Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Self-Love & Body Positivity


Self-love is a valuable trait to have. When a person loves himself or herself, everything feels wonderful. Self-love is different than self-esteem and self-confidence. Although having too much of it makes a person feel self-absorbed. Often a person might not give the necessary attention to other people.

Some people describe self-love as a feeling of happiness and taking care of oneself. Other people might define self-love as something to do with vanity and being selfish. However, the concept of self-love gradually builds up when a person is learning about themselves. Usually, before a person is in a relationship and after a relationship, self-love is always present. Yet, a person might not see their self-worth and their happiness.

When a person is surrounded by too much negativity, a person’s self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love lessen. A person is filled with insecurities from their childhood and school classmates. Therefore, self-love must be practiced daily through self-care, body positivity, and through loving-kindness meditation. Body positivity is part of self-love because a person is comfortable with themselves without letting negativity hurt them. Self-love is not having too much ego.

It is a characteristic of having respect for yourself. Also, self-love is not an obsession with your looks and your overall appearance.  Self-love is when your heart, mind, and body are completely connected with your deep feelings.  To love yourself is a beautiful element that people might sense when they see you. Moreover,  self-love is not egocentric but it is a form of healing. 

When a person accepts himself or herself, self-love automatically helps to forgive. It helps you to be patient with yourself and accept your imperfections. While developing habits of taking care of yourself and taking care of others; Self-love will easily help you identify with other people's experiences. Therefore practice body positivity to accept yourself. Additionally, practice mindfulness and learn to be compassionate. 

Get rid of bad habits that hurt you emotionally. Do good habits that help you feel good about yourself. Avoid criticism from others. Do not let them negatively criticize you for their benefit or pleasure. Here are more links about self-love. 

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