as beautiful with and without cosmetics. 

But if their partner is not supportive, body issues and negative thinking gets worse. Eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder, and an obsession with looks may occur. Excessive exercise and even considering surgery without needing it for health reasons is an indication of having a negative body image. Nevertheless pessimistic thoughts regarding body image cause pain, depression, and not feeling secure in a relationship. Consequently,  an unsupportive partner might make you feel worse about your body. 

Having a supportive partner can help you have a positive body image. Also, accepting that your body goes through several changes as you get older. Additionally, you must accept your genetics. Yet there are ways to avoid having a negative body image so you can fully enjoy your relationship with your partner. Here is a brief list.

  1. Ignore the professional brush-up or retouched pictures that you see on social media.
  2. Dress suitably and choose colors that make you feel effervescent.
  3. Change the word “fat” from your mind to a constructive word that describes your body.
  4. Speak to your partner about your insecurities.
  5. Seek professional counseling if you feel inadequate with your body image.
  6. Do not allow anyone to tell you fat jokes or negative body image jokes.
  7. Do not criticize yourself or anyone about their body image.
  8. Practice meditation, a new hobby, a new skill, or something to avoid thinking bad about yourself. 
  9. Do not compare yourself to actresses/actors that you see in movies or on television. 
  10. Do not hide in your clothes and do wear well-fitted clothes. 

Make sure your partner is supportive and makes you feel good about yourself. Stay away from people that tell you negative comments about your body. If you do hear a negative comment about how you look, ignore it, and change the subject. If your partner does negative comments about your body, discuss how it makes you feel. Here are links about body image and how to overcome a negative body image.


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