Thursday, September 8, 2022

Stand Up To Cancer Day 2022

Placard from Stand Up To Cancer

Every second Friday in September is a day to bring awareness for cancer. The Stand Up to Cancer Day awareness began in 2008. This charity foundation gives support to people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Also, all the donations go toward research for finding the cure. You can directly send your donation online or you can purchase something from their store.

Another way is by creating your placard to show your support for someone who is going through the side effects of cancer. Additionally, you can make a placard for someone who has survived cancer. No matter what the reasons are, you can make a placard to stand up for the end of cancer. The placard can be printed out, downloaded, or shared through social media. You can also wear a ribbon to show your support for cancer awareness.

There are so many types of cancers and each one is represented with a different color ribbon. For example, if you wear a pink ribbon, you will bring awareness for breast cancer. The color teal is used for cervical cancer. Dark blue is used for colon cancer awareness. Last an emerald ribbon to bring awareness for liver cancer.

Besides wearing a ribbon, you can also participate in a walking marathon. Get screened for colon cancer if you are forty-five years old or older. As well as getting screened for other cancers depending on your age. Nonetheless, stand up to cancer so everyone can have an understanding about this disease. Here is a link to the Stand Up to Cancer website. 

Stand Up To Cancer-Cancer Research Charity

Stand Up To Cancer - Cancer Research Charity

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