Monday, September 12, 2022

What is Catcalling?

Catcalling is when a person whistles, or says something in a sexual context, and it is said loudly when a woman is walking outside in public. A woman would hear suggested sexual language while walking on the streets by herself or with a group of female friends. Additionally, catcalling can occur online besides on the streets. A female will receive an unwanted sexy message online from a stranger based on her profile picture. Catcalling is a form of sexual harassment.

This type of sexual harassment has increased throughout the years and can often be seen on college campuses. Additionally, catcalling has been seen throughout the busy streets where there are offices, restaurants, and clothing stores. Most of the time catcalling is done any time of the day when the streets are crowded, and everyone is minding their business. However, catcalling should be stopped. Why does catcalling still exist today?

Catcalling is a way for a man or a female to get the attention of the person walking on the streets. Often that person has bad intentions for the person who is walking outside in public. It is recommended to stay alert if you are walking by yourself and to change your walking route. Further, ignore the comments from the person who is doing the catcalling. Do not flirt with the person that is catcalling because it will make things worse.

If this occurs frequently, you can record the incident and report it. A person should not be sexually harassed on the streets because of their gender, their clothes, or anything that provokes attention on the streets. When catcalling is done online it is also done for attention, out of boredom, or for other dangerous reasons. Report and block the person that does the catcalling online for your safety. Be careful with the pictures that you post online, especially with your profile pictures.

Check your online settings and do not have a conversation with a catcaller. People that do catcall have too many sexual thoughts on their minds. They might lack social skills, have low self-esteem, or have other psychological issues that were never addressed. Furthermore, they might not know how to flirt or get the attention that they need. Here are more resources about Catcalling.

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