Friday, September 30, 2022

How to Practice Self-Love?

Self-love must be practiced daily. You might be asking yourself the following questions. How to practice self-love? How to strengthen this aspect of your life? Why is this practice important in these contemporary times? In this busy world, self-love is taken for granted especially when you focus your attention on others, your spouse, or your children.

Yet, self-love might not be easy to practice for most people. However, self-love is a form of accepting and forgiving yourself. It is the ultimate authentication of yourself without losing your identity, self-confidence, and self-esteem. As a woman who has gone through so much negativity in different areas of life, self-love is one thing a woman must strive to accomplish. It is a learning process that every woman must do to understand her partner, children, family, and people that you are frequently in contact with.

A woman must know when to ignore and eliminate negative comments, and negative comparisons. It should not bother her, and she should sprinkle some self-love. A woman must have empathy for herself and not let herself be walked on. She must not act like a beauty pageant winner, a scandalous person, or like a snob. Instead, a woman must be her unique self without changing herself for a man especially if he compares her to other women that are not like her.

Most women make the mistake of changing their appearances, their clothes, and everything else for men’s enjoyment. Additionally, some women make the mistake of acting like another woman or a celebrity that they admire to be more attractive. A woman that does this does not accept herself. She tries so hard to please others and to attract the man that she likes without seeing her true self. This develops more insecurities, a lack of respect, and a lack of self-love for herself.

Yet, within that process, the woman loses herself and lacks validation. Self-love must be practiced for women as well as for men. Therefore, practicing self-love makes a woman or a man form validation of themselves. There are guided meditations that will let you be open to self-love. Also, if you practice mindfulness and self-love together, you will be able to be kind to yourself.

As a wise person once told me, it does not matter what you wear, how you wear your make-up, or how you look from the outside; If you lack compassion for yourself, you will not be able to love others to the fullest. Often people include self-love quotes, affirmations, and thank you notes as well as other meditation techniques for strengthening it. Always take care of your mental, physical, and well-being while putting boundaries between toxic people. Last, gratitude must be incorporated to practice self-love for your emotional wellness. Here are more resources about practicing self-love.


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